Tuesday, August 25, 2015

A ten, a recipe, and a quote

Ten things I am grateful for:

1) My membership in my church.  What a blessing.

2) Cell phones.  I love mine!  I can store all kinds of information there and keep track of so much.  I can even type my blog posts from my phone.  It's great!

3) My children.  They are wonderful.  We couldn't ask for better children.

(This is an old photo.  My children are much older now.)

4) Rain.  I absolutely love it when it rains here.  It cools everything off and it's great!  Come on rain.  Come see us again soon.

5) The care my husband received at the hospital.  They were so incredible!  We cannot thank them enough for all they do.  Everyone told Kevin that he better come see them when he starts walking, they want to see him.  I love that.  

6) Prayer.  

7) Kevin's doctor at the hospital!  He is on top of everything!  Kevin said he even remembers patients he treated years ago.  How amazing is that?!!

8) Nice nurses who are prompt in helping Kevin.  I talked to a couple of them briefly about their responsibilities.  They truly are providing basic needs care to each and every patient in the Rehab Center.  They feed, change (as in diaper), bathe, help with bowel care, as well as catheter care.  Not to mention making sure the patients with brain injuries stay where they are suppose to be.  I guess the do not listen and tend to do things they shouldn't without help.  Who knew?  You learn to appreciate many basic things after spending time in this Rehab Center.  

9) My husband.  He has been through so much and I appreciate his attitude and his determination to get better.

10) The timing of things.  I am always surprised how things turn out sometimes.  

Nine things I need to do this week:

1) Let my back get better.  I mentioned that I did something stupid Saturday night when I lifted my mattress all by myself.  Well, I am paying for it.  No lifting for me.  

2) NOT catch whatever Lexi has.  I do not want to get sick!  (My throat is scratchy and that's how it started for Lexi.  Yuck!)

3) Get a shower, of course. I'm thinking Kevin's shower chair just might become my favorite thing today.  I'm thinking the hot water just might help to loosen up my hip and lower back.  I've also decided my right side is a mess and I think it all stems from that car accident I had a few years back.  Anytime I injure my back, it's always on my right side.  Ouch!  

4) Get dressed.  I would much rather stay in pajamas all day today. 
5) Help Kevin when I can, but NOT with lifting.  No lifting for Sondra today.  
6) Clean up and organize my laundry room, but not today.  There is no way that is happening today.  Maybe towards the end of the week after the back is better, but then I will need to be careful too.

7) I bought a bunch of picture frames several months back.  I bought them with the intention to use them for an upcoming event.  (I had been picking up a few things here and there as I saw them) These picture frames have been piled up on the window ledge in my living room because I haven't taken the time to fund a better spot for them.  Well, I decided to use them and put pictures of my family in them and take them to work to display in my office until the time comes for the so called event.  I took some pictures to the office about a week ago.  Now I need to take the others, but first I need to take the sticky price stickers off the glass.  I wish stores would not put the stickers on the glass.  Their inexpensive prices are great, but the work it takes to get the stickers off is rough.  

Here are a couple photos of frames like the ones I have found for less than $5.00 each....

The ones I found are either in silver, gold, or black.  We might end up painting some of them, depending on the color we need.  

8) I wanted to finish a drawing out a chalkboard I intended to make for my office too.  BUT, that will have to wait.  I just don't have it in me to sit at the table and draw right now.  

9) Make a mini banner I printed out.  I will have to wait on this too.

Eight things I've thought about today:

1) I've noticed a change in myself.  It use to be that I would concern myself with whom always seemed to get certain callings in my ward.  It was frustrating to me because I have always felt that I have talent.  I can do things too.  What about me.  I want to serve too.  As it turns out I have received callings that have always resulted in the need to be released.  Mostly because of things at home.  Now, I find that I do not have time to concern myself with whom is called.  Funny how that works, isn't it?  I guess the Lord had another "calling" in mind.  

2) I never really realized just how strong someone in a wheelchair has to be.  Their upper body strength is incredible!  It blows my mind.  If you think about it, could you lift up your entire body and move it from place to place just using the strength you had in your arms?  I couldn't.  Yet, someone in a wheelchair does it each and every day.  And that strength is not always something they had right away.  They had to work up to it.  I remember watching my Grandfather who was a paraplegic move from the couch to the wheelchair, or the car to the wheelchair, and he did it so effortlessly.  Kevin is doing this too now, and will get better at it as time goes by.  Amazing!  

3) I love the unity Kevin and I have.  It's funny how we know each others thoughts sometimes.  After 28 years of marriage we know each other pretty well.  Love that!

4) I wonder when Kevin and I will get back to the temple?  I want to go.  We need to go.  Soon I hope.  

5) I wish my hair was a little more naturally curly.  Or at least I think I wish that.  My hair is naturally wavy, but not quite like I would like it.  

Mine is a little frizzy like this....
I wish mine was more like this....
Or this...
I know, there are some hair products that could help.  I just wish they all came in sample sizes so I didn't have to invest in an entire bottle, or heaven forbid, several bottles.  Yikes!

