Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Hump Day!

Two Things I am Grateful For:

1)  The way I feel now that I have lost a few pounds!  Love it!  (Keep up the good work Sondra!)

2)  My husband.  He is awesome!

Goals for the Day:

1) Dinner
2) Projects.  Wedding stuff....NOT for my children, for a friend.
3) Paint my bench
4) paint my headboard!!
5) Work on Lexi's bedroom redo.  

From the Camera:

Just a few of my recent finds on Facebook this week.....
My little trunks.  Aren't they cute?

My Cabinet doors.  I'm not sure what I am going to do with these yet, but I'll figure something out, I'm sure.

My Queen size foot board.  I wanted to make stanchions out of the ends, but Danielle suggested that we leave it the way it is right now until we decide for sure.    

So, after Kyle took it out of my car I put it here.  It fits perfectly right here and it almost looks like it belongs there, doesn't it?  Kevin hasn't looked out the front door yet.  I can hear him now saying, "What the heck?"

The bedroom set came with a step stool, and I picked that up too.  The lady I bought this from happens to be a member of my church.  She isn't in my ward, but she is related to people in my ward.  In fact, her Nephew was due to come home from his mission and all the family was in town, (As it turns out, the missionary missed his flight so he won't be home until tomorrow.  I hope he won't be sleeping in the airport.  Poor missionary.) even a Grandmother under hospice care who is the sister of this Uncle in our ward.  This lady wanted to get a hold of her Uncle so he could visit with his sister while she was down since she is so ill.  So, naturally I called this family.  I know that this lady most likely would call too, but she was dealing with sick Grandparents, a special needs son, and trying to get things don around her home.  I know long story, isn't it.  It's funny what a small world we live in.  
I think this step stool will find it's way into Lexi's room or my closet so we can reach the top shelves.  It's super sturdy and everything was super cheap too. 

From the Heart:

Today, pick out a local charity and make a donation to them. Even a small amount will make a difference. If you can, volunteer your time to help them with whatever they need. Better still, sign up as a steady volunteer where you help them each month. You'll feel great knowing you've helped them with their work and they will really appreciate your time and money.

From the Kitchen:

I'm sharing this recipe just because I am craving these, but can't have them on this diet.  We know them better as Mormon Funeral Potatoes.  Take a look.....

From the Spirit:

“Just as order gave life and beauty to the earth when it was dark and void, so it does to us. Obedience helps us develop the full potential Heavenly Father desires for us in becoming celestial beings worthy some day to live in His presence.”
–James E. Faust, “Obedience: The Path to Freedom”, May 1999 Ensign

From the Schmidt's:

Today was a super busy day at work.  All of us were feeling it at the end of the day.  It was crazy!  Anyway, tomorrow is another day.

I have been busy with some projects for a wedding reception I am helping with for a friend.  I will also be doing some of the wedding flowers too.  The bridal bouquet in fresh flowers, which will be awesome!  I reached out to the wholesale florist I deal with and they are on the lookout for the colors we need.  I expect a phone call back from them in a day or two.  I'll be picking the flowers up soon.  It will be fun to go pick up the flowers and walk around their place again.  I haven't been there in a while.  When I worked as a florist this wholesaler put on a huge event around Christmas time every year.  We would go as staff of the flower shop and see all the new techniques, styles, and tools of the trade.  It was so much fun.  
I miss that kind of stuff about working at a flower shop, but NOT the hours.  The holidays were always big flower days and you never got the chance to really enjoy them because you were working 24/7 through Valentine's, Easter, Mother's Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.  It was rough.  Especially if you needed time off during those seasons.  I remember working all day and through the wee hours of the night and early morning for a lot of these holidays.  Not exactly good for your family life, know what I mean??  

