Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Catch Up Time...

Is there a full moon today?  

Holy Cow today has been wild!
Work was out of control for several reasons........

They have us paired up with another member of the team so we can back each other up whenever one of us is out of the office.  This week my back-up is out all week, so that means on top of everything I do, I also have to do my back-ups work too.  I'm usually slammed with work on a regular basis, so while my back up is out I am barely treading water just trying to keep up with all the work.

  On top of all of this, they are moving around some of the functions other groups handle that we deal with on a regular basis, and that means a lot of extra hand holding, growing pains, or whatever you want to call it for everyone on my team.  In a nutshell, more work, frustration, escalations, discussions, hair-pulling, for everyone, and it's only summer.  I can only imagine how the end of the year is going to be and I hate even thinking about it all. 

Then on top of all of this, everyone we would escalate issues to are new to our process, with the exception of our supervisor, thank goodness!  So, we spend a lot of time just explaining how things need to be before we can get to the matter at hand sometimes.

Then crazy Sondra agreed to take on a very large relationship on top of all the other relationships she handles already.  I couldn't exactly turn it down, could I?
I had a conference call with their VP of Operations in the morning, then an extra meeting in the afternoon, all on top of everything I was already doing.  So, with all of these factors I'm sure to have a nervous breakdown by the time Christmas comes around this year.  LOL!  No wonder my old manager said, "Good luck!" to me as she left the building on her last day with the company.  Arg!

   That being said, today was wild.  Everyone on my team was saying the same thing.  We had questions and issues coming out of the woodwork that were totally bizarre and not our norm by any means.  One girl joking said she was going to leave the building so she could go drink her lunch.  She was kidding of course, but it was that kind of day.  Out of control!  No joke!

One of my client's that I talk to pretty regularly left me a voicemail message pretty much stating the same things.  Her message to me was, "Sondra, I need your help!  These transfers are about to kill me!  Please call me back and save me from jumping out of the window of my building."  Of course, I immediately called her, and we had a good laugh and a long conversation about the issues she was facing, and we got things under control.  No jumping out of the window that day!  See, I literally save lives every single day.  LOL! This client is a hoot to talk to!  She makes me laugh and she knew that message would do just that, while emphasizing that she was at wits end.   She is very clever, that one!  I'm just glad everyone is feeling something, and not just me.  

With all that was going on with work, I keep my cellphone right by me just in case Kevin or the kids call or text.  Around 8 a.m. I got a call from Kevin telling me he had gone through the shorts, the two pairs of sweats, three pairs of garments, and the extra garments, everything, since I left him last night around 8:30 p.m.  He was calling to tell me he needed clean clothing.  I couldn't leave work, so after work I ran home and collected all the clean clothing I washed for him last night and ran back up to Phoenix to drop it all off, and to pick up all the others.  They put Kevin in some temporaries until I got there.  Now they have a washer and dryer up there for him to use, but under the circumstances, he just needed to stay put.  There's no way I'm going to make him run around to do laundry at a time like that.  Poor guy!  Besides, the washer and drying is pretty far away from his room.

On top of all of this, Lexi has been sick for the past two days with some kind of stomach bug and she has been in bed the whole time.  Hopefully I do not get it!  I can't call out and I can't go in sick like that.  So, please, do not let me get it!  That would not be good, not now!  
Kevin got a call from our Bishop the other day just checking in on him.  I am so glad our Bishop knows some of what Kevin is going through.  It really helped Kevin to talk to the Bishop for a bit.  I guess during the conversation Kevin had with the Bishop it came up that the Mission President needed to know the situation even though I already informed Curtis.  So, today I made a phone call to President Smith to make him aware.  He actually gave out his cell phone number to all the parents.  I think he might grow to regret that as the time goes on.  Some parents might put that number on their speed dial and call for anything and everything.  Yikes! ~smile~smile~

The Mission President was awesome.  He already knew the situation after talking to Curtis this week.  I guess they had their usual one-on-one's with the President this week.  The Mission President said we had an awesome son, and he is excited to work with him and that we should be proud of Curtis for the fine young man he is.  Of course, I told the Mission President that we are very proud of Curtis.  He then mentioned that Curtis also has a good companion too, and I was happy to hear that also.  He said he would love Curtis like his own son, and would make sure all is well.  He asked about the situation with Kevin and wanted to know all the details, so I gave him the quick version of things, because I didn't want to be crying like a baby to this Mission President that I didn't even know.  What kind of impression is that?  LOL!  It was hard enough to get through the condensed version without choking up.  It was all I could do to say the words paralyzed from the waste down, incomplete spinal cord injury, or paraplegic anyway.  Thankfully that conversation was quick and he was already aware and he made sure that I knew Curtis would be well taken care of.  I knew he would be.  I never doubted that for a minute.  

I made the call in the car on my way to the hospital.  After I got off the phone with the Mission President I just lost it and I cried driving down the US 60, in rush hour traffic.  Not exactly the ideal place to let it all out, but it worked.  I kept thinking about the things we are dealing with.  More importantly, the things Kevin is dealing with, and the fact that I will have to learn how to do certain things for my husband.  Honestly, it's too much.  I don't know if I can do that.  Really.  I am being completely serious.  I don't think I can do it.  We will see when the time comes, but right now it's more than I can handle and I think I have been able to handle quite a bit, don't you think??  Needless to say, I spent most of the drive pleading with my Heavenly Father.  Letting him know this is where I may need to draw the line and He may need to find another way, or something, because I just can't do that to my husband.  I just can't!  Give me some time, I may get over my fear, at least that was part of my me to be able to do this and to be strong.    Thankfully, I gained my composure by the time I hit the accident on US 60 and HWY 143 and ultimately, by the time I made it to Barrow's.  All traces of tears were gone.

Tonight, it's just Lexi and I.  Kyle is out with his girlfriend.  Tomorrow he has a big day a head of him.  His second interview is tomorrow.  Since Kyle is with his girlfriend and Lexi is sick, dinner was super easy tonight.  Kyle is eating with Morgan, and all Lexi wanted was a grilled cheese sandwich.  So, we whipped one up for her and took it to her bedside.  It seemed to stay down.  Hopefully that is a good sign she is on the mend.  

I should go.  I thought this would be a quick thing...apparently not!

This photo made me laugh, and I thought I would share....

I would never say my job sucks!  I love my job.  There are just some days you feel like you are up to your eyeballs in a whole lot of things you would rather not be waste up in, with an audience, no less.  I hate it when that happens!!!  Get my reference there?  Funny, right!!!!  Yeah, I made you laugh just like this photo made me laugh too.  

Take care and we will talk again soon.

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