Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Two Things I am Grateful For:

1) I am grateful for a new day.  A new week.  Yeah!

2) Quiet moments to sit and ponder.  Love those and I need to try and find time for that more often.

From the Camera:

Another photo of me.  Visiting my Grandparents in Michigan.

From the Heart:

In keeping with our theme, here is another act of kindness idea.....

Be Glrateful!

"Appreciation is a wonderful thing: It makes what is excellent in others belong to us as well."

Be a grateful person. Make it a habit to thank the people who touch your life, even for the little things.

When we let others know we appreciate them or something they've done for us, we are letting them know how grateful we are that they are in our life. Be grateful for the weather, for shelter, and food. Share your grateful attitude with all you meet!


Having a grateful attitude in life goes a long way. The more you practice being grateful, the more you will find you are never lacking or wanting!

Step It Up:

Make a list of all the things you are grateful for in your life. At first you might only be able to think of a few things, but keep going! Ask your friends and family around you to help build this list. You will be amazed at how long this list grows. Tape the list somewhere you will see it often--perhaps to the refrigerator or next to a mirror. You will find just looking at the list will continue to make you a grateful person.

Keep It Simple:

Make it a habit every evening to say one thing that makes you grateful. Whether you've had a good day or a bad day, you can always find something to be grateful for. If you do this activity in the evening you will go to sleep with a grateful attitude. Let that attitude carry over into the next morning and see if you don't have more things to be grateful for at the end of that day.

From the Kitchen:

I've been asked to share this recipe so here you go....

Mormon Funeral Potatoes

1 Large bag of frozen shredded hash brown potatoes (not already browned, raw)

2 cans of cream of chicken soup

1 pint of sour cream

1 small bunch of green onions (just the green part cut really fine, I just use scissors!)

GOBS of grated cheese, I use cheddar/jack combination but any is fine. (what is a GOB? Oh about 2 large handfuls, but more is good too.)

Mix all ingredients in a large bowl, plop in a 9x13 pan and cook at 350 degrees for about ½ hour.

Optional: Crushed Corn Flakes on top, or Crushed Potato Chips, or Bread Crumbs W/melted butter etc, be creative.

From the Spirit:

If we are not willing to grapple with the frustration that comes from honestly and bravely facing the uncertainties we encounter, we may never develop the kind of spiritual maturity that is necessary for our ultimate preparations. It was Heber C. Kimball who once said that the Church has many close places through which it must yet pass and that those living on borrowed light will not be able to stand when those days come. Thus, we need to develop the capacity to form judgments of our own about the value of ideas, opportunities, or people who may come into our lives. We will not always have the security of knowing whether a certain idea is “Church approved,” because new ideas do not always come along with little tags attached to them saying whether the Church has given them the stamp of approval. Whether in the form of music, books, friends, or opportunities to serve, there is much that is “lovely, . . . of good report, [and] praiseworthy” (Article of Faith 13) that is not the subject of detailed discussion in Church manuals or courses of instruction. Those who will not risk exposure to experiences of life that are not obviously related to some well-known Church work or program will, I believe, live less abundant and meaningful lives than the Lord intends. We must develop sufficient independence of judgment and maturity of perspective that we are prepared to handle the shafts and whirlwinds of adversity and contradiction that are so likely to come along in our lives. When those times come, we cannot be living on borrowed light. We should not be deceived by the clear-cut labels some may use to describe circumstances that are, in fact, not so clear. Our encounters with reality and disappointment are in fact vital stages in the development of our maturity and understanding.

From the Schmidt's:

Today is a day with a lot of new things or changes.  Today Kevin starts seeing new doctors to get the ball rolling for the nerve stimulator he will eventually have placed in his back.  He will have several appointments and a temporary unit placed for a 1-2 week trial period before the permanent unit is placed.  Let the "fun" begin.  Poor Kevin.

Then a friend at work informed me that she intends to retire a few months earlier than planned.  I guess she is going to move out of state too.  She is going to move to be closer to family.  So that means in May and not in September.  I'm going to miss her.

Today we also got a new supervisor at work.  It's someone who use to be on our team, but is coming back.  So we do know this person so that's a good thing. 

School starts again for Kyle today.  He is taking a huge load of classes this semester.  He will be at school 4 nights a week.  Wow!

Then of course Curtis' mission call coming soon too.

Danielle Lexi and I are pretty much status quo.  

I was looking around the house last night thinking I have so much I want to get done.  Lots of little projects and things.  Then Kevin informed me that I may have jumped the gun on the mission call.  It may not actually arrive until next week.  So I may need to let everyone know.  Time will tell.

It's funny.  At first Curtis said he didn't care where he went.  Now that some time has passed we have learned that he is hoping for another country.  Kevin told him not to worry if he goes state side.  He said you never know what you will be doing until you get to your mission.  Kevin was speaking from experience, of course.  Kevin left home with a state side mission call, English speaking, but ended up changing 1/2 way through his mission to foreign speaking.  He had to teach himself Laotian.  Talk about a difficult language to learn.  By the time it was time for Kevin to come home he could bear his testimony in the language.  In fact, he shared his testimony in Sacrament meeting with the Laotian members.  They were so thrilled that he finally could speak the language that they gave him a standing ovation right there in the middle of Sacrament Meeting.  Crazy isn't it??!!!!  Kevin loved his mission.  He served in the Oakland California Mission. When he switched to Laotian speaking his entire mission became their area.  So pretty much the entire Bay Area.  That area is so cool.  We went back as a couple a few years back and WOW!  I feel in love with the Bay Area.  Just the view from the top of the Oakland Temple was amazing!  Love that area.  So, you just never know what a mission call will bring.  State side or Foreign.  That's half the fun of it.  Discovering all the places you will go and the people you will meet.  

Well, I need to get busy and get a few things done.  Hope your Tuesday is shaping up to be simply glorious.  Take care and we will talk again soon.  

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