Sunday, June 14, 2015

It's FLAG Day!!!

Two Things I am Grateful For:

1) This great nation and for living in this free land!  What a blessing that is.

2) A good nights sleep that helped the swelling around my knee go down.  I guess the cortisone shot isn't a quick fix.  I still need to be super careful.  No surgery for this girl!

Goals for the Day:

Since I totally slept through church....
1) Get some things done around the house, laundry and general pick up.
2) Check my emails.  I just don't do that enough and I miss things.
3) Get things ready for work tomorrow
4) Rest my knee a bit.
Not too much planned for today, thank goodness.

From the Camera:
From the Heart:

In keeping with out theme, acts of kindness, here is another idea. 
This one I love!  I think this idea would be fun for Cub Scouts or Boy Scouts to do.  They could make them dinner and maybe spend some time with the Firefighters.  Just a thought, read on.....

Firefighters risk their own health and lives every time they respond to a fire. Those who regularly risk their own lives for others' safety deserve our thanks. Thanking firefighters can be as simple as taking a dinner to your local fire station. Because fires can happen at any time, day or night, there are firefighters on duty 24 hours a day. Let them know you appreciate how they keep your community safe and bring them a homemade dinner.


The majority of firefighters are actually volunteers and they are not paid for their work. They are offering their time and resources to help protect your community. By thanking them you are letting them know their sacrifices are much appreciated.

Step It Up:

Make this a weekly occurrence. One night a week bring a meal to your local fire station. Stay for a little while and get to know the people there.

Keep It Simple:

Send a letter to your local fire station letting them know how much you appreciate the work they do to help keep your community safe. If you have some money to spare, get them a gift card to a local take-out dinner place.
From the Kitchen:

From the Spirit:

From the Schmidt's:
Yesterday came and went by so quickly, I am still trying to recover.
I woke up yesterday around 8 a.m. and began finishing all of the flowers for the reception.  I had 8 boutonnieres, 5 corsages, and 4 bridesmaid bouquets to get done.  Once those were done I had to head to the west side of Mesa to help decorate at the reception too.  I was late getting there because it took me longer then  I thought to finish all the other flowers. I spent 5 hours down at the church helping to decorate.  Everything turned out great and I was home by 5:20.  I quickly feed my family before Kyle had to leave.  He was off to the Aerosmith concert last night with his girlfriend.  Apparently she got free tickets....well, it only cost her $11.00 for four tickets.  I guess this is one of the benefits she receives through some ticket site for being in the military.  Not bad, right?  Because I know those tickets had to be expensive.  
After Kyle left, Lexi starting complaining that she was bored and wanted to do something, so we went out to wander through Walmart.  We are on a search for things for her room.  I made her promise to go with me to help clean up at the reception if we went shopping.  So, we wandered the store, but didn't find what we were looking for.  She saw a comforter at another Walmart she absolutely loved for her room.  She wants black sheets with a gray comforter.  Should I be worried?.....No color???  When I asked her about her color choices she said she planned to add color in a throw rug and pillows.  She has this furry blue throw rug and we can find all kinds of pillows to go with that.  
This is the comforter she found....

I think it's very pretty.  I'm anxious to get her room in order.
I had planned to do it while she was aware at girls camp, but thought better of the idea.  She needs to be a part of this in order for her to LOVE her room.  So, it looks like we will be doing this piece by piece, a little here and a little there.  Sometimes those kind of rooms turn out the best.  I'm excited.

Lexi and I left the reception at 9:35 last night.  Pretty good considering.  When I finally got home and sat down I could not find a spot to get comfortable in.  My knee was killing me and had swelled up too.  So, I rubbed on some deep blue and took one of my pills too.  Kevin ended up taking care of me last night.  That man, never ceases to amaze me.  Her I was complaining that my knee was bothering me, and he has been in bed with a broken back gritting his teeth in pain for several days.  He loves me.  ~smile~smile~

Today I woke up at noon.  I guess I needed all of that sleep after yesterday and the days before.  I only cheated on my diet a little too.  I thought for sure this weekend would throw me completely off, but I managed to maintain my will power.  I had lunch bought for me yesterday.  It was a sandwich and a big bag of chips and a huge diet Dr. Pepper.  I drank the Dr. Pepper and saved my sandwich and chips.  I ended up given them to my kids.  I can't eat the chips or the bread.  At 5 p.m. when I got home is when I cheated on my diet.  Kyle was hungry and he was in a hurry to leave, so we got Taco Bell.  Not exactly my favorite fast food, but it worked.  I got a burrito and ate the whole thing.  Tortillas are a no no too.  Needless to say I am down a total of  42 pounds now!  Woot! Woot!  I could hardly believe it when I stepped on the scale this morning!  My kids see it and comment almost every day about it.  Pretty soon nothing is going to fit and I'm gonna be forced to buy something new just so I don't lose my pants out in public or something.  LOL!  (believe me, it would happen to me.  If it's embarrassing it will eventually happen to me.)

Well, I have lots to do today.  My house looks like a cyclone hit it, but hopefully not for much longer.  Happy Flag Day!  Hope you all have a wonderful day. Talk to you soon.

From the Missionary:

Nothing from our Missionary today.

Quote of the Day:

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