Saturday, September 26, 2015

A Couple of Firsts!!!

It's been a busy day today!

Lexi spent the day getting ready for the Homecoming Dance tonight and Kyle was away in Ogden, Utah at a National Weightlifting Competition.  

Here is one of the first lifts Kyle made this morning.  You can see his coach doing his thing on the side lines.  Did I mention that his coach is the Olympic Weightlifting Coach for the United States?  He is.  He is a great guy and Kyle feels very blessed to be working with such an awesome coach.

We are very proud of Kyle and all of his hard work.  
Kyle will remain in Utah over the weekend.  He wanted to go hear a former Sister Missionary speak Sunday.  She served a mission in the same mission Kyle served in and had quite the rough experience during that time.  She will be speaking in one of the wards in Ogden, Utah this weekend.  I guess she woke up one day, while serving her mission, and could not remember where she was or who she was.  She even had to return home early.  She will be speaking about her experience and how her trial has blessed her life.  It would be GREAT for Kyle to hear her speak, but I don't think he packed church clothes for this trip after all...not enough time or room in the carry on bag.  Darn it!  

We are still waiting to hear more about Kyle's competition and we hope he is enjoying his trip with his team.

As you may know, Lexi was asked to the Homecoming Dance by a very handsome young man who happens to live just across the street and down a couple houses from us.  

You know these dances are something the girls spend a lot of time getting ready for.  

Here are the highlights of getting her dress ready for tonight...

We found this dress that Lexi loved, but she didn't like that it was a little too short and didn't have sleeves.  So, we decided to get the dress with the idea of finding a shrug to go with it.

This is the dress on Lexi without any of the added touches...

We tried looking for a navy shrug at a reasonable price, but could only find this off-white one.  So, we went with it and added a belt with a little bling.

To add a little length to the dress we opted to add a ruffle.  We tried to find the right trim at the fabric store, but they didn't have anything in navy, so we went with a shear fabric that we could make a ruffle out of.  Below is the fabric before we cut it.

Here is a close up of the ruffle we added.  We thought about a scalloped edge, but Lexi preferred the ruffle once it was attached.  Frankly, I like it too and leaving this as a ruffle saved me some work.  Love that!!  

Here is Lexi modeling her Homecoming outfit....
with a little attitude, of course.  {smile, smile}
My little buddy is growing up.  

This is a photo of the face.  Not too much make-up, just the way Lexi likes it.  I tried to get her to wear just a little lip gloss but she would have it.  I even tried to get her to wear the matching dangling earrings, but she would have that either.  But doesn't she look beautiful?!  Love this girl!

Our Bishop's daughter did Lexi's hair.  She is attending Beauty School and Lexi and her have been friends for quite a while now.  Lexi was thrilled that Elisa offered to help her with her hair.  She did an awesome job!!!  

Lexi's big sister had a bunch of these little twisty things you can add to your hair to give it a little bling.  I worked all week to convince Lexi to put them in her hair.  Thank goodness Elisa was able to talk her into it.  I think the six we added gave her hair a little sparkle it needed.  

Below is the boutonniere I made for Lexi's date.
I made this boutonniere for less than $3.00.  I got a smokin' deal on the rose and baby's breath.  The greenery was from a couple plants outside.  The ribbon was part of what was left from the belt Lexi was wearing.  AND the blue leaf and squiggle was something I had that was gold, but I painted them blue to match.  Not bad for only $3.00, right???  Love that!!!

This lovely blue box we found at the dollar store.  She is holding the boutonniere in the box for her date.  

Here is the two of them just before they jumped in the car for the dance.  The young man happens to live across the street and down a coupe houses from us.  He is the son of our former Bishop.  Lexi and Caleb have been friends since we moved into this ward 7 years ago.  I love that Caleb was the one to take her on her first date last weekend and her second too.  They did a pre-Homecoming date last weekend.  They played the Amazing Race throughout Mesa.  It was a 7 hour date that took them all over the place.  It was really quite the well thought out adventure that even the young men's parents were a part of.  Caleb is an awesome young man and we are thrilled he calls our daughter his friend, and we are happy Lexi will have this memory forever of her first date with a wonderful young man.  Thank you, Caleb. 

Caleb and 6 of his friends are doing a group date for Homecoming.
In fact, all the young men will be wearing suspenders and bow ties.  How cool is that???  Love it!!! 

Here they are getting into the car.  

I know Lexi will have a good time with this awesome group of kids.  We can't wait to hear all about it.  

I can't believe that we were able to pull this off and not cripple the budget!!  I am so very grateful for the talents that I have that allowed me to use my creativity.  Because of the things I was taught by my mother and my father, and the gifts that I have been given, we were blessed with the ability to do this.  I'm trilled to announce that we didn't spend more than $50 for the dress, shoes, and boutonniere!  I love that!!!!  And my little bitty budget does too!!!  

It's early and we still have a bazillion things to do tonight.  Thankfully, Kevin has had a shower, dinner is done, the garbage has been taken out, the dress is complete, the boutonniere is made, and the dog got fed.  Now I can sit for a bit and watch a movie before I jump up to do some dishes or something.  You need a little "me time" every once in a while.  Time for a little Calgon, take me away! moment.  If you know what I mean??  {smile, smile}

Take care my friends and we will talk again soon.

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