Tuesday, January 19, 2016

A Day in the Life of ME!!!!

Today has been a CRAZY day!  But, before I tell you about my day, let me set things up a bit first.  When I got home from work I ended up doing a lot of errands.  I ran to put money on SRP, we ran to get gas, and to pick up a couple of things to go with dinner.  The whole time Kevin rode with me just to get out of the house.  When I got home, we had dinner and then I did a couple of loads of laundry.  I didn't get to bed until 11 p.m.   I woke up this morning to the alarm going off at 3:30 a.m.  I reset it for 4 a.m. and went back to sleep.  When I woke up at 4 I jumped in the shower, brushed my teeth and got dressed quickly because I had to get Kyle to downtown Phoenix by 5:30 a.m.  I dropped Kyle off and came back home to finish getting ready for the day.  I did my hair and makeup and got changed into my work clothes.  I was out the door by 7 a.m.  Traffic was extremely heavy this morning and I ended up taking a slightly different route to work which may or may not have caused me to arrive at work a little later than normal.  Normally I get to work and have a few moments to chill for a bit before everything begins.  I had a few moments this morning, but I was getting emails and instant messages from the moment I logged into my computer.  Which is never a good sign.  Thankfully things for better as I took care of one issue after another.   But work wasn't my main concern.  The moment I pulled into the parking lot at work I began to receive calls from telemarketers.  One right after the next.  Talk about annoying!  Luckily they kept me on high alert and I was watching my phone often because I also received a call from the City of Mesa calling about the water bill I I made arrangements to pay this weekend, but totally forgot about.  So I scrambled to pull out my debit card and make the payment before the service was shut off.  Not one of my finer moments for sure!  I usually never forget the payment arrangements I have made with the utility company, but for some reason I totally spaced it out this time.  I'm just glad I got it paid in time!  Thank goodness!  I think the reason I spaced out the water bill payment is because my mind has been on other things like a pending wedding/reception or a sons new job and his new schedule.  

Once the water bill crisis was over i dealt with a few other personal issues.  I received a text message from our oldest daughter.  She was having a issues of her own.  A few weeks back she got a new cellphone.  This time opting for an iPhone instead of her usual Samsung Galaxy.  Well, she managed to drop her new phone and shatter the screen.  Luckily it happened on her day off so she could get it fixed right away.  She got home from the phone store and shortly had to leave to go pick up our son from work.  (Remember, he was getting pepper sprayed and his sister was going to get him home right after). When Danielle went out to start her car she had a dead battery.  Her neighbor helped her get the battery out of the car and then she walked the couple miles to Walmart (the closest place to her house) to have them test the battery and recharge it or if needed, replace it.  Batteries never last in the Arizona weather.  She had to replace it after all.  Thankfully Chance was able to go over to Danielle's house after work to help her out the new battery into her car. Through all of this she had misplaced her debit card too, but luckily she happened to have cash on her to get the battery.  

Come to find out Kyle volunteered to be pepper sprayed.  Two guys in their group did it.  He had to get sprayed and them make a call on his radio to dispatch.  He said the spray really didn't effect him at first, until right after.  I guess the kind the police department uses is more like a fog type application and it can take a bit for it to work.  Kyle said when it kicked in his entire face got hot.  Kevin said he came home and was pretty messed up for a while after.  Luckily one of the guys in his group gave him a ride home.  Kyle managed to meet one of the guys in his ward while getting pepper sprayed too.  I guess one of the cops going through the same training recognized Kyle and introduced himself.  He said he thought he recognized him at church on Sunday.   So, that was one good thing that came from getting sprayed.  I think it also made an impression on his colleagues as well.   I'm just glad they had Kyle wear sweats and an old T-Shirt that he wouldn't mind tossing after.  There is so much law enforcement officers go through in order to be prepared to protect and serve our communities.  Getting pepper sprayed is just the tip of the iceberg.  These men and women are dedicated to the work they do.  It just makes me sick to hear about those that  try to disrespect these men and women with assuming most officers are dirty.  I for one believe dirty cops are the exception not the rule.  More times I find that police officers live above board and are held to a much higher standard than the average civilian. Thank goodness!  Now, my son is not an officer yet.  He is a police aide and hopes to soon become an officer.  I will say this.  Anyone willing to go through everything an officer goes through just to be hired, then all of the initial training, and the continual training they go through, and makes it through is okay in my book.  It's tough!  It's funny.....I never realized this until my Dad pointed it out, but Kyle comes from a long line of family members in law enforcement.  He has a couple great uncles and a great aunt that are former officers.  In fact, my Dad's sister was shot in the line of duty while serving in California.  Wow!  Police officers put their lives on the line every single day and I for one appreciate all they do for me.  

