Saturday, January 3, 2015

Just Another Saturday

Two Things I Am Grateful For:

1).  Modern Medicine!  I am so glad I live in a day where we have so many medical options available to choose from.  What a blessing!

2).  A Heater in our home to warm those cold days and nights with the flip of a switch.  

Family Happenings:

Ever wake up in the wee hours of the morning to your heart pounding out of your chest?  I did this morning.  Then when I got up my hives were all over my body.  When I took the fleece blanket away my hives started to go away.  So I think we may have figured out the cause of all my hive madness.  And I thought it was the dog all this time.  Ha!

As I type this my forearms are itching and becoming red again.  Arg!  Maybe it's just a heat rash after all.  IDK!  All I know is I need to figure this out.  

Tonight I gave Curtis the chance to help decide what we had for dinner tonight.  We were going to try sausage spaghetti, but Dad made us go with Chili and Fry Bread.  

It was yummy.  My MIL makes a chili with a little bit of a Mexican flare.  So, I made her recipe with a little bit of a twist.  More beans and more ground beef.  Kevin loved it and everyone else did too.  

Danielle spent the day in the snow near Payson with her boyfriend Chance today.  He makes her very happy, which is a great thing!  

Lexi spent the night with her good friend Christin so they could attend a baptism today.  Lexi and Christin take a sign language class at school and they were asked to sign a song at the baptism.  Lexi spent the night so they both could meet with the deaf missionaries to go over their signing for the song.  Then early, early this morning Christin's Mom drove the girls to Phoenix to attend the baptism.  I wish we could have gone too.  Lexi and Christin did such a good job that they were asked to sign at their next baptism.  How cool is that???  

Lexi was grounded after taking off from the New Year's Eve Youth Dance with some friends.  We expected her to stay at the dance and she didn't get our permission prior to leaving.  She text me after she left and said they went to the friends house and then to another dance.     I was most concerned that she just up and left the people she went to the dance with AND that she took off with a teenage driver on one of the worst possible nights to be out on the roads.  Not to mention that she didn't wait for permission, which we NEVER would have given her.  As well as what if they would have got into an accident or something and we got a visit from police asking us if we knew where our daughter was.  (This is where I hear my Mother's voice.  There was a time when I remember having a similar conversation with my Mom.  I was in High School and she told me if I wanted to take a day off from school I had to tell her.  She didn't want a surprise visit from police either.  My conversation was not due to a mistake I made.  Mine came as a warning and a request from my Mom, but the effect was the same.)  We would totally be caught off guard.  So, long story short.  Kevin, Lexi, and I had a long talk when she got home.  And if it wasn't for a baptism she NEVER would have left the house this weekend.  

She is a great kid, but sometimes we all make mistakes.  I really don't think she knew she did anything wrong.  Believe me, she knows now that it was rude to the people she went to the dance with, leave the way she did.  (She left our Bishop's daughter at the dance,to hang out with a Stake President's daughter.  So I know she was with good kids.  Kids who even tried to take the blame for taking Lexi with them.)  Lexi also knows we are expecting her to apologize to those people.  And, she knows now to ask and wait for permission from us first. And, she knows now that we would have never given her the okay.  She felt pretty bad about her choices/decisions made.   
I'm just glad Kevin and I were here to talk to Lexi together.  I'm also glad she is a pretty great kiddo too.  She is still grounded for a while because her decisions have consequences.  Hopefully  we won't have this kind of thing happen again.  

Enough about that.  Kyle and Curtis spent some time at my MIL's house today putting her bed together.  She ordered another twin bed.  She has three now, but she needed one that was lower to the ground.  She moved back into her home today after being away for over 3 months now.  To be honest, I'm shocked.  I expected her to stay a little longer.  

Now Kyle and Curtis are off at Jose Hinckley's house tonight.  Playing games or something.  Curtis needed to get out tonight since he has been dealing with his puffy cheeks after his wisdom teeth were removed.  This wisdom teeth thing has been a big adjustment for Curtis.  His mouth hurts.  We knew it would.  Frankly, his cheeks didn't swell up as much as I expected.  Which is a great thing!

Tomorrow our church starts at 11am!  I am so excited!  I love this time slot!  One full year of 11 o'clock!!!  It's wonderful!!  Yippee!!!

Gotta go.  Time to get things ready for tomorrow.  I think my, whatever this sickness is, is finally calming down enough for me to venture out and that makes me very happy!  Wish me luck tomorrow.  Take care everyone and we will talk more tomorrow.

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