Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Ta Ta Ta, Tuesday!

Two Things I am Grateful For:

1)  New friends!  (And old ones too).

2)  The little things that happen in any given day, to brighten my day.  

Goals for the Day:

1) Get through this busy work day.
2) Run to pick up vinyl
3) Get gas 
4) Run to the grocery store.  I need dog food and a box to hang on the wall for Danielle's mail.  Why didn't I think about that earlier?
5) Dinner 
6) Write this blog post
7) General pick up around the house
8) Laundry
9) Get things ready for work tomorrow
10) Shock the pool and remember to turn on the pool pump timer.

From the Camera:
~Random Photos~

Look!  I finally put up the photo of Curtis on my wall.
If you recall, I take a photo of each of my children the day they go through the temple for themselves and hang the photo and their pink card on my wall next to the black and white photo of the temple.  The fact that the temple is in black and white is symbolic, since you really get the whole picture when it comes to the temple until you are able to go through for yourself and return again and again.  Then the photo of each of my children in color is also symbolic of when my children are able to get the whole picture, so to speak.  The idea came from my husband and his brothers.  It was his oldest brother's idea to give his parents something big that didn't cost a lot of money.  Their gift to their parents was that they promised to go through the temple, go on missions, and get married in the temple someday.  Their gift was given to their parents when they were young.  They presented a photo of the temple to their parents with little photos of themselves attached to the canvas of that photo.  Then as each one went through the temple for the first time, that date was written in just above each photo.  That picture of the temple and of the three boys still hangs in my mother-in-laws home today.  I loved that gift that they gave to their parents, and wanted to do something similar.  Of course, the gift given to my in-laws was far more meaningful, but you get the idea and it's fun for my kids to see their special day remembered on our wall too.

This next photo is of the vinyl I picked up today from a new friend.  (I've made several new friends over the course of the last few weeks.)  I had it made for my hall bathroom.  I told my friend I wanted everyone to know exactly where my bathroom was.  These little people are 10 inches tall.  You can't miss them as you go down my hallway.  ~smile~smile~

This is another photo of the bridal bouquet I did for a friend in my ward.  She got married last Friday.  Her colors were pale peach and three shades of blue.  I tried to get some kind of blue fresh flowers from the wholesale flower shop, but nothing was available.  The bride had picked out some silk flowers to be used for the centerpieces and as accents for some of the bridal party flowers, but I didn't like them in her bouquet.  So, I went searching myself and found these paper blue flowers at a craft store.  They were a perfect match to the color swatches of the three shades of blue the bride gave me.  Score!  I even put a few of the blue flowers in the grooms boutonniere and the mother's corsages too.  

This is the groom's boutonniere.  I wrapped the boutonniere in burlap and lace.  It turned out so cool.

These are the little blue paper flowers I found.  I bought two packages.  Aren't they cool?  They didn't have stems of any kind, so I wired each one separately myself. 

I wish I would have got photos of the reception.  It turned out so nice.  There were about three bouquets of flowers on each guest table and all around the food tables too.  Then we had flowers on the guest sign-in, in a planter on the wall, in the drawers of an antique dresser and an old trunk we used to display the brides three white dresses.  Then we had mason jars all over filled with babies breath.  There were huge mason jars with lights in all of them lining the entrance to the reception.  There were headboards re-purposed as chalkboards, old stair railings used as decoration, and old doors.  We used old cabinet drawers to serve food out of, and there were huge black and white photos hung all around the room of the bride and groom.  Those photos must have been about 3 feet by 4 feet tall each.  Then of course there was burlap, lace, buttons, shotgun shells, and lights everywhere.  The way they hung the drop ceiling in the cultural hall was awesome!  They used LED lights so you could plug all the lights in to one another and only use one outlet.  Then they bunched the lights in the middle of the room and it looked like stars.  The brides three while dresses were displayed on the stage with a spotlight.  The guest sign-in was an old antique desk the bride owned.  We used a bench for gifts, and there was finger foods, cupcakes instead of cake, and a DJ so everyone could dance all night long.  It was a nice reception.  Everything turned out really nice.  I'm glad the bride and the groom loved everything.  That's all that matters.  They were happy.

From the Heart:

In keeping with our theme, here is another idea..

Is your schedule jam-packed with school, work, family, friends, chores, homework, sports, piano practice...you name it? Well, why not make a little time for just being silly? Let loose a little and enjoy life again!
Ways you can do this:
  • Make your friends laugh 
  • In the car, throw on a fun CD and sing at the top of your lungs.
  • Skip down the sidewalk instead of walk
  • Tickle your siblings or parents
  • If you find something funny, laugh! Don't ignore it because you are in a rush to get somewhere.
  • Tell a knock-knock joke
  • Watch a silly movie
  • Have a two-minute dance party in your office. Invite your co-workers to join you.


Laughter--often the result of being silly--is known to help us reduce stress and feel better. Laughter actually helps reduce the levels of stress hormones and increase the level of health-enhancing hormones. Laughter connects you with your friends, and even sometimes with strangers! It helps you  build community. Being silly can offer a welcome distraction from the craziness of life. So just let it out, and laugh!

