Saturday, February 28, 2015

Saturday! Two More to Go.

Two Things I am Grateful For:

1) My Heavenly Father.  Sometimes there are people in life that let you down, but my Heavenly Father NEVER does.  He is always there for me.

2) My health.  I am grateful every day for this.
Goals for Today:

1) Just get through this day.

2) Hopefully get some things done around the house after work today.

3) Call the doctor.  No I still haven't called.  I haven't had a chance. 

From the Camera:
This is my Grandfather.  He was quite an amazing man.  He lost his legs at a very young age, and spent the rest of his life in a wheelchair.  He never let his disability keep him down.  He even could drive a car.  He was amazing!  I miss him and wish I could have one more conversation with him.  There are so many things I would like to say and so many things I would like to ask.

From the Heart:

In keeping with our theme, acts of kindness, here is another idea...
Though it is a common courtesy to say "Bless you!" when someone sneezes, people rarely do unless it is someone they know. The next time you hear or see someone sneeze, offer those kind words regardless of whether or not you know them. And if you have a tissue on hand, offer that, too!


You are acknowledging another person's misfortune and offering them well wishes. It may be that they are fighting a cold for the fifth day in a row, or maybe they have suffered a season of allergies. Or it could just be that one-time sneeze that we all have every once and a while. Either way a little compassion when some one's not feeling well goes a long way.

Step It Up:

Whether you know the person or not, talk to them a little after they sneeze. Find out if they are sick. If they are, offer to help: bring them some soup or help them get safely home where they can rest.

Keep It Simple:

Say "Bless you!" and make eye contact. Simply let them know you care with that one statement.

From the Kitchen:

Make 2 layers yellow cake
cherry pie filling (2- 21 oz cans)
instant vanilla pudding mix (2 boxes), prepared with milk
cool whip (large tub) (can substitute with whipping cream)
nuts (optional)

Chill overnight!
1st layer ~Crumble 1 layer of cake in bottom of bowl, add 1 can cherry pie filling, 1 box prepared pudding, and 1/2 tub cool whip.
2nd layer ~ Crumble 1 layer of cake in bottom of bowl, add 1 can cherry pie filling, 1 box prepared pudding, and 1/2 tub cool whip.

Refrigerate, Garnish with pecans (nuts) if you prefer. 

Important step*** Chill OVERNIGHT, I forgot to do this once and it just isn't the same!

Notes: Please note that the photo is of 1/2 the recipe. I made just half the recipe for because I did not have a punch bowl and we have a small family. It will make twice as much as shown. 

Lightened up version: To lighten it up you can use sugar free cake mix, sugar free pudding mix, light cool whip and fresh cherries.

From the Spirit:
“When we invite the Holy Ghost to fill our minds with light and knowledge, He “quickens” us, that is to say, enlightens and enlivens the inner man or woman. As a result we notice a measurable difference in our soul. We feel strengthened, filled with peace and joy. We possess spiritual energy and enthusiasm, both of which enhance our natural abilities. We can accomplish more than we otherwise could do on our own. We yearn to become a holier person.”
–Elder Keith K. Hilbig, “Quench Not the Spirit Which Quickens the Inner Man”, October General Conference 2007

From the Schmidt's:

Well, it's official!  We all have new glasses in our home.  All except Kyle that is.  He didn't want to get his eyes checked this year.  I had one of the boys pick up our glasses from the eye doctor while I was at work yesterday, so when I got home I immediately took off the old and put on the new, and let me tell eyes were singing the Hallelujah Chorus!  I went with a different style this time.  None of those small glasses for me anymore!  You see, I have great vision, but I have an astigmatism in my right eye, and my eyes are very strained from all the computer work I do daily.  Loving those new glasses!

