Sunday, September 13, 2015

An Exciting Weekend for sure!

Two Things I am Grateful For:

1) Change.  It is a good thing.

2) Our Relief Society President who checks up on us regularly.  Thank you.

From the Camera:

Let the FUN begin!  Woo hoo!

From the Craft Room and Other Cool Things:

This is our friend Helen Schlie.  She use to own the LDS Bookstore that use to be located right down the street from the LDS Temple in downtown Mesa.  Like many here in Mesa, my parent's and Sister Schlie have been friends for many many years.  She is a wonderful person and I still remember visiting with her as a little girl every time we visited her store.  She has since closed her bookstore but I will never forget my father telling me the story when she was reunited with her 1830 first-edition Book of Mormon after it was stolen from her.  I had the chance to see this one day when my daughter and I stopped to visit her another store right before it closed as well.  It was awesome to see. I'm glad Sis. Schlie got her Book of Mormon back.  What an awesome piece of Pioneer History.

From the Heart and Spirit:

Miss Colorado Talks About Nursing Instead Of Singing For The Crown

Last week, Miss America hosted its second night of preliminaries in Atlantic City. For the talent competition, most contestants showcased their singing, dancing, and musical talents while donning their sparkly, glittery costumes — but Kelley Johnson walked out on stage in her nurse’s scrubs. Kelley is Miss Colorado, and she decided to forgo the traditional talent routine. Instead, she delivered a unique monologue about her experience as a nurse, and with an elderly Alzheimer’s patient. The results are unexpected, original, and touching.
“Every nurse has a patient that reminds them of why they became a nurse in the first place. Mine was Joe,” she begins. Kelley is a beauty pageant titleholder from Windsor, CO, who was crowned Miss Colorado 2015. Her platform is “The Health Initiative PLUS: Prevent, Live, Uncover, Study.” She is a 2015 graduate of Grand View University where earned a Bachelor of Science degree in nursing, graduating as valedictorian of her nursing class. Today, Kelley is a registered nurse.
Nurses are the ones who make the most direct contact with the patient. They’re the advocates, the planners, and the glue that holds it all together. Regardless of whether Kelley wins the Miss America crown this year, she’s already made her mark in a wonderful way. 

From the Kitchen:

Pico de Gallo Southwest Pasta Salad

4 cups of uncooked elbow macaroni- cook and drain
1 green pepper, finely diced
1 red pepper, finely diced
1 container of fresh pico de gallo, drained
1 can drained black beans (garbanzo's are yummy as well)
1-2 cups frozen corn
1-2 cups shredded cheese (I used a blend)
1 container crumbled feta cheese

Dressing- I mixed Ranch dressing with about 2 T. taco seasoning  You could use a store-bought Southwest ranch dressing.  
I crumbled taco Frito's, before serving, into salad (optional)
I actually love this salad with diced avocado too!

When ready to serve, You can add some small tomatoes and more feta on top.

From the Schmidt's:
It's been an awesome weekend.  Lot's of time spent with my family.  It's been fun.  Wedding dress shopping, of course, was the highlight of the weekend.  I wish I could share some of the photos, but that wouldn't be fair to the upcoming bride, would it?  Exciting!

Kevin had a rough day again yesterday.  He tried to get out of bed by himself, without anyone close by to help him, and he fell to the floor again.  That man!  He wouldn't let us help him up.  He was determined to do it all by himself, and HE DID IT!  Sometimes he can be so stubborn.  I know he needs to do some of these things on his own, but it is just so hard to watch him struggle.  Needless to say, he is paying for it today.  We stayed home from church today.  Partly because I just didn't want to wake him up.  He was hurting all day yesterday and I knew after working so hard to get up he would be worse today.  He has also been very down these past few days too.  I'm worried about him.  The surgeon he saw last week told him that he didn't think he would ever get out of a wheelchair.  That took all the "wind out of his sails" for sure.  The therapist he sees didn't say he would never walk again, he just said it's going to take longer than what everyone at Barrow's said it would take.  That's fine with us, just don't take away his hope.  Once the doctor said that, it's like Kevin completely changed.  You take away a person's hope and you might as well take away everything that matters to them.  So, it's been a very hard couple of days for all of us.  

We have been "kicked" while we are down by several things this week.  It's funny how some people think a person in a wheelchair is useless or they treat you like you are retarded, then they want nothing at all to do with you.  It's sad.  
I know I shouldn't wish for bad things to happen to other people, but some people just need a good dose of their own medicine sometimes, if you know what I mean???

I need to change the subject before this goes off too far down a negative way.  

Kyle has been busy lately.  He has been going to school.  Working out at the gym and getting ready for the National Collegiate Weightlifting Competition in Utah in a couple of weeks.  As well as getting things in order for the polygraph test for a job he will be taking soon.  AND helping to get his father to and from each of his appointments and personal workouts on the days he doesn't go into the therapist.  Kyle has been a huge blessing and I hope he knows how much I appreciate all he does for us.  

Lexi has been a big help too.  Of course, she isn't able to get Kevin to his appointments but she does help with other things around the house.  And besides, she is still in High School.  Her job right now is to finish that first.  We love her for all she does too.

There is still lots to get done before tomorrow.  Take care and we will talk soon.  Hope you have a wonderful week.

From the Missionary:

Nothing from our missionary today.  Soon though.

Quote of the Day:

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