Friday, December 26, 2014


IIt started happening around 5 p.m. Last night.  My nose!  My poor, poor nose has not stopped running.  The beginning of a cold and I am not happy.  First thing I did was put socks on my feet, prepared a glass of Emergen-C and drank it, then began searching the house for any and all cold medicine we have.  When I found some I took that too.  Then I remembered I had a prescription nasal spray too.  I used that too.  I also drank all the water I could because staying hydrated is key.  After all of this The first thing I noticed was that my right ear finally popped.  (It's been plugged for a week now). YES!  Then my nose stopped running for a bit and I actually fell asleep. When I woke up this morning I could breath but as soon as my head came off my pillow my nose began to run again.  So, I did the same thing I did last night.  The Emergen-C, the nasal spray, and the cold medicine.  Looks like I will be off to Walgreens for the tried and true stuff.  The Advil cold and sinsus.  You know the stuff they make you show your I.D. for and you have to sign for.  It is the only thing that will help me keep my head above water.  The only thing I am worried about are the hot and cold moments.  I never seem to be able to control that part when I get a cold.  Oh well.  

So, no church today for me.  No boundary meeting for me.  I need to get better so I can get to work tomorrow.  Wish me luck.   More tomorrow.  Take care, and I will talk to you soon.  

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