Sunday, July 26, 2015

Things Can Change Quickly!

Two Things to be Grateful For:

1) Good long time friends that let me know just how much they care.  The other day I got an instant message from a high school buddy letting me know she was keeping our family in her prayers and said she wants to come down to Arizona to visit.  She said she would get a hotel and we could get together when I could.  The offer alone means everything to me.  She said she didn't want to be an added burden to me, but she did want to get together.  How awesome is that??!!!  Thank you LaNae C.!  

2) My Patriarchal Blessing. I haven't read it in a while.  I keep it in my scripture case, but lately when I go to church I haven't taken my scriptures with me.  I am grateful for the counsel given in that blessing and for having it in print to refer to anytime I need to remember the things promised to me in that blessing.  I should scan my blessing into my computer and email it to myself so I can access it anytime I want.  I don't want it as a snapshot on my phone, just in case the phone gets lost or something.  This way I will always have it at my fingertips.  

From the Camera:

If it's good enough for an Olympic athlete, then it's good enough for my husband.  Ha Ha!!!
Amy Van Dyken, the 6 time gold medalist Olympic swimmer, at Barrow Neurological Institute at St. Joseph Hospital in Phoenix after her June 2014 accident.  Kevin is going through the exact same kinds of therapy she went through using the same kinds of equipment and with the same extensive team of people she received.  I love that everyone gets the same kind of care there.  It doesn't matter if you are an Olympian or just a husband and father, they do whatever it takes for everyone there.  

From the Craft Room and Other Cool Things:
I like this idea.
I could use several of these all up the wall someplace, or in the closets to keep shoes off the floors.  
This would be an awesome idea for when Kevin comes home from the hospital.

From the Spirit and Heart:

Elder L. Tom Perry said, "The first principle of success is how to get along with people, how to motivate people. And the secret is never having a dull day. Always be on top of the world. Every day when you walk into the office, walk in like you're full of enthusiasm, spirit. Pat everyone on the back, try to make them feel good, and then be very sensitive to their needs and try to teach a feeling of warmth and encouragement to everyone."
From the Kitchen:

From the Schmidt's:

Today has been quite the day.  When we got to the hospital I could see it on Kevin's face.  He was in pain and something was not quite right.  His chin and lower lip was quivering and I could tell he was hurting.  His abdomen is tight, yet Kevin insisted nothing was wrong and he was just hurting.  They let Kevin go on a walk with us for a little while before they came in to give him his shower and do some other things.  Kevin doesn't want anyone around during that time.  So, we stayed for a little bit and then his nurse and the tech came in.  We said our good-byes and I promised to call Kevin later tonight.  

I just got off the phone with him.  He said he is running a fever and they have called the doctor.  His temperature is 101.  This is not good!  We are praying everything will work itself out and they won't have to do anything aggressive.  I would be lying if I said I wasn't worried.  I am.   We were told about the complications that come with someone who has a spinal cord injury.  I pray this is not one of those kinds of things and just something that will pass in the night.  As Kevin said, when they realized he was running a fever, a high fever, they called the doctor immediately.  He said, "they are on it, just like they are with everything."  So, I know he is in good hands.  That man!  I love him!

So, tonight is going to be a tough night.

It's now 2 a.m. and I still have not been able to get to sleep.  I'm worried.  I did some reading on a site for the Christopher Reeves Foundation.  They have some good information about people with all types of spinal cord injuries and how they rate them.  Kevin is considered to have an incomplete spinal cord injury.  The site went into detail about how certain areas of the spine control other functions in the body.  Then there is the classification of the injury.  This is something the doctor will give to Kevin and that will be included in his medical chart throughout his care.  Yes, we are incredibly blessed, but we still have a lot to deal with.  Lots of things to consider and lots of things to get ready for.  I am so glad Kevin was able to get into this Rehab Center!  I cannot say that enough.  They have gone above and beyond to do everything they can to make sure Kevin is ready to come home and be able to take care of himself, as well as us being able to help him along the way.  They are ordering a brand new wheelchair for him.  That should be here either just as he comes home, or will be delivered to our home.  Then there are all these programs the hospital is connected with too.  Just to give you some idea of how far these people go to help their patients....there is a patient in the room next to Kevin that really is in a bad way.  We do not know the situation, but it is bad.  The hospital staff has worked with one of their outreach programs and were able to get that patient a 60k wheelchair for free.  These are the kinds of things that all of these people do.  Kevin has an entire team of people pulling for his success while he is there, and when he leaves the facility.  I could not be more thrilled that he was able to go to this facility.  That was certainly an answer to my prayer and for that I am so grateful.

