Saturday, May 9, 2015

What an awesome week!

Two Things I am Grateful For:

1) Today is Saturday!  I love sleeping in a little bit on Saturday Morning.  
2) The cooler weather!  Lovin it!

Goals for the Day:
1) Sleep as long as possible today.  I got up at 7:30 a.m. this morning, which means I sleep in 2 1/2 hours.  Not bad!
2) Drink all 8 bottles of water throughout the day today. 
3) Get my roots done....they are way overdue!
4) Run a few errands
5)  Go with Danielle this afternoon to look for a new car
6) Wedding Reception tonight

From the Camera:

I received a few fun things from various people on Facebook for my birthday Thursday....

From my friend Rondi

From my friend Bonnie

From my Dad
I also received several birthday wishes on Facebook,
text messages, phone calls, presents, balloons, flowers, jewelry,
visits, and hugs yesterday too.  
I would say this has been a pretty great birthday.
Thank you everyone!

From the Heart:

In keeping with our theme, acts of kindness, here is another idea....

Many people have the mindset that sharing is something you only do in kindergarten and grade school. Once you’ve reached a certain age, you no longer need to be generous with your belongings, your food, or your money. The truth is that being able to share with others is a habit you should put into practice for the rest of your life. To remind yourself of the importance of sharing, start with something small, like sharing your snacks with your classmates or coworkers, or even with a homeless person on the street.


Being charitable to others is a great habit to put into practice. Initially, you may find that you struggle more to be generous with some things more than others, but with more practice you’ll be able to practice more control over those old habits. Practicing generosity and selflessness in a small area in will likely carry over to other areas of your life. Plus, others always appreciate it when you go out of your way for them.

Step It Up

Make an effort to share snacks with others whenever you can. For example, bake cookies to take with you to school or work at least once a week. Or keep granola bars in your purse or backpack to share with any homeless people you come in contact with.

Keep It Simple

Remember to share snacks with your family or roommates at home. When you make a snack for yourself, offer to make extra for anyone else who would like some
From the Kitchen:

Make your own Ranch, Dry Onion Soup Mix and Taco Seasoning and store in small mason jars....This is soooo much HEALTHIER than those you buy at the store!! They contain a TON of stuff that is not good for you!!

Taco Seasoning:
1/2 cup chili powder
1/4 cup onion powder
1/8 cup ground cumin
1 tablespoon garlic powder
1 tablespoon paprika
1 tablespoon sea salt
Put ingredients into a jar and shake.
Dry Onion Soup Mix:
2/3 cup dried, minced onion
3 teaspoons parsley flakes
2 teaspoons onion powder
2 teaspoons turmeric
1 teaspoon celery salt
1 teaspoon sea salt
1 teaspoon sugar
1/2 teaspoon ground pepper

Mix all ingredients in a jar, then give the jar a good shake. I’d recommend shaking the jar to mix the ingredients well before each use.
Use 4 tablespoons in a recipe in place of 1 packet of onion soup mix. Store this in a dry, cool place.
5 tablespoons dried minced onions
7 teaspoons parsley flakes
4 teaspoons salt
1 teaspoon garlic powder
Mix together and store in an air tight container.
For dressing: Mix 2 tablespoons dry mix with 1 cup mayonnaise and 1 cup buttermilk or sour cream.
For dip: Mix 2 tablespoons dry mix with 2 cups sour cream.
Mix up a few hours before serving, so the flavors all blend.

From the Spirit:

"It was a calling I always said I never wanted. And so, after the bishop extended the call, all I could do was cry. Twenty minutes later he prepared to leave our home and asked, "So is that a yes?" I nodded a confirmation and he replied, "It's going to be fun. Wait and see, you're going to love it."

