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Goals, Ramblings, and a little LOVE!

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February.  Can you believe it's February already?  With that being said, I've totally skipped over my organizing theme for January and now that it's February I'm late for my share the love theme too. 
Life just has me completely discombobulated lately, but I promise to do better.  
Since I'm kind of behind here, we are going to try to do two themes at once.  That what I said.  TWO!!!  I know what you're thinking here, she couldn't do one, she's late now, so she's gonna do two???  Well.  Yes!  I can do this, plan a wedding in two months, work full time, and care for my paraplegic husband, and work on two of my themes all at the same time.   No, I'm not super woman.  I'm just determined to do this.  Besides.  In a sense, getting organized is a way to share the love, right???  So, two will be easy.  
You can share the love with everyone by getting them involved in getting organized too.  Right!!!!???  It's all good.  We can do this!  
When I went to bed last night I fully intended to get up this morning, get my husband to the doctor, get his prescription filled, and make it to work by 11.  I thought 11 was really late too.  I figured I'd say 11 and get to work early.  WRONG!!  Oh, apparently not since I just walked into the house about 1/2 an hour ago from dropping off the prescriptions at the pharmacy.  The doctor's office moved at a snails pace today.  I don't know why.  They normally move along pretty fast, but it was a rough appointment.  I'll just get down to the nitty gritty of things here.  Since Kevin has to catheterize himself the doctor cannot do his regular drug testing as a urine specimen.  They have to draw blood every time.  Well, this time when they brought him back to a room they did their normal basic exam and then left the room.  Then the nurse came back into the room to go over his last blood level results.  He had his blood drawn in this office back in November. I guess for that visit they could not find any trace of the medications in his system.  Kevin takes four different drugs for pain and nerve pain and has them filled regularly.  The only time there has ever been any kind of delay is always at the beginning of the year when we are trying to meet our $5800 deductible and his one prescription alone costs over $1000 for a month supply.  Needless to say, he is late in getting his prescriptions filled because of cost and our deductible.  We simply do not have it.  So, when they said his blood draw in November revealed that there were no drugs in his system we were in shock because he was getting his prescriptions filled on time every time then.  Our deductible was met for the year by then and I watched him take his medications!  This all changed as soon as they started taking his blood instead of doing a urine test.  Makes me wonder if its the type of test.  If something comes back as a problem with his blood test this next time we will know.  Talk about a completely crazy appointment!  His appointment was at 8:30 this morning and we didn't get out of the office until after 11 a.m.  By the time we drove home from the office, dropped prescriptions off at the pharmacy, and pulled into our driveway it was 12:30.  When we got home I called work and then called the pharmacy after about 30 minutes since they said it should only take about 20 minutes to fill the prescription.  That twenty minute turned into hours.  His prescriptions were not ready until 5p.m.  Why it took this long I have no idea.  I even spoke to two people in the pharmacy about the prescriptions twice and they assured me it would be done quickly.  That was never true.  I'm still baffled as to why it took so darn long!  I can't believe it took all day!  I'm telling you, this has been a strange day!  
After all the doctor's office and pharmacy "fun" I did manage to do a couple loads of laundry and pick up a bit around the house tonight in between a long phone conversation with Danielle on speaker phone.  She was checking on her Dad and I after our ordeal today.  My hands are still shaking.  I don't know if I am more upset about the test itself or the fact that Kevin was being put through all those questions.  I think my wife and motherly instincts kicked in and I wanted to jump in and defend him.  The poor guy!   After all, Kevin has been through so much recently.  He doesn't need this too. But I stayed quiet and let them go over what they needed to go over with him.  So frustrating!  I understand why they had to do it.  They have to be careful and because people have abused things it makes it harder on the people who really need and rely on these kinds of things to get them through some intense pain.  It's just hard. 
I'm sorry.
I'm rambling again.
It gets better though!  After I got off the phone with Danielle and settled in to get to bed Kevin got into his wheelchair and came into the living room to tell me the pharmacy shorted the number of pills they gave him.  The prescription was written for 180 tablets.  He was given only 80 and of course the Walgreen's we went to was closed because it was now 10:30 p.m.  So, I called the 24 hour Walgreen's close to our house and spoke to the pharmacist on duty.  He said I needed to go to the Walgreen's that filled the script first thing in the morning and request a pill count.  Needless to say, I didn't sleep the but a couple hours that night.  The next day, I did exactly what the night before told me to do...I went down there and the pharmacist said she would call me when they were done with their count. Later that day they called to tell me they had another 100 tablets waiting for pick up.  I was so relieved!...and so was Kevin.   If they didn't find that they had an extra 100 tablets I would have had to call the police.  That would have been our only recourse.  If they didn't find that they had an extra 100 tablets that could have been a big problem for Kevin....and in a very direct way, a big problem for me too.  I wasn't freaked out because this meant more work for me.  I was freaked out because of the way this would look.  If you know what I mean??!!  I had visions of the pharmacy tech pocketing the extra tablets or something.  My mind was going 90 million different directions to say the least! 
 ~huge sigh of relief~ 

