Thursday, June 25, 2015

Friday Eve!

Two Things I am Grateful For:

1) I can't believe I am saying this, but the sun! I am grateful for the warmth that I feel from the sun each afternoon when I walk out of my office.  They keep our office area freezing cold.  It's nice to thaw out quickly.  

2) Our wonderful neighbors who are always friendly and nice.  I had to laugh at myself this morning.  My neighbor must leave for work around the same time I leave my house, and I saw him out of the corner of my eye as I went to get into my car.  I thought he was going towards his car.  Next thing I know he's yelling over to me, "good morning!"  It sounded like he was right next to me and it startled me for a minute.  So much that I nearly fell out of the car seat. Thankfully I didn't fall or land on my face on the pavement, because you know that could have totally been me.  Sprawled out, in a dress, on the pavement at 6 a.m., and probably with my skirt hiked up around my neck too.  Are you gettin' that visual?  Not pretty!  Not at all.  So, no tragic accident for me so far today!  Knock on wood.  No Sondra on the pavement and just a neighbor being nice.  (What a morning!  LOL!!)

Goals for the Day:

1) work
2) laundry
3) clean
4) dinner - at Danielle's!  Love it!
5) Danielle's place - blessing for Kevin
6) watch show
7) get to bed early
8) get things ready for tomorrow

From the Camera:

Tomorrow this guy goes in to the hospital for hopefully his last surgery on his back.  We are hopeful this nerve stimulator will do the trick and Kevin will be a new man after!  We love you Kevin and wish you the very best!  

From the Heart:

In keeping with our theme, here is another idea...
There are many ways to help your local food bank. Obviously, providing canned goods is a great way. But you can also be a little more hands-on and volunteer to stock shelves, clean the store, or work at the counter.


You are strengthening your community and helping to provide for those in need.

Step It Up:

Make a commitment to volunteer once a week. Always bring some extra canned goods with you and be sure to thank and encourage the staff who run the food bank. If there is an area in need that isn't served by your local food bank, think about starting up a new one that could serve more people.

Keep It Simple:

Next time you go grocery shopping, pick up a couple of extra non-perishable items and donate them to the local food bank, or add them to a community food drive.
From the Kitchen:

1 basic pizza dough
Fillings of your choice (do not exceed 5 as it is just too much)
Pizza blend shredded cheese
1 T. butter
pinch of basil
pinch of garlic powder
Prepare pizza dough, roll out into a 12" circle. Place a layer of cheese on the lower half of dough then your topping and another layer of cheese. Fold top half over and seal the edges by pinching and rolling inward. Melt butter and stir in basil and garlic powder, brush over the top of the calzone. Using a knife, place a few slits across the top for steam to escape. Bake at 425 degrees for 15-12 minutes. Serve with a side of warm pizza sauce.

From the Spirit:

"In this long eternal quest to be more like our Savior, may we try to be "perfect" men and women in at least this one way now-by offending not in word, or more positively put, by speaking with a new tongue, the tongue of angels.  Our words, like our deeds, should be filled with faith and hope and charity, the three great Christian imperatives so desperately needed in the world today."

-Jeffrey R. Holland, "The Tongue of Angels", Ensign, May 2007, 16-18

From the Schmidt's:

The time has arrived!  Tomorrow is the big day.  Kevin, Danielle and I will be at St. Joseph's (Barrow's) by 6 a.m.  tomorrow morning so Kevin will be ready for surgery at 8 a.m. that day.  They say the surgery can take between two and two and a half hours.  So, we will be up at 4 a.m. and on the road right about 5 - 5:20 a.m.  The hospital is really close to my office, so we will see.  I don't want to be late and would prefer to be a few minutes early.  

Tonight Kevin is getting a blessing.  Danielle's boyfriend and Kyle are giving Kevin the blessing.  Chance was just ordained an Elder and we think this will be a good thing for him to help Kyle with.  I just wish his parents could be here to see their son exercise the Priesthood.  It's always a humbling moment for a parent to watch this from the time a son becomes a Deacon to the time he becomes and Elder.  I would say the same about them becoming a High Priest, but I haven't experienced that yet with my boys, but I'm sure that will humble us as well when the time comes.  

To be honest, I am a little worn out already.  
I'm kind of dreading waking up an extra hour early tomorrow, but hopefully I will get to bed early tonight.

We have so much hope and things riding on the success of this surgery tomorrow that I think it's beginning to take it's tole on Kevin and I.  He said he had dreams about the surgery last night.  Dreams he said he didn't want to remember.  Yikes!  I have had dreams too.  BUT, not good dreams either.  Do you think the adversary is working double time on both of us because he doesn't want Kevin to get back to a somewhat normal lifestyle and get back to doing some of the things he use to do, like working, having a calling, spending time with his family on a regular basis, and getting off of all of these pain meds??  I think he is.  I am praying for that peace I always seem to have whenever Kevin goes into the hospital.  It should come tonight when Kevin receives his blessing.  I know it will come then, I just need to wait for it.

Well, I need to go.  Lots to do tonight for our big day tomorrow.
AND if I do not get the chance....

tomorrow is my parent's 50th Wedding Anniversary!
Happy Anniversary Mom & Dad!
We sure do love you.

Take care my friends, and we will talk soon.

From the Missionary:

This is the sign that greets you as you enter the doors of the Manhattan temple. This building serves many functions including a full sized chapel and meeting house on the 3rd floor and a family history center on the first floor. 

Hark, all ye nations!
Hear heaven's voice
Thru ev'ry land that all may rejoice!
Angels of glory shout the refrain:
Truth is restored again!

Oh, how glorious from the throne above
Shines the gospel light of truth and love!
Bright as the sun, this heavenly ray
Lights ev'ry land today

Christ on the road to Emmaus - Inside the Manhattan New York Temple

The Manhattan New York Temple occupies four of the six levels in the building above; the other levels house a chapel, classrooms and Church offices.

Manhattan New York Temple
119th operating temple

"A temple is a place in which those whom He has chosen are endowed with power from on high—a power which enables us to use our gifts and capabilities…to bring to pass our Heavenly Father's purposes in our own lives and the lives of those we love."
—David B. Haight

What a stunningly unique view of the Angel Moroni atop the Manhattan, New York temple. 

Quote of the Day:
 photo ae61ba47-7d78-4151-a87a-fbdf53851081_zps246d8efb.png
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