Sunday, July 19, 2015

And it's Sunday

Two Things I am Grateful For:

1) The rain!  I wish it would rain more.  I love it!

2) Priesthood blessings and the gospel in my life.

From the Camera:

I'm looking forward to seeing this girlie later today.  That is, if we don't miss her while we are away at the hospital visiting Kevin.  

From the Craft Room and Other Things:

Guess who will be doing this??  That's right!  ME!  Lexi has a ton of tank tops, Cami's and undershirts and this would make things a lot less complicated in her closet.  Love it!  

From the Kitchen:
From the Spirit and Heart:

I was recently asked what Mormon's believe.  In talking to my friend, it made me think about those beliefs and how grateful I am to a modern day prophet who took the time to compile this short list.  I thought I would share....

From the Schmidt's:

Lexi and I had planned on going to church today, but when I went to wake her up she was not good.  She is sick.  It's her head which is causing her stomach problems.  Migraines are no fun!  So, our plans have changed.  Looks like Lexi will be spending her day in a cool, quiet, dark room today.  I hate it when she has one of these because there isn't much I can do to help relieve the pain she is in.  Talk about frustrating. 

 I was hoping to get to church to be able to find someone to give me a blessing.  It's time I got one.  Some days I may look strong on the outside, but that is not always the case.  I could use a little extra help and guidance for this one, and the only place I will find that is from my Heavenly Father.  I'm sure eventually I will be able to get a Priesthood blessing, but today does not look like that is going to happen.  I just need to be patient a little longer.  

Yesterday Kyle made the trip to Flagstaff to compete.  As some of you know, he has been doing Olympic Style Weight Lifting since he returned from his mission, well, since before his mission too.  His coach is the USA Olympic Coach too.  He is a cool guy.  Very down to earth and friendly, and he has a cute family too.  Well, back to Kyle.  Yesterday was Kyle's last chance to qualify for Nationals.  Well, he did it and in a few months will be off to Ogden, Utah to compete in the Collegiate National Olympic Weight Lifting Competition!  Go Kyle!!!  We are excited for him.  
Kyle posted this photo.  Kyle is standing right next to his coach.

Kevin text me a few minutes ago and said the surgeon was in to see him this morning and was not happy that they did not get him up yesterday for physical therapy.  The doctor said he wanted to make sure that I look at improving by the week and not day by day.  He said if you look at the day to day improvements you'll get frustrated because of fatigue from the day before.  Still no update on a moving day.  The internal medicine doctor still had not been in to see him.  They usually come in one right after the other.  

I've got some things to do around the house to get things ready for Kevin to come home.  Things like moving some furniture.  I'm going to have to rearrange the bedroom to make room for Kevin.  Right now he couldn't get to his side of the bed if he wanted to.  When we first moved the bed to the spot it's in Kevin liked being closer to the wall on his side. With him coming home and having to use a wheelchair, he couldn't fit a wheelchair right next to the bed.  So that will need to change.  That isn't such a big deal to move, but some of the other things will be, and I will need Kyle's help to make that happen.  Right now Kevin couldn't go through the entire hallway in a wheelchair if he wanted to.  We keep a big shoe bin and a bench in the hallway and that will have to find a new home.   My living room will have to be moved around to make it easier for Kevin to navigate around too.  My big coffee table may need to be moved.  The only other room that will need changing is the extra room in the back.  Right now Kevin couldn't move in and out of that with a wheelchair. So, if he had to let the dog out, he wouldn't be able to.  Thank goodness the house is nice and open for the most part.  I also plan to make our bathroom pretty much just for Kevin.  He is going to come home with some things that will need to be in place pretty much most of the time.  Thank goodness that bathroom is nice and big, with plenty of room for a wheelchair and anything else he needs in there.  That makes it nice.  All in all, we are very fortunate to not have too much to change around.  

As I mentioned earlier, Kevin did not get therapy yesterday.  I waited around all day for that happen before I went up to see him.  The therapy sessions last for about an hour each, and right now he is getting two a day.  When he finally gets to the Rehab Center, he will have 4 a day, plus classes he will need to attend twice a week.  So, he will be busy.  The doctor said things would finish up each night around 8 p.m. and once in a while even later than that.  So, by the time Kevin is back to his room and ready for bed, he will be tired out.  So, I'm wondering if there are certain times he will be able to have visitors or something?? Kevin wants to see the kids and I, but realistically I'm not sure that will happen daily, with his schedule.  I'm sure we will figure this out.  

I think Danielle will be stopping by later today.  She wants her car back.  Thank goodness she let me use it!  I didn't go far in it, but it was nice to have it here just in case something came up with Kevin.  She will be here later today to pick it up and maybe at that time the kids and I will go see their Dad.  That is, if Lexi is better.  If she still isn't feeling well, one of us will need to stay home with her.  I never like to leave her home alone when she has a migraine.  

Danielle will be by later to pick up her car.  She let me borrow it yesterday when we thought Kevin might be moving to a Rehab Center.  I wanted to be able to get to him quickly to help with the move.  Basically to make sure they didn't miss any of his personal belongings.  Thankfully, I did not have to drive to Phoenix for that reason.  Her car doesn't have air conditioning right now so it's super hot, especially with the way the weather was yesterday.  Believe me, I was grateful for the offer!  Thank you Danielle.  

We are hoping to see Danielle later today.  I'm not sure if she is planning on going with us to see Kevin or not, but we will check before we leave.  She is at church right now.  

Well, I've got things to do.  Take care and we will talk soon.
From the Missionary:

Last round of interviews/selfies with President Morgan before he leaves.....  there's Curtis, still smiling!!!  

Here is President and Sister Morgan one more time before they leave the big apple!  

Quote of the Day:
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