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Danielle gave me the okay to share one of the 77 photos they had taken for their engagement photos.  You should see some of the shots!!!  Oh my goodness!  When Danielle sent me the initial two it finally hit that we are planning a wedding here.  The photographer captures the emotion of her subjects and knows how to use her surroundings and natural light to her advantage!  So pretty!  Now, keep in mind, this is a shot Danielle would allow to be posted.  All the others she is guarding for invites and places at the reception.  I've been sworn to keep them under wraps until their big day, and let me tell you....this just might be one of the hardest things I've even had to do.  LOL!
  Here is the one....

I sent the first two photos Danielle gave me to my Mom.  All we both could say was Wow!  It's that second photo (the one I can't share yet) that blew us away!  Then the ones Danielle sent over tonight....oh my gosh!!!  Amazing!  I can't wait for everyone to see them!!!  Loving this!!
We received another letter from our Missionary.  Here is his letter....

Hey Everyone,

This week was pretty good!  We met a new investigator named Cxxxxxx.  He knows a lot about the gospel.  He had us meet him at his office, which was a little weird, but we went anyways.  He is a super smart guy and knows his stuff!  He said it made no sense that prophets wouldn't be around today.  That was before we even made mention of the restoration.  He should be coming to church this Sunday and I am sure he will fit right in.  It's really cool because the reason why he knew about the church was from a friend he traveled with for business who is LDS.  His friend would go to the temple all the time an Cxxxxxx thought that was an amazing thing.  He is so cool and he has a crazy job!  He puts people who want to invest millions of dollars in companies in contact with these companies.  So he usually puts together business plans and goals for these people and spears them out to these companies that he feels will work together well.  I guess it's not that crazy, but he does deal with some very rich people. 

Today Elder Nutall is making another cake.  Ha Ha!  And, we are gonna go play basketball with some people in Stanford.  It should be fun.  I will embarrass myself as usual.  Oh yeah!  We also have been playing Foosball.  Ha Ha! 

Dad, that "joke" wasn't funny!  I honestly got a little scared, but you won't get me again.  Mom, I liked that story a lot.  It's funny because the missionaries probably didn't feel like they were doing anything super special, but for that little kid, it meant everything!  That's what's so cool about little acts of service.  They are so huge to the person receiving them. 

So, how are all of you guys?  I'm glad to be avoiding world war wedding!!!!  Ha HA!!!  Just kidding. 


Elder Schmidt
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In regards to our Organizing theme goes.
I  found this website that shows ways to unclutter your life.  They run a Facebook group called
40 Bags in 40 Days
Decluttering Challenge!
It's hosted by Ann Marie Heasley at
Here are a few highlights on some of the suggestions she offers....
Here's what to do to get started, and you can visit her site for more tips.  I'll just share the basics.
The site offers a free printable to use.  All you do is fill in the 40 spaces with the different rooms or spots in your home you would like to work on.  She even offers a list of suggested areas/rooms and another list of non-visible clutter areas to check for ideas.  She says be realistic, stretch larger spaces over a few days or a week like a basement, attic, garage, or even closets, etc. 
On the printable there is a space for a date you worked and your actual progress.  What area you tackled, how many bags you got, where they will go (thrift store, garbage, family members, garage sale, etc.) Day 1 is the day you start, and don't forget to give yourself Sundays (or at least one day a week) off when filling the printable out.
You can join the Facebook group and sign up for emails, like I did to get tips and support every day and every week.  She says she will periodically send out a short newsletter which will contain decluttering advice, motivation, and links to new posts.  She said she will be sharing articles in decluttering, check-in posts, pictures and stories from herself and other participants, as well as motivation on Facebook. 
She says she wants to help change our lives!  She says she wants to help us become better versions of ourselves.  She says because we don't need all of this stuff.  It doesn't make us happier.  Your home should not make you feel overwhelmed or stressed.  You don't need to be embarrassed.  You can do this! (repeat that!)  AND...You are not alone in feeling this way!!!  She says she wants our homes to be a place where you are surrounded with only the things and people you love.  you shouldn't feel controlled by the paper clutter, the craft supplies from projects never carried out, the furniture Great Aunt Sally passed down to you, nor clothes telling you what size you used to be!  She says she wants to free us from the unnecessary stuff in our lives keeping us from being happy. 
How cool is that????
Now, I know we can only help ourselves.  Ann really can't come and do this for us.  It's up to us to decide if we will take her challenge.  Honestly.  I'm ready!  It may take me a little longer than 40 days to get this done, but I'm willing to try.
Isn't this a form of Sharing the LOVE??  You know, my theme for February?!!!  It is!!! 
I have to admit.  I have filled a couple bags, but I could do a little better.  It's a process though.  I will do better starting with this weekend. 

