Wednesday, March 18, 2015

It's Official! Curtis is on a Mission!

Two Things I am Grateful For:

1) A second son worthy and eager to serve a mission for two years for his Heavenly Father.

2) A great window seat to watch our sons plane leave the airport. 

3) Family that lives in Utah that will take care of my boy when he arrives at the Salt Lake Airport!  

Goals for the Day:

1) Get a well deserved nap.

2) Clean up some around the house.  

3) Run a couple errands.  (Okay maybe not!)  More sleep! ~smile~smile~

4) Get ready for work tomorrow....back to life, back to reality!

From the Camera:

I have LOTS of photos for you today.  These first couple were taken last night when Curtis was set apart as a missionary....

 The photo above is a photo of everyone that came to the setting apart.  My parents, brother and sister, Kevin's mother, all of our children and husband, then my Brother-in-law, Sister-in-law, three of their children and their spouses, our new little niece, Danielle's boyfriend (not pictured) and Kyle's girlfriend (not pictured), and our sons good friend, Jose (not pictured).  I'm in the photo too, but I'm a hot mess.  After all the stress of getting this young man out the door, lack of sleep, and the heat, I was a wreck.  The hair wasn't curled and I was wearing the worst ever outfit I own BUT I had green on for St. Patrick's Day.  ~smile~smile~

This is a photo of Curtis with our Bishop.  

We couldn't get a photo with Curtis and our Stake President.  He ran off to another meeting right after.  

We all woke up super early this morning.  4:00 a.m. to leave the house by 5:00 a.m. to get Curtis to the airport.  These next shots  are of the gang at the airport....

All four of my kids....and Jose.  Jose is the next young man to go on a mission in our ward AND he has been a very good friend to Curtis.  (check out how excited Kyle looks....WOW!)

This is another photo of my children again and my daughter's best friend, Brittney.  She is like a 3rd daughter for us.  

This is the family at the airport.  I still did not curl the hair.  Yikes!

The boys.  Missionaries:  Past, Present, and Future!

Kyle and his Dad.  I included this shot because this is about where Kyle and I ran into Charles Barkley, former player for the Phoenix Suns.  When I say ran into, we nearly bumped right into him.  When I asked my husband if her knew him, he said...."Yeah, he's just some random guy."  I couldn't believe it!  Of all people to not recognize a former player....Kevin!  Unbelievable!!!!  No joke!  We saw Charles Barkley.  He was maybe one to two feet away from me.  Who could forget that round head of his?  ~smile~

This is Charles Barkley.  This was the man we saw in the airport today.  Or should I say, almost ran right into.  

These next two photos are of the plane Curtis was on to get to the MTC in Provo, Utah.  

The plane taking off down the runway.

Curtis was lucky enough to have his Uncle Victor pick him up at the airport in Salt Lake City.  Victor and my niece Ashlee took him out to eat just before driving him to the MTC in Provo.  This next photo was taken on the curb outside Ashlee's home.  See the snow on the mountains in the background?

Curtis out to eat with family.  

Curtis in the car just before reaching the MTC in Provo.  See the wood dashboard?  Victor must be driving the jaguar.  

Curtis getting his luggage out of the car curbside at the MTC

Another shot curbside

Curtis in front of the MTC

Curtis with his cousin Ashlee and Uncle Victor at the MTC

This is the Sister Missionary that helped Curtis with his luggage

Curtis walking to the entrance of the MTC

Curtis getting closer to the door.  

Curtis looking back 

Curtis still looking back at his family

Curtis walking through the door of the MTC.  This is a proud Momma moment.  
(Ashlee, thank you so much for taking all of these cool photos.  They are priceless!  We so appreciate that!  And thank you Victor for picking Curtis up and taking him to lunch.  We appreciate that so much!  This is one moment I am so grateful we have family in see, we wish they all still lived here in Arizona with us.  Utah is close, but not close enough.)

From the Heart:

In keeping with our theme, here is another idea.....

If you know that one of your coworkers has a huge work load or big project to finish, offer to help. Be a team player! You could review and edit the work they've already completed or offer to take some work off their shoulders and help run reports or finish a presentation. You will be amazed how quickly the work will get done with both of you working on it!


When you offer to help a coworker you are not only helping that person, but also the company as a whole. The better quality of the work your company produces, the more honorable and respected your company will be. Not to mention you might just make a great new friend when you offer to help!

