Tuesday, December 9, 2014

What a WoNdErFuL Day!!1

From the Camera:
CORRECTION......From the Christmas Printable Quotes:
(it's been a busy day and this girls camera is sitting on the charger.  I promise more photos tomorrow.)

From the Heart:
In keeping with my theme - Random Acts of Kindness, here is another idea....How about donating your vehicle?!!  Do you have a vehicle you don't need or want anymore?  Maybe your car just died and it is old it isn't worth it to pay to fix it?  Or perhaps you inherited a vehicle from a relative who can no longer drive.  Before you decide to sell it, consider donating it to a local charity or possibly to a place like Deseret Industries.  I personally know of one family that received a car through such a donation, and what a blessing it was for them!!!  The young mother worked nights with me at AT&T and she would ride her bike to and from work every day.  So imagine how thrilled she was to finally be able to drive to work or to the grocery store or to a doctors appointment on her own and not have to rely on buses, the kindness of relatives or even strangers.  You too could help another entire family in need with a donation like this and in most cases your donation is tax-deductible. 

From the Kitchen:
I've shared this before, but it's time to start baking and this is on the list of things to make.  Check it out.
Toffee Recipe
  • Ingredients:

    2 cups semi-sweet chocolate chips
    1 cup finely chopped almonds
    2 cups butter
    2 cups white sugar
    1/4 teaspoon salt

    Yield:  Recipe makes 2 pounds


    1.  In a large heavy bottomed saucepan, combine the butter, sugar and salt.  Cook over medium heat, stirring until the butter is melted.  Allow to come to a boil, and cook until the mixture becomes a dark amber color, and the temperature has reached 285 degrees F
    (137 degrees C).  Stir occasionally.

    2.  While the toffee is cooking, cover a large baking sheet with aluminum foil or parchment paper.

    3.  As soon as the toffee reaches the proper temperature, pour it out onto the prepared baking sheet.  Sprinkle the chocolate over the top, and let it set for a minute or two to soften.  Spread the chocolate into a thin even layer once it is melted.  Sprinkle the nuts over the chocolate, and press in slightly.  Putting a plastic bag over your hands will minimize the mess.

    4.  Place the toffee in the refrigerator to chill until set.  Break into pieces, and store in an airtight container.
From the Spirit: 

"The real Spirit of Christmas is a desire to sacrifice for others, to render service and to possess a feeling of universal brotherhood.  It consists of a willingness to forget what you have done for others, and to remember what others have done for you; to ignore what the world owes you, and think only of your duties in the middle distance, and your chance to do good and aid your fellow-men in the foreground - to see that your fellow-men are just as good as you are, and try to look behind their faces to their hearts - to close your book of grievances against the universe, and look about you for a place to sow a few seeds of happiness and go your way unabsorbed."
--By:  Baird pg. 154

From the Schmidt's:
This has been a busy week.  Curtis had his physical today.  He had some lab work to get done, and he goes back on Friday to review the lab results and pick up his paperwork.  Then tomorrow he has an appointment with an oral surgeon as well as another appointment with the regular dentist.  If all goes well, he will be able to turn his mission papers in to our Bishop this weekend....AND hopefully have another appointment with our Bishop sometime on Sunday.  (crossing fingers)  Then it's off the see the Stake President for that appointment too.  The only thing that could throw a wrench into tomorrow is that Grandma has been given the okay to start driving again.  Guess which day she has decided to start?  Tomorrow!  Of all the days, right??  So, Curtis gets to drive with her since she needs someone with her for those first few road trips.  So, Curtis will drop his sister off at school, run over to his Grandmother's home to let her dogs out, then run to pick up his Grandmother, and she will drive him to his first dental appointment.  In the middle of the day, Grandma has an appointment of her own which she will drive herself to.  Then back to pick up Curtis.  After all of this, Curtis has his second dental appointment in the afternoon.  All of this, of course, on one of the most important days of our sons life.  Each of these appointments are critical in order for him to complete his paperwork and get going on his mission.  Can you see why I might be concerned?  Most times when we get in the car with Grandma she gives us wrong directions or she has no idea where things are.  Thankfully Curtis has made it clear to me that he has not problem telling Grandma to let him drive and how to get somewhere.  I would just feel a lot better if we didn't have all the added stress of her driving and getting her to and from her appointment too.  She knows how important these appointments are for Curtis and she knows the time crunch we are under, yet it never fails....she always has to be the center of attention.  So frustrating.  I am totally venting right now and I need to STOP!  I need to remember this woman has done a lot for us in the past.  Believe I am fully aware of this, and she did just have surgery too.  Recovery takes time, especially for a woman at her age.

