Wednesday, November 25, 2015

This and That

Two Things I am Grateful For:

1) My religious beliefs and the blessings that come from being a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

2) My family.  I love each of them.

From the Camera:

A friend of mine at work sent me a text with this photo attached.  She went with her family to Chicago to visits friends for Thanksgiving.  This is what she sees from her friend's front door.  Looks pretty cold to me!  I like the cooler weather, but not this cold.  

I am at work so all I see right now a desks and computers.  I'll try and take a photo of what I see tomorrow.  That is if I remember.  

From the Craft Room and Other Cool Things:

I found this website that will take a photo or a drawing and turn them into plush toys.  They can take a photo of someone or an animal or one of your kids drawings and turn them into these amazing plush toys.  Visit for more details.  If you are looking for a unique gift for someone, this might be a great idea.  Keep in mind, they are not cheap.  $89 for regular size.  To Super size them it's an additional $29.  I like the idea.  I remember some photos my kids use to draw of stick figures that would have been adorable as plush toys.  Check out the photos below.....
From the Heart and Spirit:

From the Kitchen:

3 Ingredient Frozen Peppermint Pie
2 pre-made Oreo cookie pie crust 
1 8 oz. container Cool Whip (whipped cream)
1 (1.5 quart) container Peppermint Ice Cream
Crushed candy canes to top (optional)
Soften ice cream until easy to mix with cool whip.
Spread into cookie pie crust.
Freeze for several hours.
Top with crushed candy canes or crumbled oreos or chocolate sauce.
From the Schmidt's:


There is this local radio station that I listen to on my way to and from work.  I listen mostly for the traffic updates since I really shouldn't be glued to the traffic app on my phone while I drive.  This evening I heard an a-MAZ-ing story and it was so good I have to share it!  The station, by the way, is 92.3 KTAR.  
Here is the story...
I'm sure you have heard all the talk about the Syrian Refugees in politics and the discussions about denying them entry into this country or rounding up the ones that are here too.  It's a huge debate.  
However, since 2006 a group of Syrian Refugees in Seattle, Washington have been rounding up homeless U.S. Military Vets to feed them and help them with their needs as a way to give back.  Today one of the Vets stated, "this is why we fought to secure freedom so people like the Syrians in Seattle can come to this country and enjoy what we have."  

As this story was shared I could feel the goosebumps welt up all over my body because it was so true.  Not only was it a reminder of what this country stands for but this is such a great example of true Christlike Service, and I felt proud to consider myself an American as well as humbled at the same time because this is what it is all about.  Not nationalities, not skin color, not boarders, but helping out our fellow man.  After all, isn't this what it means to be a true follower of Christ?  I think so.  What a great example of what kind of people we ought to be, right??


The first Christmas gift has been purchased and tucked away someplace that certain someone will never find it.


Have any of you tried these?

I haven't either, but oh they look yummy.  I'm taking a couple days off from the diet for Thanksgiving, so sweets have been out for a bit.  I wouldn't mind trying these on my two day hiatus.  


It's beginning to cool off and the sweaters are coming out.  Love it!!  We will be having an ugly sweater party at work.  Time to start looking around for the perfect ugly sweater.  Fun Fun.


Lexi has a migraine headache again tonight.  When I got home she was sick to her stomach and crying so we gave her some caffeine, got her something to eat, and an ice pack for her head.  We then turned off all of the lights and she has been sleeping since right after she ate dinner.  The poor girl!  I hate it when she feels like this, mostly because there is so little that we can do until the pain wears off.  The doctor won't give her anything for the pain until she gets older.  They said she is too young for the strong stuff.  Frankly, I am glad, but then it's so hard to watch her in pain too.  Arg!  Hopefully she will be better in the morning for Turkey day.  Sometimes these things last a couple of days.  If that happens her and I may be spending the day at the house together.  Time will tell.

Well friends, it's getting late.  Take care, have a Happy Thanksgiving, and we will talk again soon.

From the Missionary:

Hey Everyone,

How are you all doing?  This week was good.  We had a lot of service opportunities with the holidays on their way.  The stake is delivering dinners to those that wouldn't otherwise have one on Thanksgiving.  We were able to help package and deliver some of the stuff that was sent.  It was so cool to see the surprised look of the people we delivered to.  We also have been busy racking leaves at member's homes and also some investigators.  I got to use some of my landscaping skills with a blower a couple of times too.  LOL! 

This P-day was the usual.  We went to Costco and Stew Leonard's for samples and hung out playing Pokemon.  Oh yeah!  A new initiative is coming out soon called, "A Savior is Born".  It is super cool.  The video is of some kids telling the story of Christ's birth from the scriptures.  This is the first one of these that I will be able to be a part of.  The whole mission is super excited to share this with everyone.  I am too!!!  I can't wait!  I will send the video as soon as we get it.  It should be some time this week.  

Anyways, I gotta get going.  We are meeting with a member to help move a couch and then share a lesson.  I will talk to you all later.  :)


Elder Schmidt
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