Step It Up:

Volunteer to be the one who stays late to finish a project or take another look at tomorrow's presentation. Or offer to bring coffee early in the morning if there are people who need to get to work early to finish a report.  Go out of your way to make those who are working extra hard feel extra appreciated.

Keep It Simple:

Even if you are unable to help (perhaps they are in a different department that you are not familiar with or qualified for) acknowledge the hard work your coworkers have done and thank them. Let them know you appreciate their work and dedication to your office. Encourage them!
From the Kitchen:

Today instead of a recipe, we share a cool tip for all those mother's of little ones.  This is a tip I wish I knew when my children were little.  Check this out....

I shared this in one of my mommy groups, not realizing how many people didn't know about the idea...sharing with my friends just in case! I'm making it public, feel free to pass emoticon

Frugal tip. My little guy, almost 10mths refuses to be fed, he is 100% self feeding or screaming lol. Daddy was overzealous on the purchase of baby food. While I'm not a fan of processed baby food generally, I also don't like wasting it. I'm sure lots of you know about and make yogurt dots - well I did it with the baby food and it worked great! Added bonus - soothes sore, teething gums.
Step 1 - gather parchment paper, cookie sheet, plastic bag, baby food.
Step 2 - line cookie sheet, fill plastic bag with baby food, snip end of bag off (small hole)
Step 3 - make your dots (chocolate chip sized)
Step 4 - freeze, 30 mins or so
Step 5 - quickly transfer into a storage bag, store in freezer. 

From the Spirit:

Ours is the responsibility to help fulfill the Abrahamic covenant. Ours is the seed foreordained and prepared to bless all people of the world. That is why priesthood duty includes missionary work. After some 4,000 years of anticipation and preparation, this is the appointed day when the gospel is to be taken to the kindreds of the earth. This is the time of the promised gathering of Israel. And we get to participate! Isn't that exciting? The Lord is counting on us and our sons--and He is profoundly grateful for our daughters--who worthily serve as missionaries in this great time of the gathering of Israel.

 -Russell M. Nelson, “Covenants,” Ensign (CR) October 2011

From the Schmidt's:

My heart is full.  I've experienced more emotions in the past 4 days then I can count.  To say my heart of full is an understatement.  This has been an awesome 4 days.  Right now I am overwhelmed with pride and a little sad at the same time.  Who's gonna run my errands now?  LOL!  Curtis was really good about running here and there when I needed something.  Now he will be running errands for the Lord.  Love that!

As I mentioned before Curtis spoke in Church on Sunday.  He had two more interviews, and a visit from the Vice Principal of Mesa High came to visit.  He's in our ward and has known Curtis since he was in Junior High.  Bro. Cosseboom came over to share a story and give something to Curtis to take on his mission.  I won't share the story since it's not mine to share.  BUT let me tell you, it was very moving and it was real.  I'm glad he came by to share it with us and to get Curtis to help with it too.  

Monday night we got a visit from my Brother-in-law and Sister-in-law.  They had a card for Curtis and a card for Kevin and I too.  Inside the card for Kevin and I was some money to spend for the Open House or where ever we felt it could be best used.  We decided to spend it on the Open House and we had a nacho bar.  It was super easy and didn't take much time at all to put it all together, which is exactly what we needed.  Since the Open House was scheduled from 5-7p.m. I wanted to have something everyone could eat just in case they came right from work.  We had to schedule the Open House early since Curtis would be set apart as a missionary at 7p.m.  It worked out good.  

At the open house lots of family and friends came by.  I even got to see an old friend from High School that night.  It was awesome!  We got to meet some of the friends Curtis has that we have only heard their names.  It was nice to put a name with the face finally.  

The setting apart was awesome.  The one thing I will never forget that Curtis said when he shared his testimony was that he will miss all of us, but that he needs to be in New York right now.  I loved that!  He is going out knowing HE is needed in New York.  

The blessing he received from our Stake President was perfect, of course, because it was from our Heavenly Father.  My Sister-in-law wanted me to ask if I could write down the words of the blessing as it was given, but I didn't feel comfortable asking.  It seemed a little disrespectful to the sacredness of that blessing and to our Heavenly Father.  Sure, we want to remember the words spoken, but more importantly, I did not want to take away from the spirit in that room last night.  If a couple of us would have been sitting there writing as fast as we could while the words were spoken, that would have detract from that Spirit for sure.  That is the reason I wouldn't ask.  I just hope she understands.  Besides, we will all remember the things we need to remember.  