6) For the first couple weeks of school Lexi has had me pick her up on my way home from work.  She spends time hanging out at the seminary building while she waits for me.  Each time I have gone to pick her up this young man has been there talking to her.  Then as soon as she gets up to come to the car he leaves.  It's obvious that he is there to see Lexi, but she will never admit that to me.  Today, she got a phone call from him.  He was checking on her since she missed a few days.  He wanted to make sure she was okay.  How sweet is that?!  

7) I need some overhead projector film for my poster size chalkboard.  That's right.  I'm cheating.  I plan to trace my design onto my chalkboard.  So glad I have an overhead projector.  Thanks Dad!

8) Now that I think about it.  I could print my chalkboard letters out on my Cricut machine.  That would work!!!  

Seven things I am craving right now:

1) Runts candy.  I know, it's strange.  Mostly the banana.  Those are the best.

2) A completely organized, everything in it's place, kind of home.  Ours is a work in progress right now.  These things take time.

3) The days when I can turn off the air conditioner, open the windows, and enjoy the cool breezes at night.  I absolutely love that time of year.  It happens in the Fall and in the Spring and it is so nice.

4) A smoothie or a slushy.  My throat is scratchy and I think that just might be what's for dinner.  Kevin is getting it too.  Not good!  And he takes a vitamin C tablet every single day.  He came home with a prescription for them.  So, how does that happen?  How did he get this stuff?  Not cool!  

5) Some amazing lotion!  My skin is so dry.  Know of any???

6) A good movie.  I haven't been able to find any lately.  Any suggestions.

7) Super salty crackers.  I know, weird.  

Six things I remember about my childhood:

1) I rarely wore shoes to play outside in the summer and I could run in gravel, across the blacktop, and on hot sidewalk with no problem.

2) I would spend hours in the pool without any or very little sun screen.  I had blond, blond hair and super tan skin.

3) I spent a lot of time at the girls across the street house.  Looking back, that probably wasn't the best idea.  I never told my parents, but they tried and tried to get me to try cigarettes, but I busted out of their house and ran home when that happened. 

4) I remember being chased home from school when I was in fourth grade by this boy.  He scared me and I was afraid of him. His name was John.  One day my Mom got a phone call from his Mom.  Apparently this boy had a crush on me and wanted to spend some time with me before he moved away.  I was so happy to hear he was moving.  I spent some time with him and learned he wasn't that scary after all.  

5) I also remember being chased and chasing this boy named Kevin in 3rd and 4th grade.  Eventually we all found out that Kevin was moving to Mesa.  In fact, to Gilbert and Broadway.  He like me and I like him.  After he moved I always knew there was Kevin off of Gilbert and Broadway who liked me.  Little did I know I would later meet another Kevin who grew up off of Gilbert and Broadway who would become my husband.  Funny how things work out, isn't it?  

6) I remember one time when my brother was asked to mow the lawn in our backyard one summer day and he refused.  My mother and my brother argued most of the afternoon about it.  Well, I got tired of hearing them argue so I offered to do it.  I didn't mind mowing the lawn, in fact, it was kind of fun.  So, I went out back with our electric lawn mower.  While I was pulling the lawn mover near the fence, and not looking where I was going I got this feeling that I had better turn around.  The thought came to my mind that if I didn't turn around I might step on a snake.  Sure enough, as soon as I turned around there was a blue diamondback snake.  I took off running for the house as fast as I could.  Later the snake made it's way towards the house and right outside my bedroom window.  We lived on an Air Force Base near an empty field, so no wonder we had a snake or two in our yard, right?  I was so glad I listened to those promptings I received that day.  So glad!!!

Five things  I wish or wonder:

1) I wish I could buy us a home with wheelchair access to everything.

2) I wish I could buy us a new car and one for each of my kids too.
NEW CAR - Google Search

3) I wonder what I would do with money if I had it.  Would I help others with it or not?

4) I wonder if this winter is going to be a rough one since we are experiencing a light summer?

5) I wonder what's gonna happen this season on Scandal?
Image result for SCANDAL

Four things I like about having a dog:
Image result for black pointer dog

1) He makes me feel a little more secure in my home.

2) He is a good dog.  He isn't one of those dogs that jump up on people, bite people on the bum, or jump up on the table during dinner.  He knows better.  

3) That he can wait until we are up to go out in the mornings.  He usually goes out when I get up.  This morning it was a little later than usual and we didn't have any messes to clean up.  I love that!

4) He is just an sweet dog.  Great with our family and good with little kids.  

Three things I'm feeling right now and three things I'm not feeling right now:

1) Sore and sick.  My back is sore and I am getting the cold Lexi has.  Arg.

2) Like going to bed super early tonight.  I am ready.

3) A nice cool pillow for my head and one for my back too.

1) Like cooking dinner.  Thank goodness my family wasn't feeling it either.  

2) Like dressing up for work tomorrow. Thankfully, we don't have to.

3) Like cleaning today.  I just want to sleep and rest and that is what I am going to do.

Two things I want to make:

1) These key chains I've found.  I love them.

2) A table runner for my dining room table.  Nothing too crazy.  Just one for every day use. 

One thing that I'm seeing more clearly than ever 
before in my life through this experience:

1) We will truly be given strength to endure any burden we are asked to bear.  

From the Kitchen:


Quote of the Day:

Be careful to not get too caught up in taking care of business ❥ enjoy the journey... President Uchtdorf. Mormon apostle
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