Wednesday, August 12, 2015

And It's only Wednesday!

Two Things I am Grateful For:

1) School started today!  Woot!  Woot!  (for the kids)

2) My doctor!  I went to see her today and it's been since last year that I was in her office, but each time I see her it's like visiting with an old friend and we just pick up right where we left off.  She told me today she had accepted a job in another office, but thankfully turned it down.  I am so glad!!!  I would be crushed if she left.  We have been seeing everyone in that office since about the time Lexi was born.  So, 16 years now.  I certainly do not want to have to find another doctor now.  That would not be good.  Not good at all.

From the Camera:

I've got lots of photos for you today....
The first two are of Lexi as she walked away from the car today.  She didn't want me to take any photos and in fact, refused to turn and look at the camera.  Let's just say she wasn't that excited about being back at school.  Oh well.  
This next photo is of Danielle in Montana checking out the fire station Chance's brother works at.  Danielle got the whole tour of the place.  This was just one of many photos she sent me.
This was just Danielle and Chance (D&C) taking a walk.  Isn't it beautiful there.  The lake.  Wow!
The Lake!  So pretty!

This next one should explain itself...Danielle riding.  

This last one, is of Kevin today.  We went up to the hospital to learn how to transfer Kevin to and from the car today.  We also got to see Kevin walk with a walker with some assistance, but he did it.  That is awesome!  Go Kevin go!

From the Craft Room and Other Cool Things:

Check out what I found! Instructions to make a cool DIY Rope Bag.  Love it!  This would be cool to take to the beach, wouldn't it???


You’ll need:

The first step is prepping your colors and cotton cord. Select the colors you want to use on your bag and wind a bobbin for each color so that when you’re sewing, everything is in order and you can just pop those bobbins in and out. I like to use a neutral thread, similar to the rope, for the base and top of the bag – you’ll need a large spool of that. As far as the clothesline is concerned, 1/4″ rope is probably the thickest you want to work with – only because even the heaviest duty needles might break with a thicker needle. And a thicker rope might not fit under the sewing machine foot. Also, use a heavy duty needle for this project – I like to use either a denim or leather sewing needle. Take the end of the rope and cut the end at a diagonal. Measure 12″ and fold it in half into a 6″ piece.
Place the fold under the presser foot of your machine. Set the machine to a zig zag stitch that is wide enough to reach both ropes. And keep the needle in the down position. Remember to keep both pieces of rope as close together as possible and keep them centered under the needle. Sew down towards the cut end and stop. With the needle in the down position, slowly rotate the sewed strip counter clockwise – meanwhile, using the zig zag stitch to stitch together the curve.
Keep rotating and sewing to the 6 o’clock position. Now sew down again.
When you’ve reached the end, rotate the strip counter clockwise until it’s parallel to the working rope – all while you’re continuing to sew.
Keep going and you’ll notice you’re slowly creating an oval! This is the base of your bag. Remember, the working rope is always straight and under the presser foot. The bag (or oval piece) will always be on the left and be the moving, rotating piece. You might miss some sections – that’s okay.
You’ll end up with gaps so when you notice them, just stop, cut your thread and patch up the sections. Then, pick up where you left off. After about 20-25 rounds, or when you feel like your base is big enough, stop but leave the rope in tact. Remember, the bag will only get bigger so imagine that the top of the bag will be nearly double your base.
Now you’re ready to start building up the sides of the bag. This is where I like to change the color of the thread. Start with a few zig zag stitches and then immediately bring the bottom section upwards, hugging the side of the sewing machine. The rope will start attaching at an deep angle. The more perpendicular you hold the bottom of the bag to the sewing machine, the deeper the angle will be.
Keep the bottom of the bag at a 90 degree angle while rotating and sewing.
Keep going until you’re ready to change color. If you want the bag to graduate wider, start holding it at a slighter angle. You’ll notice the bag getting wider.
Continue rotating and sewing. Remember to keep the bag at a consistent angle for each rotation.
You can always bring your bag back up to 90 degrees to make straighten up the sides. Of if you want it even wider, hold the bag at say 30-40 degrees. Continue sewing until you’ve reached your desired height. When you’re ready to stop, stop sewing at the curved section and keep the rope attached!
Pinch the bag in half, lengthwise. Measure about 5 inches in from each end and mark those points with 4 pins. This is where your handles will start and end.
Put the bag back into the sewing machine and continue the zig zag stitch until you’ve reached the pin. Give it a few backwards and forward stitches to reinforce the handles. Cut the thread, remove the bag and measure about 28-30″ of rope. Attach the end of the handle to the existing pin and continue sewing until you reach the other side. Repeat the step, measuring the same amount of inches on the opposing handle.
Once you’ve made a full rotation and back at the first handle, keep sewing along the handle.
Repeat the steps until the handles are at least 3 rows thick. After sewing the last row on the handle, sew for another few inches, reverse and forward stitch a few times and trim the rope.
Add a couple of tassels or pompoms for good measure  . . .
And enjoy your new rope tote!  (Pattern courtesy of
From the Heart and Spirit:

