Thursday, September 3, 2015

Yippy! Friday Eve!!!

Two Things I am Grateful For:

1) Places like Touchstone Physical Therapy that help my husband get the care he needs.  I went with Kevin today to his therapy session.  They very pretty busy yet they gave each client their full attention and care.  They were great.  They are great!

2) The weather today.  It's only 97 degrees and even though it's not quite as cool as we would like it, we will not complain.  Anything under 100 degrees is always nice in Arizona.  Thank you.

From the Camera:

This guy has a birthday coming up next Tuesday!  We love him very much and miss him too.  Happy Birthday Curtis!

From the Craft Room and Other Cool Things:

Lexi started taking a stained glass class in high school this semester.  Her first project was a star and it turned out really well.  In fact, the teacher used her star to show the other kids how theirs should look.  (Proud crafty Momma moment.)  I have always wanted to learn stain glass.  It doesn't look too complicated, at least not the easier projects.  Lexi just beat me to it.  Now she has me looking at stained glass projects.  Here is a photo of Lexi's star...

From the Heart and Spirit:
Truly a must-see! SO CUTE! This delightful little girl will bring a smile to your face as she tells the most enchanting, fascinating and educational story of Jonah and the Whale.  This will be the best 7 minutes of your day.  

From the Kitchen:

We will definitely give this a try!  It might be fun to make pizza this way sometime.  I see my electric skillets (I just happen to have two right now.  This way my family gets fed faster too.) being put to use very soon.

5 minutes later.....
open the vent on your lid like this
Cook for another 10 minutes


From the Schmidt's:

I took a day off of work today to get to an appointment for myself and to take Kevin to his therapy session this morning because Kyle was scheduled to take his polygraph at the same time Kevin would be in his therapy session.  In fact, Kyle's appointment would be a lot longer than Kevin's and that wasn't going to work.  Kevin waiting alone right now is not an option.  As it turns out Kyle's appointment time changed to another day, but I still took the day off.  I needed to do my thing.  It's a good thing I did take the day off because I ended up down at the high school in a counselor's office this afternoon.  I wasn't planning on doing that, but Lexi decided to drop her a-hour.  She is going to take her history class online through Mesa Public Schools instead.  She didn't drop a-hour because she couldn't get up, believe it or not.  She hasn't given me a hard time at all.  She dropped the class because she just didn't want to deal with the teacher anymore.  When Lexi was out sick with this cold stuff we have all had she basically told Lexi she has ditched the class.  She went off on her in class in front of all the other students.  Then when another kid was in the hospital for three days and didn't make arrangements to get the homework she went off on her too.  Both students are now taking their required history class online.  This teacher is a little out of control.  She doesn't want to give the kids the homework assignments and if the kids do not get someone in the class to give them the assignment then they are out of luck.  We have had experience with this teacher before and we know how she can be.  Lexi use to play volleyball for her.  I thought her methods were reserved for the volleyball court.  Apparently not.  We are so glad there is another option and Lexi can take the class online.  Lexi was sick and I do agree that Lexi needed to get the homework and she did, but that poor girl that ended up in the hospital.  Sheesh, cut the poor girl some slack.  She was in the hospital for cryin out loud!  

We have the big dumpsters down our street again.  The city must have decided to place them throughout the neighborhood after the storm.  Our little neighborhood was hit pretty hard by the recent storms.  As I mentioned before, people lost their roofs, trees fell.  In fact, there are about 5 huge trees still down in the middle of the Elementary School playground.  That can't be fun to deal with when the kids go out to play.  The garbage dumpsters filled up within a day and a half.  I was kind of bummed because I didn't get the chance to get some things into the dumpsters too.  Kyle and I could have done it the first night they were there, but we fell asleep early that night.  Bummer!  We need a truck so we can just make a dump run sometime.  

Kevin keeps teasing Lexi because she hasn't talked to the young man that asked her to Homecoming.  I guess the young man's Mom teases him too for the same reason.  Both of them are a little shy I guess.  It's not like they don't see each other in school or at church on Sunday.  I think they just need to be in the right place for it to happen naturally, if you know what I mean.  They are good friends.  We have known this family and this young man for several years now.  Frankly, I am thrilled that Lexi's first date is with someone like this young man.  This will help Lexi get comfortable with the idea of dating and we feel we can totally trust this young man to take good care of our daughter.  He really is a wonderful young man we have watched him handle himself in many other situations.  He knows what is right.  He knows how to act and he was raised to respect others, and we know this young man will want to avoid anything that will dishonor his family name as well as ours, and that is amazing!!!   {wink, wink}  

One of my co-workers found this amazing lotion at Ross one time.  She keeps it at her desk and lets me use it from time to time.  It smells like lemons.  It is the most amazing smell and I have looked and looked around to try and find something that smells as nice as the lotion my friend has.  I went to Ross just to check to see if the store near me happened to have it too.  They didn't.  Sad day.  

