Sunday, December 21, 2014

The ABC's of Christmas

It's been a quick weekend and so this will be a quick post today.  Hope you enjoy it!  

A is for Advent Calendar, filled with candy and treats and angels hidden all through the home. 
B is for Baby Jesus, the reason for this holiday season.
C is for Carols.  I love this time of year and all the fun songs we sing.
D is for Decorations!  Decorations, and more decorations!
E is for eating, entertaining, and excitement!
F is for Family, Friends, and Festivities!  
G is for that good feeling in the air for the whole month of December.
H is for Homemade goodies.  My family loves those!
I is for It's a Wonderful Life and all the other favorite holiday movies, from Christmas Vacation to Home Alone, and so on. 
J is for Jingle Bells, the sound never gets old
K is for kisses.  Peppermint kisses, Peanut Butter kisses.  Thank you, Mr. Hershey!
L is for Love, which is shown more now than any other time of year and lights shining everywhere
M is for the Magic in the air!
N is for Nativities
O is for Ornaments
P is for picture perfect windows and presents
Q is for Quiet, the one moment before everyone awakens on Christmas morning.
R is for recipes, old and new, tried and true.
S is for Santa, Snowmen, and sweet scents of Christmas....pomegranate candles, apple and cinnamon baking.
T is for traditions carried on throughout the years.
U is for all of the love, thought, and energy that is wrapped and placed lovingly UNDER the tree.
V is for the beautiful Christmas Village on my dining room table.
W is for Wassail and Wreathes
X is for X's and O's under the mistletoe
Y is for Yummy things to eat and Yahoo, it's Christmas!
Z is for Zonked.....that's me the day after Christmas!

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