Wednesday, February 11, 2015

He's HOME!!

 Kevin's potassium level still seems to be an issue.  I guess when it hits rock bottom that is when you get the check tightening, dizziness, and check arm and heck pain associated with a heart attack. We still do not know the cause of all this, but the good news.....Kevin got a flu shot while he was in the hospital.  I about fell off my chair when he told me that yesterday.  The hospital was that concerned that they gave him the shot.  I thought that was a pretty expensive way to get the shot if you ask me.  LOL!

Even better news....Kevin came home yesterday afternoon.  They found a heart murmur which could be no big deal.  Danielle and I have murmurs or it could have been a bigger deal like Lexi's murmur.  The echo cardiogram must have came back good because no one mentioned that there were any problems.  We still do not know why Kevin is still feeling the way he does.  We have a few appointments scheduled so hopefully answers will come soon.  

Looks like we will take Curtis through the temple for the first time this Friday.  We are super excited.  Curtis needs to hustle and start making calls to invite the people he wants to come with him.  I sent one message and was prepared to sent out another when Kevin pulled me back to remind me that Curtis needs to make these calls, not me.  I guess I'm just so use to doing this all the time.  I am so excited for him.  This is awesome!

Kyle and Curtis went shopping last night. They picked up 10 shirts at JC Penney's and two pairs of dress shoes at Famous Footwear.  They got 6 long-sleeve white dress shirts each at $18.00 a piece, then 4 short-sleeve for $15.00 a piece.  The shoes were the cheapest I've seen for the type of shoe he needs.  They were $50.00 a piece.  Other places wanted $24-27 a piece on the shirts and $139 a pair for shoes.  I think my boys did an excellent job so far.  I think we will go back to JC Penney's for his suits and dress pants too.  We are getting closer.  Yes!  This afternoon it's off to Beehive clothing for Curtis and haircuts too.  I can't believe the time has come.  There is  nothing like getting a child ready to go through the Temple for the first time.  I love this!  These are exciting times! 

Tomorrow more Doctor's appointments.  

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