Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Happy Birthday Mom!

Two Things I am Grateful for:

1) Great Parents!  I love them and appreciate them more and more each and every day!
2) Great Siblings!  I love reach of them.  They all are such a blessing in my life.  Thank you for all you do for me.

Goals for the Day:

1) Get through work.  I stayed up too darn late last night.  I paid dearly for it.  I was so tired by the end of the day.
2) Take care of a few things around the house. 
3) Make dinner
4)  Get things ready for work tomorrow
5) Get to bed early tonight - We might hear from Curtis tomorrow!  Woot!  Woot!

From the Camera:

I cannot wait until we are able to jump into our pool and it won't be super cold.  Love that!
From the Heart:

In keeping with our theme, acts of kindness, here is another idea....

If you have a friend who's going through a rough time, offer to talk about it with them over a coffee. Think of all the times you've wished you had a friend to talk to--be proactive and be that friend for someone else.
Simply listening will show how much you care; your friend knows you are busy too so the fact that you are setting aside time to sit and listen to them can really mean a lot.


As you take the time to listen to your friends and family you will get to know them better. You will discover their passions, their fears, their hopes and dreams. Over time you can help them accomplish these things, too, but the first step is always listening. When we take the time to listen to others we take our focus off of ourselves, and that is always a good thing.

Step It Up:

Offer to meet weekly with a friend in your life who is going through a particularly hard and difficult time. Perhaps you know someone who is getting a divorce, or who just lost a parent. Perhaps you have friends who are back in school for the first time in fifteen years and they could use someone to talk to. Pay attention to the needs of your friends; if it seems they have a long journey ahead offer to meet with them each week. Let them know that you simply want to listen. You can make it a regular coffee date or just let them call you whenever they need someone, even if it's two o'clock in the morning! While your friend is sharing, don't advice unless they specifically ask for it. As hard as it may be don't try to solve their problems for them, and instead simply listen to what they have to say.

Keep It Simple:

Listening to someone doesn't have to be a long commitment. And sometimes it can even be done over email! Maybe you notice one of your coworkers seems to be  a bit down; stop by their office and invite them to lunch. Or maybe a friend or sibling is more quiet than usual; ask them if everything is alright. Sometimes we don't even realize we need to talk to someone until we're asked.
From the Kitchen:

From the Spirit:

I remember as a youth walking with my mother up the dusty road to the bishop's house in a day when we often paid tithing from our animals and produce. As we walked, I said, "Why do we take the eggs to the bishop?" She answered, "Because they are tithing eggs and the bishop receives the tithing for Heavenly Father." My mother then recounted how each evening when the eggs were brought in, the first one went into a small basket and the next nine went into a large basket. I first learned the law of tithing from my beloved mother. – Spencer W. Kimball, “Will A Man Rob God?” New Era, March 2002

From the Schmidt's:
Ever have days like this?  I don't know about the fork part, but it was a busy day again today.  Thankfully we had one more person today.  That is a good thing!  AND those people who were out sick or in the hospital are getting better and are back.  That's awesome news.  

Kevin was busy today.  He and Kyle have been working on the pool.  Mostly Kyle doing the hard stuff,....thank goodness.  We certainly do not need Kevin having any accidents!  That would not be a good thing.  I can't wait for the pool to be a little warmer so we can swim.  YES!  Then when I got home we had an air conditioning repair man at the house to service our air conditioner.  They are still on the roof now.  The air conditioner has been on for a bit and it is blowing ice cold air as I type.  Love it!  I am a happy girl!  Now I don't have to move to a cooler climate anymore.  I might actually be able to make it through the summer here in the blistering heat.  Love it!  

Tomorrow we have a landscaping company coming by to check out the front yard and give us a quote.  We need a palm tree removed and some rose bushes too.  Then I also want the hedges trimmed up too.  I can't wait for that too!

Enough about all of that.  

Tomorrow is my Mom's birthday.
This is my Mom.....

Mom at the hospital meeting her youngest Grandchild for the first time.  
My Mom isn't one to let us take very many photos of her.  This is just another photo of my Mom...
The photo above was taken in front of my Grandparents home in Michigan, of my Mom and Dad on their way to the Gubernatorial Ball for George Romney when he was first elected Governor of Michigan in 1963.  That's right!  My parents have been long time Romney supporters.  It's a family thing.  This was also before my parents joined the LDS Church too.  That didn't happen until after my brother and I were born.  I must have been about 5 years old when that happened.......that would have been in the early 70's
The photo above is a photo of my Mom on her wedding day.  
And a photo of both my Mom and my Dad on their wedding day.
This photo above is a fun photo of my Mom doing what she does best....creating just about anything.  My Mom is a very talented lady.  Anything she puts her mind to turns out amazing!  She can do anything.  She was an art major in college.  She later became a graphic designer.  She ran a small business out of her home decorating cakes.  Any school project I had, Mom was all in to help me.  She is am amazing cook, a great friend, and I couldn't ask for a better person to be my Mom.  She has inspired me.  She encourages me.  She helps me with just about anything.  AND she has been an awesome example for me.  I love you Mom and I hope you have a wonderful birthday.  

Take care my friends.  Have a wonderful day and we will talk soon.

From the Missionary:

Nothing yet....in a day or so.

Quote of the Day:

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