Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Hark the Herald Angels Sing.....

Two Things I am Grateful For:

1) My Dad who helped me with a difficult Christmas gift for someone over the phone.  That was so awesome!  Thank you Dad!

2) Face Time!  I cannot wait to talk to our youngest son on Christmas Day.  BUT, with Face Time we will actually get to see him on our big screen T.V. and larger than life!  We are all excited for that!  

From the Camera:

This is that ornament I mentioned before.  I absolutely LOVE it!
This ornament was given to me by a member of the Relief Society Presidency when I served as a Relief Society teacher.  The ornament only measures about three inches wide and about 2 inches high, but this is one of my most favorite ones of all!
Mostly because of who the giver was.  I will cherish this
ornament forever!  Love it! 

From the Craft Room & Other Things:

It's about that time!  Let's talk neighbor gifts.  Here are a few quick and easy ideas.  Take a look.

Eggstrordinary 001
Eggstrordinary 012

Handsoap Neighbor Gift {Free Printable} | best stuff

Or this one.....

(Ideas and photos courtesy of my google search)
From the Heart & Spirit:

The First Christmas Spirit Video
By: Alex Johnson 

Joseph reflects on his interactions with Jesus Christ.
The video follows Joseph, a humble carpenter who was given the responsibility of raising Jesus Christ. While traveling on the road to Nazareth, Joseph reflects on God's commandments, his role as a father and the many lessons he learned from Jesus Christ.
The video concludes with a quote from President Thomas S. Monson: "May we each discover anew the Christmas spirit, even the Spirit of Christ."

From the Kitchen:

Candy Cane Punch
    2 jars (10 ounces each) strawberry jelly
    2 liters lemon-lime soda, divided
    2 quarts peppermint stick ice cream
    Miniature candy canes, optional
In a large saucepan, melt jelly with 2 cups soda. Chill the jelly mixture and remaining soda. Just before serving, place 6 cups ice cream in a punch bowl. Gently stir in jelly mixture. Add remaining soda. Add remaining ice cream by scoopfuls. Garnish with candy canes if desired. Yield: 3-1/2 quarts.
From the Schmidt's:

It's official!  
We have a date and time set.
The Temple has been scheduled!!!  
Our oldest child, Danielle, is getting married!  
They are "technically" engaged!!!  

I guess Danielle text and tried to call me when I was out picking up toilet paper at the grocery store.  Of we ran out of that, and of course Danielle called while I was out of the house.  You know how that goes...oh well.  I had turned off the ringer on my phone so I never heard the notification for her text or phone call.  So, I called her back when I got home.  She was pretty excited!  I'm happy for her.  This is awesome news! 

Honestly, I can hardly stand it!  I'm so excited, yet at the same time, a little nervous wondering how we are going to pull this all off.  We have so much to do.  Thankfully we have a bit of a jump start on things which is good.  AND, I have already scheduled time off to get ready for this, so that will help.  The way that has come together has been awesome!  And I know we will have a lot of help with this too.  Now to pin the happy couple down to a few million other things before the big day.  It'll be good.  

I could search and search all day for idea, here are a few....

Love these centerpieces:
Fun combination of colors: deep pink, magenta, lime greens. Would be fun for rehearsal dinner or bridal shower?:
How to make this floral arrangement of Spring flowers...I kind of think that all homes should have fresh flowers hanging about somewhere and I love all the green in this arrangement!    10 mini pink rose sprays  12 soft lime roses  10 pixi (pom-pom) carnations (I'd switch for peonies)  5 stems of Brunei nut:
Makes me think of Granny's rose and peony bushes...I can still smell them to this day, puts a smile on my face!:
teal or copper crinoline? What a great idea!:
Colored petticoat under your dress to match your bridesmaid dresses. Adorable! Great way to be connected ... Love this!:
I don't think your dress has/need a crinoline but if we discover it needs one... we could dye it a funky colour :):
pink and green tie and accessories for guys:

That's enough about that, now on to the Christmas....

Here is a simple way to guide your children away from the materialism of Christmas....Make Holiday wish lists for others this season.  On top of having the kids make a wish list of what they want, have them make a wish for other significant people in their lives and what they need.  Set aside some time to sit down together and discuss what others' wish lists might be this season....and we're not talking about toys and gadgets.  Does someone you know and love have a special need?  Discuss with the children who has special needs at this time and seriously give them some thought and consideration.  Are there things that you, as a family or individual, can do to help them in their need?  Examples....someone in need of a job, someone who's just lost a loved one, someone that has just moved and may be feeling lonely.  Then ask, is there anything that you can do to lighten their load.  What a great way to take the emphasis off of what everyone wants for themselves and put some focus on the fact that others don't have everything and some are really in need.  It might even make your children more aware of ways to serve and remember others.  In fact, this would make an awesome Family Home Evening activity!

