Sunday, January 17, 2016

It's never too late to start!!!

Let's not sugar coat it!  I'm stressed out. Worn out.  AND stretched beyond normal limits and it's all taking its toll on every single aspect of my life and the lives of my children.  No doubt about it.  This quote shared by a friend on Facebook just resonates with me.  
I use to get frustrated with scriptures like this one found in D&C.  Now, I understand them a little better.  Not perfectly.  What I have come to realize is you really can experience sadness and joy together.  Sadness for things lost, but joy for all the things that you have not experienced, or things that you still have, and things that you have gained or received, and that is really what it's all about, right???!!!
One thing I use to do was wait for the perfect timing or for  circumstances to change before doing things.  What I am learning is that I can't wait for that anymore.  I need to start where I am and not look back.  Not wait!

It's never too late for a good start!

I wanted to share an idea that I'm trying this year.  I found it on a blog I visit from time to time.  This "suggestion" comes a bit late because of a few visits to the Emergency Room, but I loved this approach to goal setting and this was right up my alley!  This has just intrigued me.  It's simple, fun, and motivating!  I took the initial idea and have embellished it a bit for myself.  Here's the plan. Set a theme each month and then all other goals would focus around that theme.  I loved this idea because it adds some incentive to the already set goals for the year, for example: home and family oriented goals.  This has been on my kind a lot during all of my cleaning and organizing this past few weeks as I was really pondering my personal goals for 2016.  I know, I'm a little late in getting started, but it's never too late to set a few goals and make a plan of how to reach them!  So, for example, this month's theme, for me, is "Organized Living".  The month is the perfect time to dejunk, clean, lighten the load in the home, calendar and plan for the years events, take a look at get the idea.  This major undertaking of planning a wedding and going through the things we have verses the things we need has turned out to be a good way to improve the organization in our lives.  As for "relationship" goals going along with "organized living", I'm finding ways to praise and motivate my kids better to keep things picked up or have them clean up after themselves, and they are getting along better.  It all sort of spills over from one thing to the next.  Our family calendaring and scheduling for the year is a goal this month...knowing what to plan for this year is both good for the finances and less time consuming too.  I'm liking the plan!!!  And, by doing the monthly themes, you don't have to feel overwhelmed by the thought of doing something for the whole year.  It's more like, "this month, I'll work on improving the organization in my life and next month, I'll be thinking of ways to show I love my family more...."  Next month, my theme will be "Share the Love".  I'm already thinking of ways to improve the feelings of love in our home and family.  I want to reach out to a few others outside of the family in specific ways too.  I want to create something in my home next month, probably photo related that makes our home feel more loving and warm.  You get the idea.  I'm loving this.  I'll share more as I move along!

Here are the themes that I've selected for each month:   
  • January ~ Organized Living (the perfect time to think about cleaning and organizing your life) 
  • February ~ Share the Love (finding ways to show love to everyone in my life, to express it in the home) 
  • March ~ Provident Living (it's tax return time and money is a matter at that time) 
  • April ~ Listen to the Music (adding music to our if the goal is to walk in the mornings, do it with music; if the goal is to watch General Conference, then we take note of the music that is performed...) 
  • May ~ Stand Taller it's time to plant a garden, to begin living outdoors more, to plan the summer and look for ways to make the most of it, to reach a little further to others.... 
  • June ~ Real Simple -making the summer plans and routines matter 
  • July ~ Family Matters 
  • August ~ History in the Making (you get the idea...I'll share more throughout the year) 
  • September ~ Harvest and Grow (food preservation, learning....) 
  • October ~ Happiness Shows (lots of thoughts on connecting with people)
  • November ~ Attitude of Gratitude (pretty obvious) 
  • December ~ Serving the One (keeping Christ in our holidays through service) 
Each month, I plan on mentioning the goal plan here and there as we go throughout the year.  I have to say this has significantly changed my attitude.  I'm feeling really good about the new year, about growing and moving in the right direction as a person and as a family.  I love this time of year for making life better for those in my family.  I'm excited about this and hope that it will be a great year!!  Feel free to try this, to add your ideas or thoughts and then email me or comment on the posts and tell me how it's working for you!  I'd love to hear your embellishments, thoughts, and successes!  
Some other rambling thoughts......   
- One of the ways I like to wind down or relax is by sitting down after a long day and watching something good on television from time to time.  But lately I am finding it difficult to find anything worth watching that actually has a plot!  Everything these days seems to be a  reality show of one kind or another.  While yes, I do enjoy a good reality show once in a while, once in a while I like an actual storyline with an actual plot.  Nothing smutty.  Nothing overly romantic.  Nothing full of super heroes.  Just a good clean family oriented storyline.  Well, I have yet to really find that.  Remember back in the day when shows like Eight is Enough, or Family use to be on?  That's the kind of thing I'm talking about.  Years ago we made the choice NOT to have cable in our home.  At the time, that decision was made mostly for financial reasons and because most, if not all, of the shows on cable were just pure garbage!  My husband and boys, of course, have issues with missing some of their sporting events from time to time.  BUT,....overall.  We don't miss cable at all!  Well, except until now.  Now, I miss something with a storyline.  Thank goodness for things like Hulu and Netflix, otherwise we would end up spending a fortune on things like Redbox.  I guess what I am trying to say here is that I need some ideas for a new show to watch.  I love Madam Secretary!  That is a good show.  Fairly clean, and has a decent storyline.  I just wish a new episode would start.  I'm ready for it!!!  Sure, I also watch shows like Scandal, but that isn't really good.  I'm trying to improve things here.  Remember my goals above.  Part of that includes working on my personal choices as well.  Cutting Scandal needs to be one of them.  The show is just getting a little weird now and it's time.  This will be good.  This is a time to de-clutter, and that also includes de-cluttering the things we spend our time watching as well.  So, if you have some suggestions on good clean shows with a plot, let me know.  Enough on that! 
- Is the weather warming up lately?  The past two days I have actually been able to walk outside without my big black coat on!  I love the cooler weather, don't get me wrong.  BUT, I do not like bone chilling weather.  This has been nice!
- The other day the dog peed on the tile floor by our back door.  In fact, this has happened twice over the past two weeks.  It's not like the dog doesn't get outside or anything.  He is out there all the time chasing the cat that likes to hang out in our yard every hour or so.  The two times it's happened, it's been late at night after he has just been outside too. So, what could it possibly be?  The cold weather?  What?  Any thoughts?  The dog is lucky we love it so much.  ~smile~smile~
- My recumbent bike is still in the box sitting in my living room!
- The "friendship" I have with my laptop may be soon coming to an end if it does not stop being so difficult!  Have I mentioned how much I hate computer issues??!! 
2012] Is <b>LOVE</b> something you can TOUCH
- One of my favorite moments this weekend....  Lexi and I driving to pick up a treat and her dancing and singing in the passenger seat next to me.  She makes me laugh and brightens my day so much!  I love that girlie!
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