Wednesday, June 24, 2015


This has been a VERY busy day.  Here are the highlights:

Kevin, Danielle, and I arrived here
at 5:30 a.m. this morning.  Kevin had a 6 a.m. check-in time, with surgery starting at 8 a.m.  

We all got to go back with Kevin to the pre-op area.  Kevin saw the nurses, watched a little early morning news just as they made the announcement from the Supreme Court on same sex marriages.  As Kevin said, "Saturday is now officially over!"  He was referring to the second coming with that statement, plus he is a HUGE Saturday's Warrior's fan too, if you get my meaning??  He sings the songs all the time and it was kind of a "right of passage" when he strongly encouraged each of our children to sit down and watch it with him.....along with My Turn on Earth.  (We of course have copies of each play). Anyway, the whole gay rights scares me. Now, don't get me wrong, I believe you hate the sin, not the sinner.  My fear lies in how those who have been granted this new found "freedom" will make it their mission to try and force their beliefs or lifestyle on religious groups who know that marriage is ordained of God between one man and one woman.  There are some very wonderful gay people out there who I call my friends.  But, there are a few who take it to a level that it shouldn't get to.  That's where my fear lies.  We shall see how this ruling will effect everyone down the road.  I pray for peace amongst all people.  Enough about that for now.

While Danielle and I were waiting for Kevin's surgery to be over we spent some time in the waiting room.  Cellphone service was not available anywhere in that hospital 2nd floor.  Not cool when you are trying to keep in touch with family at home on the status of our patient.

Just after Kevin was in his little gown we managed to get a selfie in.  Kevin insisted.

I tried to avoid the camera because I looked like a hot mess, but no such luck today. My eyes were so sore this morning so no eye make-up for me, not that I really wear much these days.  4 a.m. came too quickly this morning.  And the hair, well, we won't even go there.  No straightener for me this morning.  Arg!  

We did managed to see a cardboard cutout of the Pope at the hospital.  I find that completely odd, as I would NEVER consider placing a cardboard cut out of our Prophet in a church building for all to see.  It seemed sacreligious to me and I didn't think that was a good thing.

At around 1:30 Kevin finally got to his room.  They are keeping him for pain control.  They  said because he was all ready on such a high dose of pain mess prior to surgery that it's going to take a bit more to cover his surgical pain and as an inpatient they will be able to control and keep a close eye on his pain management there.  They didn't want to send him home and not be able to control the pain on his own.  I of course was grateful for that.  I hate leaving him, but it's for the best.  I miss him.  Needless to say, I've been busy on Facebook.  

Come to find out, after all this time, I never set up voicemail on my phone.  I did that today and guess what?  I had a message from a member of our Ward asking me to give him a call.  We are having a big indexing contest in the ward instead of doing stomp this summer.  The message was from the indexing specialist.  I guess I will need to call him tomorrow.  What do you think he wants? We shall see.

Danielle and I got home around 3 p.m.  She was wiped out and gave me a hug and went to her house to get a well deserved nap.  I did the same thing.

  I raced home at three because I thought Kyle needed to get to his lifting/training session.  I didn't want Lexi home alone.  I know, she's old enough and all, but I call it a safety thing for my daughter.  Just call me a little over protective.  Or maybe I watch too many Law and Order or Criminal Minds episodes.  Things can happen and I would rather be a little more careful and hopefully avoid something then risk it and, you know!  Yikes!  I would not be able to forgive myself if something happened to ANY of my children like that.  And that's enough about that.

Oh, I almost forgot!  Last night we decided to make the "journey" out to Danielle's house for dinner and to get together to give Kevin a blessing.  Danielle's boyfriend and Kyle gave Kevin the blessing.  I guess Chance was super nervous about it, but Kevin took the time to walk him through how to anoint and what to say, and that Kyle would give the blessing portion.  The anointing being the most important part of any blessing, of course.  Not only was it awesome to see Chance exercise the Priesthood for the first time as an Elder, but it was awesome to watch my husband gently coach this young man on something he holds sacred and dear.  I only wish Chance's parents lived here so they could be a part of this too.  
Oh!  Another good thing about doing this at Danielle's house was that her best friend and roommate (who is not a member of our church, but who has been attending church with Danielle for several months now.) got to be there for it too.  We were able to bring the spirit into their home and it's always a wonderful thing.  I just hope everyone felt it as there two young men, all of about 25, who are worthy Priesthood holders and hold that sacred responsibility and duty to be very sacred indeed.  This was a very proud Momma and Wife moment for me.  I absolutely love sitting back watching these men act in the name of their Heavenly Father as they bless or pass the sacrament sometimes on Sunday's, give blessings, preside over meetings, and lead our family.  It's absolutely one of my favorite things to see!   

Looks like tomorrow is going to be another crazy busy day too.  Kyle is getting up super early to drive in with his girlfriend to the police station.  Kyle will be testing for another police department tomorrow.  He has Phoenix, Chandler, and Mesa to test for next.  So depending on how long that takes and when Lexi and I get up to go to the hospital, we may need to make a stop to pick Kyle up so he can tag along with us too.  Maybe Kyle and Lexi can do the selfie with the Pope?  Just kidding.  I wouldn't dare have them do that because I wouldn't want people disrespecting my religion or beliefs like that so I will not do that to the Catholics.  Know what I mean?

Well, so much for a few "short" highlights of our day today.  Ha Ha!  
I should go, it's getting late.  Take care my friends and we will talk soon.
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