Friday, April 10, 2015

It's Friday! Friday! Friday!

Two Things I am Grateful For:

1) My health.  Sure, I have my issues, but I haven't been sick like everyone else around me.   Thank goodness!  

2) My son Kyle.  He has been awesome these past few days and I really appreciate all he does us.

Goals for the Day:

1) Get Kevin to his doctor's appointment
2) Get Lexi signed up for her State Standardize testing for English, Math, and Science.  Looks like Lexi will be busy next week.  
3) Get Kevin's prescriptions filled.
4) Make Baked Chicken and a Big Garden Salad for dinner.  We are loving that!  
5) Get something in the mail for Curtis. We had a couple last minute things to pick up for him.

From the Camera:

Lexi and her friend Christin being silly.  

From the Heart:

In keeping with our theme, here is another great idea....

seem intended for the solace of ordinary humanity" -John Ruskin
Are you part of a garden or craft club?  Make floral arrangements for a senior center, nursing home or hospital. You don't have to know someone to bring them flowers, beautiful flowers will brighten anyone's day!


Flowers, especially brightly colored ones, bring happiness with them wherever they go. A little bit of color goes a long way to brighten an impersonal hospital room or a cluttered desk. Few things make people feel more welcome than a beautiful arrangement on a table in a sitting room.

Step It Up:

If you have the resources, make it a weekly habit! Bring a floral arrangement to the same place each week. If you want to bring it to a hospital, make sure it goes to a new patient (or even the hospital staff!) each week. Or you could switch it up each week: one week bring flowers to a local retirement home and another week bring the flowers to a neighbor or friend going through a hard time. You will be greeted with smiles no matter where you bring them! Do be sure to check with the hospital or other location first to see if they accept live flowers; you may need to switch to silk flowers per their request.

Keep It Simple:

If you don't have the resources to make your own bouquet or to purchase flowers yourself, just be aware of those around you. There may be a day (birthday or anniversary) where you receive multiple bouquets of flowers. Rather than keeping them all for yourself, why not give some away? Or if you receive flowers during a stay in the hospital, share them with the other patients on your hall. It is easy to be generous with flowers without even purchasing them yourself. Simply share what you've got!

From the Kitchen:

Banana Split Bites  (A Healthier version of the Ice-Cream version)

  • 12 1" pieces pineapple
  • 1 banana cut into bite-sized pieces (make sure your bananas aren't too ripe)
  • 6 medium sized strawberries, cut in half
  • 2.5oz dark chocolate
  • 1 teaspoon coconut oil
  • Chopped nuts or coconut (optional)
  1. Cut fruit and assemble into stacks.
  2. Press a Popsicle stick through the fruit and freeze until solid.
  3. Prepare a baking sheet with parchment paper.
  4. Melt the chocolate along with the coconut oil on the stove-top or in the microwave, stirring frequently to prevent burning. Once completely melted, remove the frozen fruit from the freezer.
  5. Dip the fruit in the chocolate, let the excess drip off and then place on the sheet to harden.
  6. If desired, dip the chocolate covered side immediately in chopped nuts or coconut before placing them on the sheet to harden.
  7. Once the chocolate is completely hardened, remove from the sheet and place in an airtight container to store in the freezer until ready to serve.
Make sure that your bananas aren't too ripe. If you use a ripe banana the sugars break down, which will result in a mushy banana once thawed. Using an unripe banana with prevent this.

From the Spirit:

“Though we cannot understand “the meaning of all things,” we do “know that God loveth his children” because He has said, “Behold, this is my work and my glory-to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man. Heavenly Father is able to accomplish these two great goals-the immortality and eternal life of man-because He is a God of creation and compassion. Creating and being compassionate are two objectives that contribute to our Heavenly Father’s perfect happiness. Creating and being compassionate are two activities that we as His spirit children can and should emulate.”
–Dieter F. Uchtdorf, “Happiness, Your Heritage”, Ensign, Nov 2008, 117-20

From the Schmidt's:

Sorry I didn't post anything yesterday.  It was a busy day.  When I got home we went out to dinner with the family to
Texas Roadhouse.

Texas Roadhouse was good, but in my opinion, the music is always too loud.  No one can hold a conversation in that place.  Kevin and I decided we would have preferred Outback or Charlestons or something.  Next time, maybe.  As a general rule, we do not go out for steak ever.  If we go out it's usually for Mexican Food.  So, this was a change.  The food was good.  I just thought it would have been better if we could actually hear each other talk.  

After dinner we picked up a prescription for Kevin and dropped everyone off at home.  Once everyone was home, Kyle and I ran out to try and find the last couple of things we needed to send to Curtis.  I'm bound and determined to get a package out to him this weekend.  It's just too hard to get to the post office during the week. 

Today I took Kevin to his doctor's appointment. It was just a routine visit and medication refills.  Next week Kevin starts the next phase of appointment with the back surgeon, and well as our attorney.  Looks like he will be busy next week.  We also have to get Lexi to her appointments for the State Standardize Testing.  She has three tests to take...English, Math, and Science.  This should keep her out of trouble for a while.  Then I also have an appointment next week too.  So, needless to say, next week is going to be crazy.

Tonight Kyle & Morgan and Danielle & Chance were going to go to Coswell's Shooting Range.

But that fell through.  Kyle was bummed.  He wanted to shoot his gun.  Maybe another time.  

Tomorrow hopefully will not be too crazy.  I have a couple errands to run and some cleaning to do.  Fun Fun!  

Well I need to go.  Time to pick up prescriptions!  Have a good night and we will talk again real soon.  That's a promise.

From the Missionary:

Nothing New yet.....more next week.

Quote of the Day:

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