Here is another idea....or a few ideas to make some fun memories:

1) Drive around town and see the lights, sing some of your favorite songs together, end the drive with some hot cocoa!  

2) Take some non-traditional pictures in front of the tree or house decorations.

3) Cut out snowflakes together.  Hang them someplace all together in your home. 

4) Buy a Christmas coloring book, cut the pages out and pass them around the room.  Color them with a brand new box of crayons.  Deliver them to all the senior citizens you know wit a bag of apples and oranges.  

5) Make a Christmas ornament.

6) Make candy houses.  Instead of Gingerbread or graham crackers, frost tiny milk cartons and decorate.  

7) Pop some popcorn, get your Jammie's on and watch a Christmas movie with the whole family.

8) Go to your local pie restaurant.  Order one slice of each pie on the menu, give everyone a fork and sample them all together.  Tie a candy cane with a generous tip!

9) Make cookies for Santa.  Write him a letter....instead of listing what you want, tell him what you've done to make you deserving of your wish list this year!  (It's a great self-esteem builder for kids!)

10) Go to a Christmas tree lot, pick out and purchase a tree, tie bows on all the branches, deliver it to a friend or family who may not have a tree yet or is having a tough time anonymously.  Rind the door bell and run!

11) Have everyone in the family choose five "gently used" things that they could live without and donate them to a local thrift store.  (Great for making room for the new and also benefiting those less fortunate than you.)

12) Read and discuss from the New Testament, the "real" reason for the Season.

These ideas courtesy of

Blog Challenge:  When do you put up your decorations?  and 
What's your favorite holiday tradition?

I'm including two questions today, here goes....

I usually start decorating our home for the holidays the weekend after Thanksgiving, but this year things have gotten away from me and we waiting until the first week of December.  Kyle did most of the work.  Thank you Kyle.  

My favorite holiday tradition is getting together with my family on Christmas Eve.  We don't get together that often and it's nice to spent time with them.  Then on Christmas day, we are usually up and opening presents around 4 or 5 a.m. because Kyle always wakes us up super early.  The TV is set to the Yule Log channel and the Christmas music is playing while we all open our gifts.  It was weird not getting up so early when Kyle was on his mission.  I'm sure this year he will not surprise us and we will be up just as early again.  Fun times!

Well, I need to get going.  Laundry and a few other things are calling my name.  Take care and we will talk again soon.

From the Missionary:
Hey Everybody,

This week was a good one.  We had a couple ward parties that were very fun.  The first one was this past Saturday.  We got together and ate for about an hour and then assembled baskets and took them to investigators and less active or part member families.  It was so cool, this ward is so missionary minded!  Everyone wants to help out so much.  The group that we were in was with President Stauffer, who is the second counselor in the Stake Presidency (and also going to be a Mission President soon).  We had asked him previously if we could go with him to home teach a family that was part member.  We figured this was the perfect opportunity and so we went to this family and got to know them.  Then, we went to another part member family that he didn't even know.  It was really good.  This last Sunday we had a Stake Christmas Choir Concert and had a famous cellist play.  She's the daughter of a member in our ward.  It was so cool, we met all of these members friends so it will be fun to follow up with those members.  It's always fun when ask about those people that you barely meet and the members are kinda shocked when you ask about them.  Ha Ha.

Another fun thing that happened this week...  Yesterday a member called us over and asked if we could help him with something on his car and he said it would only take a few minutes.  When we got there he was unscrewing stuff under the hood of his car.  I asked my companion if he knew anything about cars and he said no and that he hates doing stuff with cars.  So I knew that this was going to be interesting.  I asked the member what was wrong and he said he needed to replace the serpentine belt.  It got a little worried, but I had hopes that the member knew what he was doing....He did not!  We ended up having to go to Napa Auto Parts because he had the wrong belt size.  When we got back he handed the belt to me and walked away.  So after a little bit of effort, I replaced the dang thing, but it was a pain!  Anyways, I'm gonna go do some shopping now.  I hope you guys have a good week.  Can't wait to see you guys next week.  :)


Elder Schmidt
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