 Lexi has been working out every single day lately.  Each day she does her little workout and she has inspired me to try harder too.  She has been working so hard that her lower legs are killing her.  It hurts her to walk from our family room to our living room.  I started a mini workout this evening.  Jump rope.  I have to take it easy because of my knee.  Baby steps.  BUT, already I want to do more, even though my knee is a little sore.  Arg!  It's all good though.  I'm taking it very slow!
Last night we had another prescription to pick up for Kevin.  He has three medications he takes regularly.  The first two were hard enough.  I thought for sure this third one was going to be a problem too.  Thankfully it wasn't.  I even sat in the car and counted all the tablets before I drove away.  Lexi was totally embarrassed by my actions. 
When we left the parking lot of the pharmacy I was stuck at a light in the left hand turn lane.  While we were waiting for our chance to turn, we witnessed this guy run over this bike waiting in the crosswalk.  I told Lexi the bike was at fault because he wasn't going with the flow of traffic.  If he would have been where he should have been the accident never would have happened.  So, when we were able to make our turn I pulled over and ran over to the guy in the car and the guy on the bike to give them my name and phone number since I saw the whole thing.  Later last night I got a call from the officer called out to investigate the accident to share what I saw.  I told the officer the bike wasn't going with the flow of traffic and I thought that was the end of it.  Well, I guess sometime today I got a call from the driver of the cars insurance company asking me for a statement as well.  I didn't even know I had a voicemail until I checked my phone this evening.  I'll have to call tomorrow or something.  Oh boy!  It's all good.  I'm just glad the guy on the bike wasn't hurt.  Just his pride, I think
It's been a WILD week and we are only half way through.
Here's hoping the rest goes well.  I don't know if my nerves can take much more.  I told a co-worker yesterday that all of this "excitement" is going to land me a bed in the looney bin, for an extended stay too!  Sheesh!! 
There is one thing I have noticed about the things we have been through.  I have been able to actually think clearly and problem solve through all of this.  This is something I never thought would happen.  I thought for sure the stress of it all would cloud my judgment because I could literally feel the fog come over me.  Thankfully, I was amazed that I just did what I felt I had to do.  I do admit that I did break down and cry as I was calling out for work, but even so....I was able to work through this and I am so grateful for the outcome.  I call that a tender mercy. 
Kevin is sick again and in a lot of pain.  He is spending a lot of time flat on his back right now...but his wit is still in tact.  He spent the day teasing his oldest daughter relentlessly!  I think it helped to take his mind off of everything else.  This has been another huge blessing!  It's amazing that we are seeing the "old" Kevin!  Another tender mercy! 
I bet you are wondering how I can call these things blessings.  I think I have been made very much aware of the Lord's hand as we maneuvered through these ordeals, and these are the tender mercies I am speaking of.  What a blessing it is to know that my Heavenly Father is very much aware of my family and I and I cannot deny that!  No, my life is not perfect.  My life can be hard!  My life has it's really bad moments....but again I am reminded that "If everything eternal is in tact, then nothing else matters".  This is what I need to remember!  This is what matters most!  This is EVERYTHING!  What I need to do now is everything I can to make sure that those eternal things remain in tact!  That means, doing what I have been asked to do, and keep the commandments so that when the time comes I will be found with my torch still lit when I come to the end of my life.  Now to stay fixed and working towards that goal.  Enough said.
Take care friends, and we will talk again soon! 
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