Sunday, October 11, 2015

Not exactly how I thought my Sunday to go

Today started off with a round trip from Mesa to Central Phoenix to Queen Creek/Gilbert and back to Mesa again.  The entire round trip was completely unexpected and took me away from where I needed to be today, and that was church with my family.  Arg!!! I call that all in a day's work for any mother.

Before I go any further....let me just say, NO Kyle is not in the habit of attending competitions of Sundays, BUT, his coach needed help and Kyle was one of the only young men willing to help, even if it was on a Sunday.  

Kyle's competition this weekend went well.  Yesterday he lifted 107 kilos in snatch and 141 kilos in clean and jerk, both of which are slight improvements for his overall best lifts.  Kyle was pleased but he thinks his coach wanted more.  I say take it slow and don't hurt yourself trying to do too much, unless Kyle has lifted more at practice and we just don't know it.  I doubt it though, he tends to come home and share things like that with Kevin or I.  

Anyway, the competition this weekend was a two day event.  Kyle took the light rail (one of the Phoenix area public transportation methods) yesterday down to the Phoenix Convention Center because he couldn't find a ride and we decided last minute to make it to the temple for the wedding yesterday.  (I had sent a message to our nephew a few days ago letting him know we might not be able to make it if his Uncle wasn't doing well.  And that I might not be able to make it alone because I can't leave Kevin alone even with just Lexi when he tries to do things he shouldn't do without help)  Today Kyle had a ride set up but the ride fell through last minute and Kyle would end up super late to the event if he took the light rail again.  Hence, the reason for me driving him today, and because Kyle didn't want to pay for parking OR leave the car all day and night parking in some strange lot in Central Phoenix. 

While on my way home from Central Phoenix I was talking to Danielle about a few things and  as it turns out, I needed to get to her house in Queen Creek/Gilbert unexpectedly.  I tried calling Kevin or Lexi at the house to let them know of my change in plans, but they both had their phones turned off and my calls went to voicemail.  Arg!!

After we took care of business at Danielle's house, her and I sat in the car talking for a bit.  She proceeded to tell me about something that happened to her at her house recently.  Apparently, one day while Danielle was home alone a strange man walked in on her.  Come to find out, the man was the father of their 3rd roommate.  The roommate had given the father the key to the house and failed to tell Danielle of Brittney as she has agreed to do per their roommate agreement.  (They have to sign and submit an agreement to ASU called the rules of the house.)  AND, on top of all of this, the man is an employee of ASU too!!!!  (No, I'm not going to tell you what he does or who he is.  Naming names wouldn't be good on a public site, if you know what I mean.)  Needless to say, Danielle says she went off on the guy for just walking into their house.  Then she went off on the roommate too....AND she reported it to the head of housing because their housing advocates (or whatever they call them) has done nothing when they reported other people doing the same thing because this roommate has just given her keys to her mother, her friends, or whoever.  The other kicker....the roommate is a Freshman.  Freshman are not allowed in the campus housing...they are only allowed in the dorms.  This roommate got her Dad to work a deal with the buddy he has in housing to allow her to get into a house.  Which, okay, whatever....but, that does not mean you totally ignore all the rules....AND, for crying out loud!!!!  The man was an ASU employee!!!  I know he knows better.  I know he knows there is protocol when it comes to female students.  Come on man!!!  Needless to say, Danielle's complaint got the man written up.  I told Danielle if that happens again just call the police.  No more trying to work this out through the school just dial 911 next time.  That should get the point across that you cannot do that.  

I guess the Danielle's 3rd roommate is pretty mad at her for complaining about her Dad.  SERIOUSLY!!!  Don't older men know how something like this looks???  For all Danielle knew he could have been coming in to do harm!  Thankfully that isn't even the issue here.  Needless to say, Danielle has been on edge the past couple times she came to visit us, but she never told us what she was dealing with.  I feel bad!  I had a feeling something wasn't quite right.  You know, that sense that we weren't connecting like we normally do when she comes to visit.  I didn't think anything of it, except to chalk it up to Danielle just going her own way.  You know, the way all kids eventually go..and you want them to go, but deep down it stings a little for a parent.  I was so wrong on that and I wish I wouldn't have been so concerned with other things to read the signs better.  Next time.  Let me correct that!  Let's hope there isn't a next time.....but, if Danielle comes over and is having an issue like this again, I would hope she knows to stop me and shake me and make me give her my undivided attention and listen up.  Hint Hint, daughter of mine!!  

As I am typing this, my hands are shaking.  This kind of thing freaks me out!  I want to be able to protect all of my children.  This just made me realize just how vulnerable we all are and how quickly some things can happen.  Breath Mom!!  This makes me want to insist on Danielle moving back home so I can keep her safe, but I know better than that.  She needs to be on her own.  She needs to find her own way.  AND, she handled this well.  I am proud of her for that....and thank goodness nothing worse happened.  Scary though.! 

After Danielle and I talked for a bit, I headed home.  As I was driving home, my nerves go the best of me, and the tears began to flow.  Imagine me balling driving down the freeway.  Not exactly the best thing to do.  Thank goodness traffic is very light on the weekends.  

Now I am worn out.  I feel like I have run a marathon emotionally.  And I still have so much to do.  The worst part, I missed church today.  I needed church today, but I'm also glad I could be there for my children when they really needed me.  That, I know, is exactly what I should be doing and I need to cherish these moments.  Life changes quickly, as we well know.

Take care my friends.  Enjoy your day and we will talk again soon. 

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