Well, Lexi is off at Girls Camp right now.  Kevin gave her a blessing before she left, so I know she will have a great time.  I have fond memories of going to Girls Camp as a youth and as an adult.  I was asked to go one year and I had the best time with everyone.  One of the things I remember most about Girls Camp as an adult is our old bishop greeting each girl as they arrived at the Stake Center and making sure they all had a blessing.  If they didn't he would take them in groups into one of the classrooms and give them a blessing before they left for camp.  I think that was awesome.  We never had any trouble with any of the girls getting home sick, playing mean pranks, or doing things they shouldn't be doing that year.  I know it had to be because this man took the time to magnify his Priesthood and bless the lives of every single girl that walked into that Stake Center.  We belonged to a very large stake, so you can imagine how many girls ended up in those classrooms getting blessings.  I'm sure our bishop was worn out by the time he was done.  

Kyle is off at a concert with his girlfriend tonight in Tempe.  I hope they have fun.  He has a lot of things going on right now.  Applications, interviews, training, and helping his dad too.  Not to mention his weight lifting too.  I just hope it all works out for him.  

It's weird when it's just Kevin and I alone.  So, we are doing a few errands tonight, plus painting a few things as well.  I have to finish painting my bench and my headboard.  Fun times!  LOL!  

I promise my big "reveal" will happen soon.

I also plan to redo Lexi's bedroom too.  I'd like to get it done before she gets home from Girls Camp, but realistically it may not happen.  She is moving up to a queen size bed from a twin and we need to change out her room to something more young adult like too.  When I asked her about colors she decided on black sheets with a grey comforter.  Totally not the colors I would have expected from her.  I thought she was a blue and green kind of girl....apparently NOT!  Who knew??  We are also working on a few furniture pieces for Lexi too.  I'm excited to get it all done.  I'm hoping I can be done with all of my painting tonight so I can get her room done by Saturday when she comes home.  Fun Fun!  Cross your fingers that she likes the changes.  Sometimes I think she dislikes all of the ideas I have simply because I am the Mom and if someone else would come up with them she would absolutely LOVE them.  You know how it is?  Wish me luck.

Kevin's surgery date has changed.  So, I had to shuffle a few things around at work in order to be off during that time.  It's still tentative that I will get the time off until upper management approves it.  I'm sure it will get approved.  We just have someone filling in for our manager right now and they just want to double check things, which is a-okay with me.  I totally understand.  It will work out, I'm sure.  

Well, I should go.  Before I do, we got another letter from Curtis.  Check it out below.  Keep in mind, the personal stuff he shares in his letters will never find it's way to my blog.  I say that to protect Curtis and to protect, and us too.  BUT, so far, he hasn't shared anything super personal.  It's all good.  You all take care and I will talk to you soon.  Hope the rest of the week is really great for all of you. 

From the Missionary:

   Hey Everyone,

How are you all doing? The weather here is being
super bi-polar, one day it will be 80 or 90, with a ton of humidity, and then the next, it will be like 60 or 70 and raining.  It's weird, some days it won't be raining, but the fog will be so dense that it feels like rain, but it's just the air.  I am still not used to humidity at
all, it's probably the only thing I don't like here 
   So, some cool things should be happening in the mission pretty
soon.  Facebook will be coming back to our mission very soon. I found out that every mission had it taken away because of miss use. When I got here we were going through a refresh phase and a 

re-teaching of how to use Facebook properly. What is pretty cool about this is that I will be getting Facebook a little earlier then I normally would.  It's going to be weird getting on there now as a missionary.  It almost feels apostate.  Ha Ha.
   Another cool thing that might happen is I might be getting transferred in a few weeks. It's normal for a missionary to stay in their first area for three cycles, but that's only if they stay with there trainer.  Since my original trainer is already gone there is a slight chance that I get transferred and Elder Holtom takes over the area. That's just a theory, but I am fine with either way. I love it here in the Bronx.
  So, how is Arizona doing?  It's probably a lot safer now that all us
convicts are out of there.  HA HA!  Anything interesting going on there?  Is the family picture gonna have a couple new people in it by the time I get back there. Well, I gotta go now. Our entire zone is going to Van Cortland Park to play sports and have a BBQ. Peace out!

-Elder Schmidt

Oh!!!  P.S. Quick fact about my mission that I found out. We have three out of the five richest zip codes in the United States and I think we also have some of the poorest as well.  It's a weird melting pot here.

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