Yesterday was a rough day.  I almost got into a car accident when someone pulled out in front of me.  It's so scary when people do that!  When I slammed on the brakes it made an old hip,lower back injury flare up for me.  Then my eyes have been bothering me too.  That's from not wearing my glasses while I work.  AND my feel swelled up too!  I know, I am falling apart.  My feet swell up every time I wear this certain pair of black shoes.  It never fails.  So, needless to say I walked around the house looking like a question mark.  HA HA!  Not fun.  Thankfully I was much better when I woke up this morning.  Tonight my only issue are my eyes, but I did wear my glasses while I worked.  

So, since my "From the Schmidt's" section of this blog post is a touch on the negative side, I thought I would end with one more section.....

Two Things I am Grateful For:  (I really should start my blog post with this section first)
1)  I am really grateful for our Bishop.  He is pretty awesome and has really been there for our family for several months now.  I really do not know how he does it all.  For those of you that do not know this in the Mormon faith we use a lay ministry.  That means that none of the people in positions of authority get paid for their time and service.  So our Bishop works full-time PLUS just to support his family, then he spends countless hours working to serve and help over 400 - 600 people in our ward.  (Ward = Congregation) He spends an entire day down at the church on Sundays.  Sunday meetings for a Bishop can sometimes begin very early in the morning and end sometimes after 9 p.m. at night.  Then during the week he also spends 1 - 2 evenings down at the church taking appointments from members of his ward.  Then there are the countless phone calls he gets 7 days a week, 24 hours a day when someone needs help, as well as those personal visits he makes to homes or hospitals.  His church work is always there for him.  
Our family is only one of many, many families that he helps, yet he knows exactly what we need at the very moment we need it.  This man is very in tune with his Heavenly Father, and we appreciate that very much.  I cannot tell you how many times he has literally read our minds and knew exactly what we needed before we could even ask.  He has called our home and pulled my husband out of his "funk" (depressed moment) several times.  He knew exactly what to say and how to help my husband each and every time.  He has even been there for each of our children too.  Now he is really focusing on Curtis and getting him ready to serve a mission.  I can not tell you what all this means to me.  I love that man for honorably and faithfully serving in his calling.  I shutter to think where our family would be right now without this man serving as our Bishop at this time, in this ward.  He has been a huge part of lifting our burdens and keeping us focused on our Savior, Jesus Christ.  What a blessing he is for us, and for all he serves in this ward!  

2) I am grateful to have a job!  Seriously!  I am so thankful.  That is not easy for me to say.  There has been drama at work from the moment I became a full time employee.  I remember when I met my first supervisor.  She was abrasive and frankly a little rude.  She did not impress me at all.  In fact, I went back to the boss I had when I was temping and asked if I could come back and NOT be a full-time employee.  He just laughed at me and told me to give it a little more time, which I did.  After a year I transferred to another department.  That transfer came with it's own drama.  The members of the team I went to did not like the idea of me coming to their team because they had all ready decided they wanted another person to come to the team.  To this day, I do not think they have EVER let that go.  I am being serious.  My boss even brings it up from time to time in our one-on-one meetings.  So, it was well known that they were not happy with her choice to hire me.  BUT, I know that I have proven myself time and time again.  I do a very good job and the clients I work for know it as well, and they tell me this all time.  I am grateful they take the time to tell me over the phone.  I enjoy working with these clients.  They are really great to work for and I enjoy getting to know them.  They are incredible people, each and every one of them.  So, what I am getting at is this....Sure, I have thought about finding another job, but this is where I want to be.  I enjoy the challenge my job gives me, I enjoy the people, and I am grateful for everything this job has given me.  This job not only has been a means to help my family out, but it has taught me a lot.  More than words can say.  Enough said.

Here is hoping you had a wonderful day too.  Take care and I will talk to you soon. 
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