Completely overwhelmed, I walked into my bedroom and knelt down to pray. Looking back now I would have to say the entire next week was one constant prayer. The prayer consisted of the same phrase repeated over and over, "Heavenly Father, what were you thinking? I am not capable of this. What is it you want me to do?" At the end of the week I planned a trip to the temple. After everything was settled at home I started the drive to the temple and I began the silent prayer again in my heart, "I am not capable of this responsibility. What is it you want me to do?" Immediately the Spirit whispered back to my heart, "You took no thought save it was to ask," My first thought was, "What does that have to do with anything?" I pushed the advice out of my head and focused on praying about the task at hand.
That morning the temple was busy. I love it when the temple is busy because it allows me some uninterrupted time to immerse myself in the scriptures while I am waiting. I picked up a triple combination and flipped it open. My temple scripture habit is to start reading wherever the scriptures open--it adds a little variety to my scripture study. On that day the scriptures opened up to Doctrine & Covenants, section 9. Imagine my amazement when I read the section and came to verse 7, "Behold, you have not understood; you have supposed that I would give it unto you, when you took no thought save it was to ask me." Obviously I had something to learn. In pondering what the message meant I realized that although I had asked for help in determining how to fulfill my new calling, I had never stopped to ponder what I might be able to bring to the calling. The Spirit had whispered the truth: I had taken no thought of what I had to offer, I simply asked Heavenly Father to tell me what to do.

I spent the next few days preparing to begin my new calling. My preparation included a personal inventory to see what I had to offer. For some reason, Heavenly Father had chosen me for this moment, this calling. Why? Was there someone I would be able to reach? Did I have a testimony of something I needed to share?

Each of us has a circle of influence. This circle extends beyond our church callings and into our everyday life, including our relationships with family and neighbors. We have been placed where we are for a purpose, even if it is to touch the life of just one person. I have come to realize that each of us is on an errand from the Lord; sometimes that errand has the title of a calling, most often it does not. Heavenly Father knows the power of our influence and He will place us where He needs us. It is up to us to determine what we have to offer in that situation, and, more importantly, whether we will offer our best. Relief Society General President Julie Beck counseled, "The Lord expects us to increase our offering." I am confident that the increase of our offering will lead to more in our life.
-Emily Freeman

From the Schmidt's:

Happy Saturday!  
Happy Mother's Day Eve too!
I didn't think I would get really excited to talk to Curtis tomorrow, but I am.  That is going to be one of the highlights of my day tomorrow.  I did the same thing when Kyle called too.  Love it!
A lot has happened this week.
My boss of 17 years left the company and has decided to move back east to live closer to her family.  She was the only one in her family here in Arizona.  He mother and siblings live back east, and her son, his wife, and their two kids will soon be moving back from Germany too.  He is in the military.  When they move back they will be about 3 hours away.  So, my boss will be a lot closer and get to see her grandchildren more often, which is a good thing.  
BUT, she has to leave all of us in order to be closer to her family.  That's the hard part for all of us.  She will be missed.

It's been hard coming to the realization that my boss will not be around anymore.  I think everyone is still in disbelief on my team.  Next week will be interesting, to say the least, as we try to move on.

Then there was my knee.  I have to say, finding out that my knee issue is actually a torn meniscus was quite a shock to me.  I didn't want to believe it.  In fact, as I type the words I am still fining it hard to grasp.  It just doesn't seem possible.  Me, with a tear?  Athletes get those, not working mothers, for crying out loud!  LOL!
So, how on earth did this happen?  To which I can only say, I have no idea.  Falling a couple of times could have done it.  Who knows.  
I started a new diet about a week ago.  In fact, it's pretty drastic.  After talking to two doctor's now.  One about my heart, and one about my knee, I understand just how important it is for me to drop a few pounds.  I have always wanted to.  Trust me, no one wants to gain weight.  I just couldn't seem to find an inexpensive way to do it, and keep the weight off.  BUT, I think I have found what will work for me.  I have cut out all carbs.  I am only eating protein and veggies and a little bit of fruit.  I haven't become overly hungry.  I have cheated once since I started, but I have also lost 8 pounds since I started on Sunday too.  I always say that first week is the toughest.  The fact that I had Mexican Food with my team yesterday isn't such a big deal, in my opinion.  I still lost some weight and I have room to improve.  I didn't have any cake for my birthday, and I didn't buy a candy bar the other day when I got one for my husband and daughter.  Now, that is saying something.  This diet is the closest to a lot of the things I was already doing.  Which is  plus in my opinion.  I don't usually eat lot of sweets, but I do like a piece of chocolate or a piece of birthday cake once in a while.  
My 8 pounds so far, the week isn't over yet...there could be more, makes it all worth it!  That's right folks, 8 pounds in one week!  Woot!  Woot!  Lovin it!  

