Friday, July 10, 2015

Holy Cow Batman!

A few snip-it's of yesterday.....

Here goes.

Usually when I am at work I spend my lunch time downstairs sitting in one of the comfy chairs in the lounge area while I either make a few phone calls, surf the Internet to read scriptures, conference talks, text Kevin or one of my kids, or write some of my blog posts.

Yesterday when I was coming downstairs in a hurry to get to my favorite spot I ran into a coworker that I've known for a while now, and we chit chat from time to time about all kinds of things, mostly work related.  

I was wearing a maxi dress that I absolutely love.  It's got a really pretty geometric pattern in pinks, black, grey, and white.  It doesn't really have sleeves that will cover my garments so I always wear a black little jacket over it so as to cover up my arms, and I sometimes wear a big black belt with it too.  Before I hurt my knee  I would wear my favorite black wedge shoes with it too, but now I wear sandals with it because they are flat and low to the ground.   I've had several compliments about how pretty the dress is over the course of several months now.  I wear it because it's super comfortable and I just love it.  

When I ran into my friend coming around the corner downstairs in a hurry she had this sour look on her face and her nose was all turned up, and she stopped me to say, "Interesting dress you have on there, but it's not doing a thing for you!"
She said it so matter-of-factly, and without missing a beat, and was off around the corner I had just come from leaving me to think about what had just happened. 
Needless to say, I was taken aback a little by my friends comment.
When I got to my favorite spot, I called Kevin and told him what had just happened. 
He of course, in my defense, told me I should have made a comment back about what she was wearing. 
I would never do that.  That's just not how I role.
BUT, I did want to tell my friend that I did not purchase
that dress to have it "do" something for me.
I am a 48 year old women and I could never put that 
much pressure on a poor old dress because let's face it,
that dress would have had to come with whole lot more bells and whistles to be able to "do" all that I would need it to do.
AND besides, when I put that dress on that day I was only thinking about my poor knee and the hot weather.  Comfort was my main concern that morning.  AND, I never expect my clothing to "do" something for me.  I expect it to wear well and yes, sometimes make me look nice.  But for the most part doing something is not even a thought when I make my purchases.  Trust me, it's not!

After lunch we had a team meeting and so I brought
up what my friend had said to me because some of the members of my team have made comments about how nice my dress looks and how nice I look in it.  

Everyone had a good laugh and then the rest of team proceeded to share some of the things this so called friend said to them about their appearance.  

One got that she looked like a chicken.

Another got, don't lose too much weight because if you do you will just look old.

I guess this friend just doesn't have a filter.
She just says whatever comes to mind.
WOW!  Needless to say, those who do not know
this friend went back to their desks to look her up.
Even my director commented about it to me this morning.
We all had a big laugh about this person and her mouth.

Thankfully, I am not the only one who has experienced my friend Liz before.  You just gotta love her.  ~smile~smile~
This is the dress I wore.  
This is a shorter version of the dress in blue...
Just to give you a better idea of the vibrant colors on the dress...

This has been an interesting day.

Kevin has been scheduled for surgery on Monday morning.
He goes in first thing in the morning.
Thankfully I was able to get that day off, and Danielle has the day off too.  Danielle has become my surgery waiting room buddy.  She has been there for the last 3 or 4 surgeries.  My other kids have been there, but Danielle has been there more.
Kevin has to get his pre-op testing done tomorrow too.
So, Kyle will be taking me to work again for the 4th time this week.
Poor kid.  Kevin can't drive right now, so it's a good thing Kyle can be there for his dad.

I've mentioned before that Kyle has been testing with every several police department across the greater Phoenix area lately, right?  Well, he got a call back on his latest one for the interview portion and he is thrilled!  He will continue to test with the other three departments as those come up.  He is bound and determined to become a police officer.  As some of you know, Kyle got to know his mission president and his wife a little more than say the average missionary would because he was an office elder when he served his mission.  Now they are friends on Facebook and they talk from time to time too.  So, when Kyle told his mission president that he was testing to become a police officer his mission president said, "Kyle, you would make a great cop!"
See, we as Kyle's parents are not the only ones that see this in him.
Other people do to and we all agree.  Kyle would make a great cop.  Now he just needs to get it done.

We got another call from my phone stalker.  When I first got the number I got this ridiculous text with photos and everything.  When I told him to stop texting, he asked me if my name was Tracy.  Of course, I was shocked and Kevin and I laughed about it.

Well, off and on I have received other calls from other people asking for Tracy.  So, whoever had the number before me was quite the busy girl.  Needless to say, I understand getting a wrong number, but when people start calling us in the middle of the night and swearing, when I tell them to stop.  OR when Kevin tells them to stop.  That's not right. Some people's kids!

Lexi has a busy day tomorrow.
She is taking summer school classes and she has a big project due tomorrow and an online virtual class session to attend first thing in the morning.  The teacher has pretty much guaranteed that she will get a 100% on the project if she attends the virtual session.  So, Lexi wants to be up bright and early to be ready to get that done.

I have to say, I am so glad tomorrow is Friday!
Today was a crazy day.  Busy.
I had a doctor's appointment scheduled for this afternoon that I have been waiting 3 months to get to.
With everything that is going on with Kevin I decided to put it off for another couple weeks.
I want things to calm down with him before I go see my cardiologist again.  I am trying to get off of the medication they have me on.  Going in their office right now, with all the stress and things I am certain that my blood pressure is not as low as it should be right now.  So, going in there to try to convince them to take me off the medication is never going to work.  I have no trouble waiting.  So, I wait.  ~smile~smile~

Kevin does not want Curtis to know about his surgery.  So, if anyone happens to talk to Curtis, please do not spill it.  Curtis needs to focus on missionary work right now and not be distracted by the happenings here at home.  That is where the Lord wants him to be focusing his attention, so that is where we want him focusing his attention.  Thank you for your understanding.

Well, this has been a wild week and a wild day.  
I wanted to share a couple fun photos of Kevin, but since it's so late and I really should be asleep right now, I will save them for later.

Take care my friends. Talk to you soon.
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