Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Three Crazy's and a few ramblings....

Wow!  A few very scary things have happened over the past couple of days.  The first one happened when I went out to get some things Kevin needed and could not wait on at midnight alone to the store.  I got in and out of the store quickly, but as I was walking to my car this creepy guy was hanging out by the grocery cart return area that was close to my car.  I had my keys in my hands as I walked closer to my car he began to talk to me.  When I didn't respond he got really mad and started yelling at me.  Thankfully I made it to my car, started it, and drove off before anything more happened.  Talk about a little creepy!  The moral of this story is to not go out late at night alone anymore!  Honestly, I had no choice.  Kyle had just fallen asleep and I couldn't wake him otherwise I'm sure he would have gone with me.  He is great when it comes to stuff like that. 
The second thing happened when I woke up yesterday.  Now, before I share this I need to make it very clear that this was a DREAM, and only a DREAM!!!  At about 4 or 5 a.m. I woke up in a panic thinking my daughter is pregnant.  Thankfully that was just a dream.  More like a nightmare actually.  I think I would be disappointed if something like that happened, but we would get through it.  People make mistakes.  But still, thankfully just a dream/nightmare that freaked me out the rest of the day.
The third thing happened this afternoon.  I had just gone out to me car to take something out of the front seat and I decided to finish the conversation I was having with my daughter on my front porch.  While I was talking to her a car full of girls pulled up to the house across the street from us.  Remember, I mentioned that I thought the son was selling drugs out of the house.  Well, today he walks out of the house looks right at me, then proceeded to the girls car.  He then said something to the girls because all of them immediately turned to look at me too.  They stared for a bit and then turned on their car.  They talked for about two minutes and then drove off.  This is what happens when the dad is gone.  The dad pulled up about 1/2 hour later.  But, the turning and starring part was a little odd, don't you think?  I know eventually this kid is going to get caught and something is going to happen.  I just wish it would happen sooner than later. 
Crazy things right?!  It's been a rough week all around.  It seems like one thing after another has been coming up or happening.  Some I can talk about, some I can't, so we will just leave it at that.
Lexi started another semester of school this week.  These are accelerated classes so she can take up to three at a time, but this time she is only taking two.  She has an English and a Two Dimensional Design class.  She likes to draw and so it will be interesting to see what she thinks of the class as things progress.  Even though classes started Monday she still has an off sleeping cycle that is driving me nuts.  She wakes up around 3 in the morning and then goes to bed around 6.  Then she misses mutual on Wednesday nights.  Kevin was working to help her change that, until he got sick.  I have been home helping him, so I haven't had time to force Lexi to stay up.  It's gotta change though.  This missing mutual thing is not good!  Kevin seems to be doing a little better this afternoon, so I'm planning on going to work tomorrow.  From what I understand, Kyle should be here to help out if they both need him.  Life is just a little more complicated than I car for, but we are muddling through. 
Wedding Update:  Danielle has been going full steam ahead!  She got her dress altered.  She came over the other day so I could see her in it with the sleeves.  It looks really good!  She has a slip she needs to try on with whatever shoes she decides to wear.  We went out this weekend and she found a pair she likes, she just needs to go back and pick them up.  We met with that friend with the couch and things.  She is so awesome!  She has so many cool things she has offered up to help with the decorations.  She has offered to help in any way she can.  Her daughter was at the house too, and has offered to help and wants Danielle to go over to her house to see the things she has.  I'm so glad things seems to be coming together nicely for them.  It looks like there is going to be a reception in Montana too.  The dates are getting changed again.  I told Danielle I am not sure we will even be able to make it to that one.  I scheduled the days off, but that is part of what Danielle called to tell me, that the dates were getting switched again.  So, I'm not sure that will happen.  Besides, with the way Kevin's health is lately, it will be a miracle if we get through the reception here without issues.  I will be happy if that happens. 
We got some photos, videos, and a letter from Curtis today.  It's always good to hear from him.  His letter is super short, but the photos and videos are always fun to see.
Hey Everyone,
How's it going?  This week was really good.  We have had trouble meeting with our investigator with the baptism date still.  But this week we definitely had a miracle!  A member of the New Canaan Ward called us and said that she has a golden investigator.  She said that she served a mission and said this guy was the more prepared person they have met, so we are very excited to meet him sometime within this week! 
Today we had a Zone Activity and played in the snow.  It was awesome!  I built my first snowman!  And we went sledding.  It was so cool.  I will send pictures.  Well, gotta go!  Love you all.
Elder Schmidt
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The entire zone!
Curtis and his companion at Christmas time.
The Zone Activity....
At Christmas time...
Even though this has been a crazy week we still know that we are very blessed.  In fact, when we met with friends about the wedding plans we got to talking about how certain people with a lot of money act.  You see, I had made the comment that people with mitoney are mean and have no concept of what some people go through just to accomplish certain things on a day to day basis.  It's partly a matter of people not seeing what is right in front of them and being too consumed with themselves to care.  I told this friend that I would much rather not have a bunch of money if not having money was keeping me from becoming like that.  I don't necessarily like struggling either, but I do see a little bit more now.  I get it now better than I did before.  I had no idea about some things, and others I knew because these are things we have been dealing with for years.  I have come to realize that I need to be grateful for the blessings I have and not keep looking at the greener grass somewhere else.  I just need to water the grass I have and it will be just as green, if not greener!  It's all about how we view things, isn't it?  I know these experiences are helping to shape me into what I need to be.  That doesn't mean that I don't go kicking and screaming along the way from time to time, because I certainly do!  I'm not perfect.  I'm a work in progress and I am trying to get through things the best I can.  Just like everyone else.  Today I am grateful for friends that help along the way and for blessings that come as we work through things.  Enough said!
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