Wedding Update:  Danielle's dress is done being taken in.  Now all she needs to do is come over to our place to pick up her slip she had shipped to our house and pick out the shoes she wants to wear, so the seamstress can hem the dress too.  I'm so excited to see her in the dress now that it fits better!  Danielle's dress had boning in the bodice and is made out of satin and has a lot of beading on it too.  Plus the skirt is quite full as well.  The seamstress friend she has is only charging her $100.00 to do all the work on the dress.  I thought that was an amazing deal, all things considered.  I know most dress shops charge a ton more for the alterations Danielle needed done.  What a blessing!  This seamstress is a sister-in-law of Danielle's friend Kelcie. Danielle and this seamstress worked together at JoAnn's too.  I'm just glad she was willing to help and was so quick about it too.  Thank you Diane!!!!

You know I have been thinking a lot about some of the things we deal with every single day in our lives, as well as some of the things we don't have to deal with simply because of the good choices we have made in our lives.  For example:  I'm so glad I've never had an addiction to things like alcohol, drugs, or even pornography for that matter.  (I do admit food is my one weakness). I never really could understand how someone could want to abuse their bodies or minds with those things.  I just don't even get it.  I guess because I have always known the things I've been taught through my membership in my religion that tells me my body is a temple.  Now, to be fair, a weakness (which could be considered an addiction in some circles) for food isn't good either, and is technically abuse of your body too.  I guess what I am trying to say here is that I am so glad I do not have any of those three things to deal with on top of all I deal with on a regular basis in my life.  I'm far from perfect, so please don't think I think I am any better than anyone dealing with these things.  I'm so not!  I have many struggles in my life that I would gladly give away if that were possible, just as long as that did not mean they would be replaced with these types of things.  Hats off to those people who have overcome their addictions!  I wish I was as strong as you are because I struggle every day trying to avoid the yummy food.  I read a quote from a cardiologist:  if it tastes good, spit it out because it's probably bad for you.  His true that statement is.  I'm a chocolate starved individual trying to live a low carb, high protein diet.  I haven't had sugar today, but I did have some bread.  Arg!!!  See, it's a daily struggle.  Bread is my enemy.  Ha Ha!  Speaking of food, tomorrow my employer is providing lunch to my entire team in celebration for of my ten year anniversary at the company.  I chose to bring in food from a place called Honey Bear's in Phoenix.  It's a BBQ place.  I've never had it before, but everyone raves about it, and it's okay on my low carb, high protein lifestyle change, so why not, right???  I'll let you know how it is.  

One thing I've come to know over the past few days and maybe even weeks.  Yes, my life is hard.  Yes, not many people can do what I do everyday.  But, I don't look at my life as hard.  I look at it as blessed and I am so very grateful every single day for all that I have.  I think since Kevin's SCI we have all come to realize all that we have and the relationships we have with each other have gotten stronger than ever!  I also find that our faith in our Heavenly Father and his timing have increased ten fold as well.  There isn't a day that goes by or a moment that I do not say a silent prayer in my mind to in an attitude of gratitude to my Heavenly Father for getting me through certain moments or times throughout my day.  I couldn't do it without Him.  I have told my children from the moment that I learned this.  People in your life will let you down.  Not because they want to necessarily, but simply because they are human, but there is one person in your life that will never let you down and that is your Heavenly Father.  Don't ever forget that and never do anything that would cause Him to withdrawal from you.  Do everything you can to strengthen the relationship you have with Him and He will bless you for your faith and obedience.  I'm also grateful for the blessing of the Holy Ghost as well.  I love the Elder at General Conference that pointed out that the Holy Ghost will tell us things that no one else dares to say because he cares.  Our friends and family members sometimes tell us the things we want to hear.  What a comfort it is to be blessed with everything the Gospel of Jesus Christ provides!  My heart is full just thinking of all of these things.  Enough said!

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