Kevin had a "sit down" with the attorney yesterday to sign papers.  Looks like the settlement will not be here until after April.  ARG!  So frustrating!  Kevin needs to have surgery to place the nerve stimulator in his back and we were planning on using that money to get it done.  He has the temporary placement scheduled for 3/20, but it looks like we will need to put that off.  With Curtis getting ready to leave on a mission the budget can only handle so much.  So, Kevin waits again.  Don't get me wrong.  We are super excited about Curtis leaving on his mission, but it would have been nice if both things could have been taken care of all at once.  Plus there are some other things that could "derail" things so the sooner Kevin has his surgery the better.  Here it is in a nutshell.....I could be looking for a new job soon.  No, I am not happy about that, but it is what it is.  Nothing I can do about it.  There are a lot of changes taking place and I may have no choice. Whole departments are being relocated to other parts of the country.  So far, this doesn't affect me because technically I am on the service end of things, but it could down the road.  (Plus there are a few other things going on in my life that I do not care to talk about right now that have me a little stressed out.)  If this job thing happens that means medical insurance stops, since I'm the one carrying that.  Which could mean it will mess everything up for Kevin to get his stimulator or even medications for his pain, down the road.  It isn't good, and I am a little freaked out about that.  So, this whole thing with Kevin's back and this surgery needs to happen right away.   As I said before the temporary placement for the trail run of the stimulator was scheduled for 3/20, but it may need to be put off.  If that happens it won't happen until the end of April, which means the actual placement won't take place until sometime in May.  He just needs this done....and the sooner the better!  Needless to say, I am a little stressed out at the moment.  

Danielle came over Thursday afternoon to walk her dog and check for any mail she might have got. While she was here she took Lexi out for yogurt too. Lexi, of course, loved it!  When they got back to the house Lexi ran in yelling, "Danielle's engaged!  Danielle's engaged!!"  Lexi said she just got asked while they were out for yogurt.  Which was not true!  Danielle is NOT engaged.  
That girl!!  Lexi, I mean.  She knows just how to tease.  Ha! Ha!
Danielle came back over today and we went out shopping.  Curtis got his second suit, and Danielle picked up a set of scriptures for her non-member friend.  Her roommate.  She has known Brittney since she was in Junior High.  Brittney is Danielle's best friend.  Danielle has been taking Brittney to church with her and I guess Brittney feels left out when she doesn't have the scriptures to open up to when someone is speaking or teaching a lesson.  How cool is that???  It was fun to go with Danielle to pick up the scriptures.  Danielle got Brittney a case for her scriptures too.  Love that!  We just got the basic set.  I'm sure a nicer set could be in Brittney's future if she decides she really wants them too.  This is a good thing!  LOVE THAT!!! 

Lexi is doing really well with her online classes.  Here grades are awesome and I don't even have to say anything.  Lexi is motivated to do her work on her own.  Don't get me wrong, I am checking her progress daily to keep up on everything.  The one thing that has been slipping is her seminary attendance.  Which we hate!  She did not want to switch her class to A-hour and now she has online sessions with her teachers that get in the way of seminary.  So, we may need to switch it up and change the time she goes to seminary so she doesn't miss any more.  She needs seminary!  

So far Curtis has two suits, 10 shirts, two pairs or dress shoes, some ties, his books, his scriptures, and his garments.  We still need a lot of stuff. Ties, dress pants, jeans, pajamas, robe, socks, tennis shoes, belts, white belt, white tie, white socks, and his winter things....coat, boats, luggage, just to name a few things.  Not to mention, he needs to purchase an iPad from the church that is pre-loaded with all the programs the church wants him to have while he is on his mission.  He will pick that up at the MTC (Mission Training Center) when he is there.  So that money plus his first month needs to be taken care of way before he leaves.  It isn't cheap sending a boy out on a mission and our church does not pay for missionaries to serve missions.  The missionary and his family pays for that.  For those of you that may not know and just to give you an idea of the cost, the average mission costs about $9,600.  How did I come up with that figure?  It costs $400 a month for a missionaries month expenses.  So, 400 x 24 months = $9.600.  Plus the cost of all the things a missionary will need to get out in the field.  So, that can average about another 
$2-3,000.  So, the average mission costs about $12,600 for the two years a young man or young lady is out in the mission field.  No our church does not pay for this.  The missionary and the family pays for this. We still have a lot to do, but we are further along than we were last week.  It will happen.  It just takes time.  We will get there.  One way or another.  It will get done and believe me, its all worth it!

I didn't get to watch Scandal last week.  It wasn't on.  So, I cannot wait until next week.  I need to see it!  It's just something I look forward to that helps the week go by a little nicer.  That's all.  

Well, I have an entire house calling my name.  I need to get some work done around here.  Fun Fun!  Take care and we will talk again soon. 

Quote of the Day:
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