Today Kyle is at a mock competition at his Gym.  They are getting ready for their Stake Competition next week.  It should be good.  He is also getting ready to go through the hiring process for the police department too.  I've always thought if Kyle as a police officer.  Even when he was in Junior High or High School.  I hope it works out for him.  The hiring process can be pretty tough.  I know several people that have tried and not gotten through.  People I would have thought were perfect for the job too.  We will see if Kyle makes it through.  Time will tell.  Kyle's girlfriend is a police officer.  I think she will be able to help Kyle prepare for each step of the process.  She has been a good influence on Kyle.  She is a good girl and we think the world of her.  My favorite part about Morgan is that she researches things and thinks things through before making major decisions.  She wants to make sure she is making the best choice in everything she does. That's awesome.  

Lexi is finishing up with her classes and getting ready to start her summer course.  In the middle of all of that she will also be going to girls camp.  Fun Fun!  
I can't believe Lexi will be a YCL this year.  Time flies.

Lexi, Kyle, and Kevin all have birthdays coming up soon.

Danielle has a lot going on lately.
She has a trip to Montana coming up this summer with her boyfriend.  She is going up to spend some time with his family.  They live in there.  Danielle has met his family when they have come down a couple of times, but those were very busy or rushed visits.  This way Danielle will be able to get to know the family a little better and they will get to know her too.
Now, we just need to meet them.  That will come in time.
It's hard when families live in different states.
We think Chance is an awesome young man.  We think the world of him as well.  I LOVE that he is thrifty and careful with his money.  That is amazing to see these days!  

I have a feeling our family will be growing very soon.  It wouldn't surprise me if by this time next year we see some major changes in all of our lives.  These are good things.  This excites me, and scares me too.  I think I get scared wondering if I will measure up to everyone's expectations.  I guess I shouldn't worry about all of that, but I do.  That is the reason for today's quote.  I need remember the influence I can have.  I get to decide if that influence will be a positive or negative one.  Either way, the decision is mine to make.  Lots to think about and time will tell.

This afternoon Kevin and I have a couple errands we plan to run.  Danielle and I were going to go look at cars, but I think we have all decided on a different direction.  She needs the air conditioning fixed in her car.  She also needs the windows in the car fixed too.  She can't roll them down right now.  So that means when the summer weather really hits she will not be able to drive that car unless we get these things fixed.  The car blows hot air right now when you turn on the air conditioning.  That plus not being able to roll down windows is a recipe for death here in Arizona.  Seriously!  That is no joke.  Cars can reach temperatures of over 150 degrees in the summer and people have been known to die.  In fact, there was a toddler who died recently after being left in his car seat for two hours a couple weeks ago when it was hot here.  The parents just forgot about him.  So, yes, it can literally cause death.  Not good.  We took Danielle's car in to try and get the air conditioning charged and filled with coolant, but the mechanic said she needed a new compressor.  I don't necessarily believe that and I think we may get a second opinion from another mechanic.  Look out Bro. Harwood.  We may be coming your way soon.  We need to see someone who is honest and that we can trust, and Bro. Harwood use to be in our ward.  Everyone loves him and uses him as their mechanic and I think we may too.  

Well, I have lots to do today.
Take care my friends.  I hope you have a wonderful Mother's Day too.  We will talk again soon.

From the Missionary:

I guess the other day my MIL got a strange voicemail message from some folks who ran into Curtis on the subway in New York.  They said they were so impressed by his enthusiasm.  To all of their surprise this couple was from Mesa Arizona's Kimball Stake (the stake right next ours), so the couple agreed to take some photos with Curtis and get them to us.  How cool is that?  Below is the message they sent with the photo's they took together.  (Come to find out, this couple live in the town home's near Fry's Foods....Close isn't it?)

It was so fun to meet Elder Schmidt in the subway in New York and find out he lives so close to where we live!! We are in the pictures with him and his companion. The couple we went to visit are Elder and Sister Powell. They are in the other picture. You have a wonderful, happy missionary!

Paul and Annie De Francis


Quote of the Day:
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