Monday, March 23, 2015

And So It Begins....

Two Things I am Grateful For:
1) Monday mornings.  Even though I have to get up early.

2) Quiet, easy weekends.
Goals for the Day:
1) Make a few phone calls.
2) Hunt for some paperwork.
3) Pick up around the house.

From the Camera:

Lexi made cupcakes yesterday all by herself.....and decorated them too.  She did a pretty good job, didn't she???!!!!
From the Heart:
In keeping with our theme, acts of kindness, here is another idea....
Holding the door open for someone is something they just do in old movies, right? Guess again. Holding the door open is a polite and thoughtful act you can easily do for your family, friends and even strangers, every day. Whether you’re at school, the grocery story, at work, or at home, those around you will certainly appreciate your good manners.


How you treat others can also say a lot about you as a person. If actions really do speak louder than words, what are you telling others about yourself? Besides, everyone appreciates a polite act, like having a door held open for them. Hold a door open for someone and give them a smile. A small gesture on your part, like holding the door open for someone, will certainly brighten their day and may even turn around a bad mood.

Step It Up

Go out of your way whenever you can to hold a door open for others. If you are about to enter a door, and you notice that there are people behind you, hold the door open for them until all of them are inside.

Keep It Simple

Remember to hold the door open for others whenever the occasion arises.

From the Kitchen:
From the Spirit:
Do you remember the story of the Little Red Hen, and how industrious, ambitious, independent, and self-reliant she was? Do you recall how she had a wonderful plan in mind that began by trying to get her friends to help her plant a few grains of wheat? As the story goes, she clucked around the barnyard asking, “Who will help me plant these grains of wheat?” And each of her friends responded the same way. “Not I,” said the goose. “Not I,” said the pig. “Not I,” said the dog. “Then I will plant them myself,” said the Little Red Hen. And she did.
She asked for help each step of the way. She asked for help with watering the wheat, tending and caring for it, cutting it, and finally grinding it into flour. Always the answer was the same: “Not I.”
One fall morning the Little Red Hen got up early to make the flour into bread. She decided to give her friends one last chance to help, but the answer was still the same. “Not I,” said the goose. “Not I,” said the pig. “Not I,” said the dog.
By now she must have been quite upset at having done all the work by herself, but she went ahead and baked a loaf of bread without their help. While she was laboring alone, she may have been thinking about her friends. Were they really friends after all? Why didn’t they help? Didn’t they know she needed them? Weren’t they interested in her plan? Didn’t they care about her? To offset her disappointment, perhaps she said, “I don’t care. I don’t need them anyway. I can do it by myself.”
As delicious aromas from the baking bread filled the air, she anticipated that moment of taking it from the oven and eating it by herself, maybe with peanut butter and jam. Can’t you just see her anticipating each animal’s answer to her question, “Who will help me eat the bread”? Each one enthusiastically responded, “Oh, I will, I will.” By now the Little Red Hen had her chance to get even with them. “You will?” she said indignantly. “I did all the work by myself. Now I’m going to eat it all by myself.” And according to the story, that is exactly what she did. “It was only fair,” she must have told herself. After all, she had done all the work.
How might it have been if, in the very beginning, the Little Red Hen had explained to her friends what she wanted to have happen? What if she had told them she had a plan for a wonderful event in just a few months, a celebration to which they were all invited? And what if she had called it a celebration of friendship, a time of breaking bread and eating it with jam and jelly? And that in addition, there would be several times before the party when they would be able to get together as friends and work together and contribute to this great celebration? Suppose, because of her enthusiasm, so many wanted to participate in the planting that she had to get more grain to plant because no one would want to be left out. As a result of everyone’s help, there would be so much bread baked that they could write notes of love and deliver bread to everyone, not only in the barnyard but also down the lane and across the field.
In the beginning, maybe the Little Red Hen really couldn’t get anyone to help with the project until it was time to eat the bread. But even then, what if she had shared the bread she had worked so hard to make? When it was all eaten, think of the friendships that would have been made. Wouldn’t that have been more fun than eating the bread alone and muttering to herself, “It serves them right”?
The Little Red Hen knew what she wanted to do--she wanted to make bread. She knew the steps and the processes needed to complete the project. But she did not fully consider what she wanted to have happen as a result of her work. What if she had thought more about how to reach out to her friends and to involve them in ways that would bring them together, where they might discover the talents and uniqueness of each other’s contribution? And what if, in the process, they came to value each other’s differences and rely on each other, learn from each other, respect each other, build closer friendships, and have fun together?
Another familiar story also takes place in the barnyard, but this one is quite different. In Charlotte’s Web by E. B. White, poor Wilbur the Pig had no friends at all. According to the story, he felt so “friendless, dejected, and hungry, he threw himself down in the manure and sobbed.” Have you ever had a Wilbur day? It can hurt a lot inside if you feel you don’t have even one friend. But in the story, Charlotte the Spider came to Wilbur’s rescue. She asked, “Do you want a friend, Wilbur? I’ll be a friend to you. I’ve watched you all day and I like you.” Not only did Charlotte express her feelings for Wilbur, which must have given him some hope, but far into the night while the other animals slept, she also worked on a web that would literally save his life. She worked many nights to rescue him from the danger of being sold and ending up as bacon in the local meat market. Finally, just before Charlotte was going to die, as spiders do, Wilbur shared his feelings for her. “Oh, Charlotte,” he said. “To think that when I first met you I thought you were cruel and bloodthirsty! Why did you do all this for me? I don’t deserve it. I’ve never done anything for you.”
“You have been my friend,” replied Charlotte. “That in itself is a tremendous thing.”
“Well,” said Wilbur, “I’m no good at making speeches. I haven’t got your gift for words. But you have saved me, Charlotte, and I would gladly give my life for you. I really would.” Through her good works, Charlotte had become Wilbur’s best friend. She cared enough for him that she used her special skills to serve him and eventually save his life.
Just think of the lessons that Charlotte could have taught the Little Red Hen and the other animals about service, friendship, and caring for one another, and about good works, even working through the night to accomplish an important project, maybe even to save someone’s life. Doing good works means to nurture others, to care about others, to serve others, and to build friendships that bring joy and rewards and great happiness. When we are seeking only for our own interests, it is quite possible to become rather selfish, but when we follow the Golden Rule and do unto others as we would have them do unto us, we learn to put aside our own desires and reach out to others. And in the end, we discover that we have gained all that we really wanted and even more.
When Jesus lived on the earth, he taught the people things that would help them eventually become like him. One of his messages was, “Let your light so shine before men, that they may see your good works, and glorify your Father which is in heaven.” (Matthew 5:16.) This instruction tells us not only what we should do to follow Christ but also why: to bring glory and honor to our Father in heaven.
When we, as members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, went into the waters of baptism, we covenanted or promised our Heavenly Father that we would help one another. Each time we partake of the sacred emblems of the sacrament, we renew our baptismal covenant with him that we will always remember him and that we will keep his commandments. When we do this, we have the promise that we can always have his Spirit to be with us. During the Last Supper, just before Jesus died on the cross so that each one of us could return to our Father, he gave a very important commandment to his apostles, one that was for all of us, for all time. He said, “This is my commandment, that ye love one another, as I have loved you.” (John 15:12.)

