Tuesday, September 15, 2015


Two Things I am Grateful For:

1) Cooler weather.  It rained most of the night last night.  I know because I was up with some kind of stomach bug.  I'm grateful for the cooler weather but not for the sickness.

2) A Ward family that watches out for us.  
From the Camera:

Tonight the sunset was so beautiful.  The bright yellow sun was shining through the clouds creating these awesome pink colors mixed with the yellow rays of sun and the billowing big blue rain clouds.  I went inside to grab my phone and the sun had moved further west and I completely missed it.  The photos below are the remnants of what was left when I finally had my phone. You have to be quick to capture those photo ops.   

From the Craft Room and Other Cool Things:
As I mentioned before, I have worked at the same company now for 10 years and I have yet to fully move into my office.  So, I started taking some things to my office.  All of which were things I had around the house, which I love.  Until I stumbled across this sign and I had to have one for my wall behind my desk.  I needed DMC floss.  So, off to Joann's we went.  My big purchase.  Ha Ha.
The photo below in blue is the example I found to use as my pattern.

Below is the one I started on with a teal color thread.  My cross stitch fabric has a little smaller square so mine turned out a little smaller than my example.  I think I will add a border or something to fill in the space because mine isn't quite small enough to fit my 5x7 frame and it's not big enough for an 8x10 frame, and I'm certainly not going to search for the perfect frame and spend money.  I plan to use what I all ready have or start over and make mine a little smaller so it fits into my 5x7 frame.  For now, I like to boarder idea.  So, now I am hunting for the perfect one.  I'll show you what I come up with once I find it.  

Anyway, this is my little corny take on the 
Home Sweet Home sign for my office.  
{smile, smile}

From the Heart and Spirit:

From the Kitchen:

From the Schmidt's:

I'm being totally honest here.  It was a rough couple of days.  First, a little whining and then on to some happy thoughts.

After about 48 hours of....well, if I am being honest here, puking my guts up and my stomach feeling like someone was churning butter in it I finally feel like I can come up for air this afternoon!  It hurt!  Now, please excuse the full-fledged whine.....I realize this is nothing more that some stomach virus, but SERIOUSLY??  Can I catch a little break here!  Please???!!!!!  I don't need this.  It's hard enough dealing with the everything else on my so called "plate" and then to get sick on top of it, just makes things that much harder.  Truthfully, it's quite discouraging.  

Please forgive the truth.

End of whine.  
{smile, smile}

On to some happy news....

Friends.  I have some awesome friends who check up on me just to make sure all is well.  They remind me all the time that they are ready to come running to my side whenever I need them.  Some live right around the corner and others live states away.  That means so much to me.  It's amazing to have such great friends.  Honestly, we are blessed.  Tender mercies to know they are there for me.  Love that!  

As many of you know Lexi was asked to the Homecoming Dance that is coming up at the end of this month.  With that invitation I was worried about finding a dress that wouldn't break the bank.  Well, we found the dress right away, but it needed some help to make it a little more modest.  That fact that we found a dress with sleeves is a miracle for the price we paid.  ($15.00, not bad, right?)  So, we knew from the moment we picked it up that it would need a little shrug or something.  Well, I happened into a store not to far from my house and found exactly what we needed and it was only $9.00.  Not bad, right???  So far we are doing quite well.  I also plan to add a little ruffle to it too.  It comes to right above her knee and we would prefer it just a little bit longer.  So, I still have that to do.  Thank goodness for my fabric stash.  I just happened to have the perfect color to go with her dress.  Love it!  Blessings!!!  

When Kevin was in Barrow's Rehab Center for his spinal cord injury after each of his workouts they would rub this stuff on his shoulders to help with the soreness.  The stuff they used works really well, it's called Bio-freeze 360.  We searched high and low for the stuff right after he got home from the hospital and all we could find was the less intense kind that Walmart and Walgreen's sell.  Today after Kyle brought Kevin home he was in intense pain and could barely move.  All he wanted was that Bio-freeze stuff.  So, I got out the computer and started searching for places that might sell it. Of course you can order it from the place that makes it but you will pay a huge shipping charge which will double the cost of your order and you won't get it for about a week or so.  So, I searched some more.  Come to find out there was a physical therapy location right by our house that sells it and their cost was the same as the stuff sold at Walgreen's or Walmart.  Not bad for the good stuff, right?  Luckily I was actually dressed and not still in my pajama's.  No make-up still, but dressed  after being sick.  So, I ran over and picked up the stuff.  Kevin was super thrilled I found it.  I'm just glad someone had it so he could get some relief.  Seeing that man in pain is the hardest part of all of this.  It just kills me.  The Bio-freeze was worth every penny of the $15.00 we had to spend to get it.  

This evening I have a doctor's appointment scheduled for myself.  It should be good.  I have been waiting for this and I am anxious to go.  I normally wouldn't say that about a doctor, but each time I walk away feeling like she gets me and she is totally in my corner.  I love that about her.  I'm speaking of my therapist, of course.  She is such a blessing in my life.  I can't wait to hear what she has to say.  I count her as one of my greatest blessings. 

Life is good....even with this sickness lingering, our achey aging bodies, and all that we have to do.  Life is a beautiful struggle sometimes.  
From the Missionary:
Nothing new from our Missionary yet.  Soon though.

Quote of the Day:

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