This morning we all woke up at 4 a.m.  Kyle went to pick up Jose at 4:30 a.m. and Danielle, Brittney, and my Mother-in-law arrived at 5 a.m.  We immediately got into the car and drove to the airport.  Curtis got his boarding pass and dropped off his luggage, and we headed up to the TSA checkpoint.  We didn't have to wait long before we were saying our good-byes.  We took a few photos.  Ran into Charles Barkley, and headed to the side of the TSA check point to watch his plane get ready to leave the airport.  I was doing just fine without a tear shed until his plane pulled out and got ready to pull out onto the runway.  At that point the tears began to flow.  What can I say, I thought I would be okay this time.  The fact that they began to flow after he was on the plane just goes to show how I role.  I deal with a situation, do what I have to do to get through, then after it's all over, I react.  Sometimes I am good in an emergency.  Sometimes not!  Like when I react right away.  LOL!

When we got home from the airport Kevin called me into the bedroom and handed me a hand written note from Curtis.  The note made me cry again.  The note basically thanked me for everything I have done for him and for pushing him.  Honestly, I never thought of it that way.  I never thought I was pushing him to do better.  I always thought I was just being a nagging mother.  LOL!  I'm just glad Curtis sees it as pushing to make him a better person.  That means I have done something right and I was some what of an influence on him.  For so many years I have always thought it was Kevin who was the major influence on our children.....I never dreamed that I could play that kind of role for my children.  After all, I was just the Mom.  Today, was another proud Momma moment.  Being a parent isn't a race to determine who is the better influence in the end.  Being a parent is knowing when to take advantage of those teaching moments when they come up, and knowing when to allow your spouse to take those moments and run with them.  It takes a mother and a father.  Kevin is an awesome father.  One who does take those moments.  One who has a way of talking to our children and influencing them so they don't even realize he is actually teaching and training them at the same time.  He does that so effortlessly.  It is amazing to see.  Me, on the other hand, it's a little more obvious.  Ha Ha!   I love that man!  I couldn't do this without my husband.  He is a great Dad!

After reading the note Curtis left, I took a well deserved nap.  I was woke up by a quick phone call from Curtis once he was safe in the care of his Uncle Victor for a little bit.  After the phone call came the photos his cousin Ashlee took and sent to us.  They are priceless!  Thank you Victor and Ashlee!  

I am still a little tired.  I still need to pick up a few things around the house and get things ready for work tomorrow.  That's right, it's back to reality tomorrow.  I just realized we are down to four in this house now.  It seems weird.  You never really realize just how influential one of your children are in your home until they leave.  It has happened with each of our children now, except Lexi.  Danielle now that she has moved out on her own, Kyle when he was on his mission, and now Curtis on his mission.  That boy could talk your ear off!  He has a gift for gabbing, that is for sure!  Kyle said he use to turn the music up really loud in the car so he couldn't hear him, and Curtis still managed to talk over the music.  How funny is that?  I just laughed.  That kid!  When he found out where he was going on his mission would spend time reading and researching everything he could about his mission and the area.  Then, late at night, he would share all of these random facts with us when we least expected them.  He is so excited!  I just hope the people of New York know what his coming their way.  LOL!  He is locked and loaded and ready to hit the ground running.  Sure, he is a little green, but that will change soon.  He is going to be an awesome missionary.  I cannot wait to hear about all of the things he experiences.  It will be great!

Well, my prayers have been answered!  It has cooled off again.  We have rain.  YES!  I told Curtis when we knew it was going to rain today that the rain was his Heavenly Father's way of telling him He is super excited to be able to work with him in New York.  Isn't that the coolest?  In the words of our Stake President, Curtis just joined a very large army of warriors.  We know Curtis will do great things over the next two years.  I mean great in the eyes of the Lord.  Not necessarily great in the eyes of the world.  Curtis will be working with the Master teacher and be able to be an instrument in the Lord's hands as he strives to share the great plan of happiness with the people in New York.  I pray that he will find those people ready to hear about the gospel, and will be ready to open and soften their hearts to the teachings of the Holy Ghost.  What a blessing it is to have another son worthy to serve a mission for our Heavenly Father.  This is where Curtis needs to be right now,  we know it without a doubt.  We love him and will miss him.  Enough said.  

Take care my friends.  Thank you to all who have helped out with food and goodies for the Open House.  It means a lot.  We will talk again soon.  Really we will.  ~smile~smile~

Quote of the Day:
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