by Ardeth Greene Kapp

From the Schmidt's:
Today went by fairly quick for a Monday.  I was surprised.  Work wasn't as crazy busy as it has been, which was a nice change, mostly because we were all at work today.  No one had a day off.  Except one person who has been out of the office since the last day of 2014.  We aren't sure what the deal is, but we miss them and hope everything is going to be okay there.

I meant to mention this when it happened, but forgot....
Last Friday when Kyle picked me up from work I noticed this car completely cut off another driver almost causing an accident on the freeway.  When we drove past the car that cut in front of the other driver we could see that he was on his cell phone.  That's right was a older gentleman on his phone driving like a crazy man!  Can you believe that?  And every one thinks it's mostly women who do this.  Wow, right???!!!  Just needed to share.

Well, Kyle's job thing was short lived.  He decided that since he couldn't make it to church each Sunday the job was not for him.  It paid pretty well too.  So, he has some more applications out.  I commend him for being so determined to NOT work on Sundays, but sometimes you've gotta do what you've gotta do.  Thankfully he doesn't have a family to support or anything right now.  I know Kevin and I have worked out share of Sundays in the past.  It was just something we had to do at the time.  I wish I would have been able to get away from NOT working on Sundays and I am so glad I don't have to now.

Lexi got picked up this afternoon by our new Young Women's President, Nancie Lindblom.  They are working on a skit for New Beginnings.  Fun Fun!  Our Young Women's President is also the National Teacher of the Year!  She is pretty awesome and we are very excited that she is the new Young Women's President in our ward.  Apparently this is at least her 3rd time having this calling.  She also use to be Danielle's teacher.  In fact, Danielle had Sis. Lindblom as her teacher for at least 1 class each year until she graduated High School.  Danielle says she is an awesome teacher.  She is a great teacher!  I know that because she also taught Gospel Doctrine in our ward at one point.  She did an excellent job teaching that class.  I am anxious to see how she gets the Young Women of our ward involved and fired up to do their part.  It's a good change.  We enjoyed our previous Young Women's Presidency too, don't get me wrong.  I just think with new babies it's hard enough to just deal with your own family during that time, so it was a needed change.  

Danielle came by last night for about 2 seconds.  Seriously, it felt like two seconds.  Tomorrow hopefully she will stick around a little longer.  Sunday she walked the dog for a few minutes, chatted with us for about 10 minutes and then left.  She has been super busy with work and school.  So, we get it.  We just miss her.  

My house is becoming more and more quiet as the days go by.  I no likey the quiet!  LOL!  Actually it's nice once in a while.  I can hear myself think a little.  BUT,....sometimes I would prefer all the craziness the kids bring.  They make life more exciting that is for sure!  We also know this is the time when they spread their wings and fly the nest.  Sad but true.  ~as the tear sneaks out of the corner of my eye~  Ha Ha!  I'm kidding.  I'm not crying.  ~smile~

Well, not much more is happening here.  I got dinner out of the way all ready and might even take a little cat nap this afternoon.  LOVE THAT!  5 a.m. comes early for me.  Tomorrow will be busy.  I have work, a few phone calls to make, a doctor's appointment for myself, and Danielle is coming over.  Fun Fun!  

Well, you take care. Talk to you soon.  I Promise.  

From the Missionary:
Nothing from our Missionary today.  As we start to receive more letters I will try to stretch them out over the week so we have something almost every day.  Or at least we will try to have something every day.  So, be patient with me.  This section is still a work in progress.  

Quote of the Day:
A friend on Facebook shared this today and I absolutely LOVED it and I had to share it with you too.  

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