It's interesting to me when you know you will receive not only an answer to your prayer, but the answer that you want to receive too.  That is what happened when we were waiting to hear where Kevin would be able to go for Rehab.  I remember feeling the answer come to my prayer that day, and it was almost tangible when I received the answer.  I could almost reach out and touch it.  It came will such surety.  I knew before the doctor told Kevin that he would go to the Rehab Center at Barrow's.  My answer came quickly and without any kind of doubt whatsoever.  What a blessing it is to be able to pray and to know when I receive answers.  I don't know what I would do without that knowledge and blessing in my life, especially at times like these.  I know that I am NEVER alone.  I know that my Heavenly Father loves me enough to be a part of every detail of my life and to take an active part in helping me along the way.  I cannot deny that, nor would I ever try.  

I do not know why Kevin and I have the trials we have to go through in our life together.  I sometimes wish I knew why.  But then I think, I am better off not knowing.  Yes, these things can be very hard to go through, but I can say this....we are better people individually, and together as a couple and family for having gone through these things.  I see how these things have effected our children...sometimes for good, and sometimes not.  We have come to know who our true friends are, and who are not.  We have learned that some people we never dreamed we would become friends with have been our biggest advocates through all of this.  We have grown in ways we never dreamed of.  We have learned so much, and we are still learning.  We have learned to keep the important things in our lives, and to discard the things that really do not matter.  We have learned that we do not need to keep everyone around our family happy at the expense of our own health and wellness.  We have learned to let certain things go, and we have learned to cling ever so tightly to other things.  No we do not know why certain things have happened to us.  Some would say we have a huge black cloud hanging over us, but I think the cloud they are referring to is not really a cloud of doom, but a cloud of protection and covering.  I love the words spoke by the husband in that movie about the women with ALS I watched yesterday, when he mentioned that ALS has made their marriage stronger.  I too have seen this happen over the course of the past few years with Kevin and I.  We have grown closer and I love that!  Yes, we are dealing with something tragic.  Yes, we are having to deal with major adjustments in all of our lives.  Yes, there will be things Kevin will not be able to do again.  BUT, we are not going to dwell on those things.  Instead we are going to celebrate the things Kevin will be able to do from here on out.  In a sense, this spinal cord injury is a blessing in disguise because Kevin's back pain is less now.  Kevin is up and around a whole lot more than he ever was before.  Kevin may not ever have the use of his legs again, and may have to use a wheelchair for the rest of his life, but Kevin will not be down in bed all day long anymore, and that is a good thing!  We will have our father and husband back again.  

I am rambling again.  

It's now Sunday morning and I was up until 4 am, and of course I missed church again  Arg!  

Kevin called me at 7:30 am to tell me they did the ultrasound of his abdomen and found a slight UTI, but they are still waiting on the results of the ultrasound of his legs.  They won't let him up from bed until they get those results for fear that he has a blood clot.  They are also having him drink contrast so they can do a CT Scan too.  Then the doctor will come back in to tell us their plan of attack.  So, no therapy for Kevin until they find out what they are dealing with.  One things for sure, they do not mess around at that place.  The doctor was called in immediately once they discovered the fever and the doctor was there soon after.  

They just took Kevin down for the CT Scan, so we will know more soon.  I need to go.  Take care and we will talk soon.    

From the Missionary:

This is what happened back in May, and what Elder Schmidt's former Mission President's wife had to say about it.....

We were  blessed to have Elder Quentin Cook and his wife Mary here for a couple of days. Elder Cook was gracious enough to let us have an all mission conference with him. His sweet wife talked about music in your lives and had all the missionaries sing, "Help me Teach with Inspiration". She said, "You are a problem solver, solve the situation first, then ask the Lord for confirmation. Look to the hymns for comfort and peace and you are never alone."
Elder Cook spoke about being a successful missionary. He said, "Spiritual experiences happen in your life not to just bless you, but to bless the lives of others.". Then he left an apostolic blessing on our mission. He blessed our missionaries to be uplifted through hard times. He said, "NYC can be a demanding place, I bless you to not feel guilty, don't feel rejected, you will understand what needs to be done. How you are serving isn't just for you, it is for your family. Your family now and your future family. Everyone who is dear to you will be blessed from your service". He closed by bearing his testimony of the Savior. He said, "I know my Savior, Jesus Christ, I know what he looks like and I know his voice!" We have had some very special experiences in the NYNYN, and this day will forever remain in our memories of a time when an Apostle of the Lord bore a very personal testimony of Jesus Christ.

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