 Elder Perry wanted the people of the Church to hear. “[I wish I] could get every member of the Church to go and partake of the sacrament, and when they took the bread, they’d ask themselves, ‘Who am I? What am I doing? How am I living? Where am I going? What should I be accomplishing?’ as they renew their covenants with the Lord.” He finished, “The minute they’d pick up the bread, something [would] happen.”

From the Kitchen:

Cherry 7-11 Slurpees

2 cup cold Club Soda
1/2 cup Sugar
1/2 tsp Cherry Kool-Aid Drink Mix
1 tsp liquid from Maraschino Cherry jar
3 cups Crushed Ice

Ideally chill club soda in freezer for 15 minutes.
Blend together club soda, sugar, Kool-Aid powder and the cherry juice in a blender.
Add the crushed ice and pulse until smooth.
Pour into glasses.

From the Schmidt's:

We have a date for Kevin to come home!!!  Woot!  Woot!  It is August 21st.  As soon as we got that date I started to think about all the things I still need to do, and all the things Kevin is going to need help with after he gets home.  I told Kevin, that is when we will get a little cranky with one another.  When things are not as ideal as they are at the hospital.  Even though we will not be perfect at caring for Kevin, I will be so glad when he is home.  No more double trips to Phoenix in any given day, and our weekends can be spent here at home.  That will be wonderful!  I can honestly say, I am so tired.  I took three days off this week to try and get some things done around the house and the only things I got done were the things that took me away from the house.  We got Lexi registered for school Monday.  She won't have her official first day of school until Friday because the school will not build her schedule until she meets with a counselor, that is set up for Friday.  (I still don't understand that, but whatever.)  Tuesday I was up to the hospital to learn some transfers for the better part of the day.  Then today I took Lexi to school to go to Seminary and to try to convince the office to build her schedule today.  That didn't work.  Darn it!  So, after that I went back to the school to pick her up.  Then we all went up to the hospital again to learn the car transfer.  Then when we got back I went to my doctor's appointment.  I completely forgot about my Mammogram I had scheduled for today.  In fact, I even forgot to call and reschedule it.  Arg!  

At some point the hospital said they would set up an "Outing" for Kevin.  Give him a chance to get out and try things out.  So, we will see when and if that happens.  That will be good.  I have a lot to do to be ready for that.  So, the kids will be a big help getting things ready for that and I really appreciate them and all they do.

Kyle was out with one of his former mission companions tonight.  This former companion came down from Utah to visit.  It was good for Kyle to get out and see him.  They talked for a while.  As it turns out Kyle is seriously contemplating moving to Utah or Idaho to go to school.  The only thing holding him back is his coach and Kevin right now.  So, he may decide to go next semester.  I think Kyle should go.  I think it would be good for him to go out of state for school.  Especially to a BYU Campus.  I say go, do not look back, and RUN....GO!  Have fun.  He deserves this.  Besides, he has a ton of friends up at BYU or that live in Utah.  It would be good for him.  Time will tell.  

It's getting late and I need to get a few things done before tomorrow.  Hope you all had a wonderful day.  Take care and we will talk again soon.  

From the Missionary:

Hey Everyone,

This was the longest week of my life!!  And for no reason.  Nothing bad at all happened.  It was actually a pretty good week.  Thursday we met with those two boys and talked about their plan to make it to church after they are baptized.  They said that when school starts it will make it easier because the schools here give students metro cards.  Friday was a little bit chaotic because we had to do a ton to get ready for a baptism happening on Saturday.  The Sisters were baptizing a little girl named Xxxxx.  Our Bishop was going to baptize this girl called last minute to say he couldn't go.  Friday night Elder Holtom got a call from the Sisters asking if he could do the baptism.  It was super cool!  It was his first time baptizing someone.  He kept having me show him where to put his hands.  Ha Ha!  Anyways, the baptism went well on Saturday.  A lot of people came to support her.  It was the best baptism we've had in this ward I think.  Sunday right before church started the Sisters walked up to me and said, "Elder Schmidt, can you do Xxxxx's Confirmation?"  I of course said YES!!! It was such an awesome experience!!!  I can't remember a word I said, but I just remember everything else was completely blocked out and it was just silent.  I'm so glad that I'm here serving a mission.  It's awesome here.  I'm loving everything.  I hope everything back home is going well.  :)


Elder Schmidt
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