Today I went to Joann's to get hook and eye tape for Kevin's wheelchair cushion and they had a lemon lotion.  It smells pretty close to the lotion my friend has and guess what?  The price was only a dollar.  Score!!!  I have two bottles now.  {happy dance!!}
One for home and one for my desk at work.  Love it.  My hands always get dry at work for some reason.  Now that I think about it, I should have picked up a bottle for my friend since I use hers all the time.  I may have to go back.  But a dollar!!!  Yes!!! 
AND, no hook and eye tape.  They didn't have what we needed.  They must have been out or something, so I will try again next week.  The seat cushion on Kevin's wheelchair keeps folding over when he goes to pop into his chair sometimes.  If we can get something to hold it down Kevin won't have to struggle so much to get settled into his chair.  It's the little things sometimes you know.  Honestly, if this will help to ease some of the stress Kevin is feeling I am all for it.  I don't like it when he is frustrated, especially now.

Are you looking forward to the long weekend?  I am.  We have a lot to do around the house.  I have already informed the kids they cannot make any plans.  We are working at home.  Time to get some things done!  They of course are hoping I forget and then they won't have to do anything, but that isn't going to happen.  So, cell phones will not be answered, doors will not be answered.  We are on lock down this weekend.  The only thing that we will get out of the house for will be cleaning supplies if needed and church on Sunday. That is it!  LOCK DOWN!!!  

My kids love me when I do this.  {smile, smile}

Well, it's 7 p.m. now and I still need to get dinner taken care of.  I know, I'm slacking.  I better go. Take care my friends and we will talk soon. 
From the Missionary:
Curtis sent a couple pictures with his letter this week.  
This one is of Washington Square Park
Displaying image2.JPG
Yo what's up family?!?!?!?  😃
I've got some news!!!
I don't know if I told you guys about Elder Holtom's little predicament.  He has his wisdom teeth coming in.  His dentist back home told him that they wouldn't till he was like thirty, but they think that stress caused them to grow in faster.  Anyways, he went to an oral surgeon a couple weeks ago and the surgeon said that one of them absolutely had to come out.  It was completely horizontal and was pressing on the jaw and the nerve.  The other three were optional and would cause the recovery to be longer.  So basically his choices were to get the one tooth out here and stay in a little bit of pain, but he would stay in the mission.  The other option would be to get all of them out back home.  Before I say which choice he made here are some details about Elder Holtom.  First, he is completely self insured.  Once he turned eighteen he started making his own money and he has been able to handle all of his expenses himself when it came to medical and dental.  His two other siblings have been able to do the same thing.  Second since he has been making his own money he paid for his entire mission himself.  In fact, he is currently making money while he is serving his mission because he has some coding contracts that have not run out yet.  He does pretty well for himself.

So the cost to get one tooth out with anesthesia is a little over $1000.00 and he has to pay that entire thing himself, no insurance.  If he went home he could get all his teeth taken care of for a lot less than $1000.00.  So the choice seemed obvious.  Go home and get everything done, but he has decided to stay.  I don't know if I would have picked that option, but he prayed about it so it's obviously the right thing.  At least with this I know that I'm probably getting transferred next time.  The crazy thing is that he says he might do no anesthesia because it would be cheaper.  I hope he doesn't because that's going to suck!  

Anyways, it's Tuesday and we just got done with playing basketball at the church with some hood rats.  It is a stressful event sometimes with all those kids.  I will have you know that in two out of the three games I played, I scored 5/7 of the baskets.  Some of them were even the famous half court lay ups.  Ha!

This week was full of trainings by the zone leaders and the district leader (Elder Holtom) mostly about online proselyting aka: Facebook.  Pretty much the idea of the training was that they want us to have the members post things and tag us in it.  They want us to post less because the only people that really see our posts are people back home, but if a member posts something then people around here see it and those are the people that we can teach.  It's crazy, our mission is only 1 of 12 missions with Facebook right now, so they are wanting us to experiment with it and find out what things we can do with Facebook to share the gospel.  It will be really cool to see how this all progresses. 

Oh yeah, this week I got to go on another split with the zone leaders.  It was so much fun.  I was with Elder Murphy who is the oldest missionary in the mission.  He's 26 almost 27.  He told me a while ago about why he started his mission so late.  Basically he was inactive and going to college.  He was called originally to the Ukraine and was reassigned because of the whole thing that was going on over there.  He has a degree in Psychology.  So he can read my mind.  Kyle you better have got that joke.  Anyways, it was super cool and he helped me a lot with my studies and pretty much everything else too.  

Whew!  This week was a good one.  How are all of you guys?  Anyone doing anything fun?  Anyone going to any Homecoming Dances, Lexi??? LOL.  Let me know how y'all are doing and have an awesome week.  It's  P-day today and it has been awesome.  We went to the Brooklyn Bridge and took some pictures then we road the tram to Roosevelt Island.  It is awesome here.  I'm sitting outside a Starbucks right now writing this last little bit, then we are going to Central Park to play some Frisbee and soccer.  It should be fun.  Byeeee!!!


Elder Schmidt

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This video Curtis took riding the tram.  

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