Step It Up:

Love being silly? Do one thing everyday! Challenge yourself and see how many people you can make laugh in a day!

Keep It Simple:

Are you a planner? Invite a couple of friends to a game night once a month.

From the Kitchen:

From the Spirit:

From the Schmidt's:

Today started out weird. 
There were accidents all over the freeway.
Then when I got to work it wasn't what I call busy, just steady and it seemed like every time I tried to finish something a new call would come in with a whole new set of issues.  That doesn't usually happen every day.  Then through it all, out of the blue, someone came up and asked me if I still did wedding flowers.  When I told her that I did, she immediately asked me to come with her because I needed to meet someone.  I was introduced to someone who is getting married in January.  They are doing a destination wedding in Greece.  BUT, she didn't need someone to do her flowers because her flowers are part of a package deal she received for her destination wedding.  Instead, she wanted help with the reception here in Phoenix and she is also starting a business too.  She makes these cool head pieces that are very detailed with crystals and all kinds of beads.  They are beautiful.  She had friends that have bakeries in the area, and she was wanting to get together to do a photo shoot at the bakery with a model wearing her head piece and holding one of my bouquets.  How cool is that???  She said she is a photographer and use to have her own business shooting weddings and things, but had to stop because she was spending too much time on the weekends and at night editing photos.  She took my card and said she would get with me when she was ready to do the photo shoot so we could plan a time to get together.  How cool is that?  She said she was going to use the photos for advertising and marketing.  I love it!  

Then, I found a gal that does vinyl for super cheap today too.
In fact, that's where I got my vinyl bathroom sign.  She charged me $5.00 for my 10 inch little people.  I couldn't believe it.  I showed her a sign I wanted to have made that was very detailed and would end up being 2 feet tall by 2 feet wide.  She said she would only charge me $15-$20 for the sign.  I couldn't believe it!  So, I plan to use her for future pieces I may need for any wedding coming up.  Her prices are super cheap.  She said she got a vinyl machine for Christmas.  Wouldn't I just LOVE one of those.  I have a Cricut machine, but of the things I could do with an actual vinyl machine.  One that could do things in-the-round!  That would be awesome!  
Anyway, I was thrilled to find her!  She lives in Gilbert, but I don't mind the drive for her prices.  Now to find a way to afford a vinyl machine and a florist refrigerator.  Those are the things on my wish list.  I know.  I need to get a life.  LOL!

We have a new person on our team at work.  She has been with the company for about a year less than I have.  (It will be 10 years for me in November) She sits right next to me and we have had some fun conversations over the past few days.  She likes a lot of the same things I do.  We watch some of the same shows on T.V., and I am very glad she is on the team.  She is a sweetie.'

Kevin had a doctor's appointment yesterday.  I was wrong, he has his pre-op testing at the end of this week.  Then surgery is next week.  Yikes!  The surgery will be done at Barrow's in Phoenix.  That is the hospital that did the clinical trials for the nerve stimulator Kevin will have implanted in his back next week.  They are going to keep him overnight, at least.  I took a few days off work just to make sure he is a-okay.  One he heals from the initial surgery, he will go back to the surgeon to have the stimulator turned on and adjusted for him.  Then we work to get him off of most of the pain medication.  That is going to take some time.  As the pain specialist said, this is just the beginning.  That man is awesome!  I am so glad we found him.  He has been amazing!  Kevin likes him because he doesn't sugar coat anything and gives it to him straight.  Once in a while he even quotes Star Wars and he travels around the world to patch up those people crazy enough to actually act out the medieval games.  He said the last time he went, he ran out of sutures the first day.  He said he has seen people with their heads split clean open after getting clobbered, arms, legs, and ribs broken.  It calls it fun times!  He is nuts.  BUT, he treats Kevin well and has gone out of his way to get him what he needs.  He doesn't mess around either.  He tests each patient every time they come in.  The last time Kevin went in they hesitated in giving him his last prescription because they found morphine in his system.  Come to find out, they forgot all about the placement of the trial nerve stimulator.  They used it as a pain killer for the surgery.  They said that was odd, since Kevin has NEVER had any issues in the past, he was always right exactly where he should be.  So, once that was cleared up, all was well.  

I had a bad cold the week before last.  Then the stomach flu recently.  Kevin is doing the same thing too....he is about a week behind me in all of this.  He needs to get better before his surgery next week.  We all need to remain healthy.  Kevin asked Kyle and Chance to give him a blessing before his surgery.  It will be good for  Kyle and Chance needs the experience.  He was just ordained an Elder.  

Well, I still need to do a few things before I head off to bed.  Take care my friends and I hope you have a wonderful week.  No, I'm not saying I won't be back tomorrow.  I never know.  Time will tell.  Talk to you soon.  

From the Missionary:

Nothing from our missionary today.  Later in the week, I promise.

Quote of the Day:

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