Sunday, January 31, 2016

Lazy days....

Saturday after Kevin was admitted to the hospital the kids and I ran an errand to the grocery store and while we were out I must have gotten bit by something.  What?  I'm not exactly sure of, but look at the size of the bite today.  That's my right shoulder and the thing has taken up the entire side and runs down my back.  It's huge!!!  Check it out....

This afternoon my bite has spread up the base of my neck, down my shoulder and further down my back.  I wish I knew exactly when I was bit by and what it was that bit me.  So far the bite is just annoying and itchy.  On top of my bite I have that lovely cold that is going around.  Thankfully it's not kicking my butt to bad yet.  

Kevin is home from the hospital!!!  Thankfully no bladder infection.  Just a lot of leg pain.  They ran every test under the sun, including a test for diabetes.  All came back normal.  They had thought they might do an MRI, but thankfully they did not.  Kevin wouldn't be able to do it.  They sent Kevin home with several prescriptions, one for B-12 because his level was very low, and made sure he knew to get an appointment with his doctor right away.  They said Kevin may need to start getting regular injections of B-12 because his level was so low.  Kevin spent most of today resting and taking it easy.  It's never fun being in the hospital.  No one ever gets to sleep there.  

We've heard from Curtis again.  He sent some photos.  One of a layer cake he showed his companion how to make.  

We told Curtis that we wanted him to bake for Danielle's wedding.  He and Lexi could bake.  Lexi LOVES to bake and it seems that Curtis does a pretty good job of it too.  
Curtis also sent us this photo of their car. Apparently it got hit.  Curtis said he almost got pinned between the gas pump and the car.  I guess he was okay. 

The car isn't too bad.  I'm just glad no one got hurt.  

He did say that after they got tacos from someone.  Here is the photo of the tacos..

He said the bottom taco was made of tongue.  Yuck!!!  He said that everyone else got brain tacos, but he did not.  Crazy kid!  He will eat anything.  

Danielle is still going strong with the wedding plans.  She picked up shoes for her dress, and she has an outfit picked out for their engagement photos this week.  We will go flower shopping this week too.  She doesn't want fresh flowers for her bouquet.  She wants to be able to keep it, so silk it will be.  We may do some fresh somewhere.  We will see.  
We found a pink lamp from a Facebook group.  Here's the lamp...

And we are doing something different with the shade.  We like this....
But we LOVE this.  So, I have the task of redoing the shade.  I have irrdecent pearls that will go all around it.  Then I just need to pick out the perfect crystal like beads for the sides and the bottom.  At the top, those large pieces are actual door knobs they glued to the sides.  I'm not sure I want everything all crystal clear so we may opt for a touch of color somewhere.  It's a work in progress and right now not much is getting done until everyone at home is healthy and on the mend.  Anyway, what do you think of the shade with a pretty bulb like the one in the photo????  
I think this will look nice in front of the doors I have in my living room.  These doors....
And this is kind of what the couch looks like.  I wish I would have taken a picture of it when we were over at her home.
I think it will look great!  We plan to make the doors look over grown to go with the rest of the things and we will put some fabric behind the glass in the doors too.  It's coming together!  Piece by piece.  I'm excited to see it all!  

Tonight we are all resting.  Lexi is asleep. Kevin is asleep in the bedroom and I'm resting on the couch while my laundry gets done.  Pretty exciting bunch, aren't we?  It's all good!

Today is one of these days.....
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