Sunday, December 7, 2014

Sunday Night Hodgepodge

Today has been a productive weekend.  We still did not get as much done as I would have liked, but that's okay.  We got some of the Christmas decorations up, the Christmas village, I got the kitchen cleaned up, laundry done, and we played a few games this weekend.  All in all, I say this was a good weekend.

Kevin got up to go to church this morning and the pain was so intense he went right back to bed.  He slept most of the morning.  He worries me.  This week is a marathon appointment week.  I have my appointment on Tuesday.  Curtis has 4 appointments, and Kevin will need to get into see his pain specialist again too.  Talk about crazy!  After this week we will see where we are.  BUT, the best part....Curtis will be turning in his mission papers.  Woo Hoo!!!  

Kyle has decided to try and go visit some of his friends at the beginning of January.  These are friends from his mission.  He needs to go have some fun.  It will be good for him.  He needs this.  

Lexi has decided to run track this year.  She didn't try out for club volleyball this year.  In fact, she didn't play for her school either.  She had an arm injury and we were spending time with physical therapists, shots, and trying to determine if surgery was a possibility.  During this whole thing she worked as a manager for the team.  BUT, the head coach was kind of mean through this whole thing and it left a bad impression on Lexi.  So, she has decided to change sports and run track.  Kevin and I know she needs to keep busy and do something....especially some kind of sport.  She is a tough girl and can do pretty much anything she puts her mind to.  I just hope she enjoys track as much as she has enjoyed volleyball.  She could have gone to play for another club team, but she didn't want to risk it with her arm and everything.  She still wakes up in the middle of the night in pain or comes home from school in pain.  Nothing really works for it.  She has this cream and some exercises, but that is about it.  Kevin was not impressed with the hand specialist we say.  He had a chip on his shoulder, that is for sure.  So, we really need to get a second opinion and go from there.  At first the guy we say said it was pretty rare to have a ganglion cyst in your carpal tunnel.  I would think that if that grew it would cause all kinds of pain.  Then he tried to tell Kevin that Lexi's pain was all in her head.  Not when it causes her to wake up from a dead sleep, crying and hurting.  As you can imagine, Kevin was pretty angry at this guy.  Here is Kevin struggling behind a walker trying to stand up to this guy.  I can only imagine how that looked.  Kevin was not happy with him at all!  Needless to say, we have not been back since and we will NEVER go see this guy again.  So, if anyone else has a hand issue we will have to find a different doctor.  This guys ego was huge!  I'm rambling. Sorry.

A few weeks ago Lexi went to mutual.  At about 8:25 p.m. I text Lexi to find out if she was at the church or out with her leaders and would be getting a ride home from Mutual.  Lexi sent me a text back and said it would be a little bit because they were all talking but she never mentioned where she was or that she had a ride home.  At about 10 p.m. I began to get worried so I text Lexi again, no answer.  Then I called, no answer.  So, I grabbed Curtis and ran out to our car only to find this black car blocking my drive-way.  I couldn't see in the car and so I asked the driver, who was sitting with her body turned towards the back of her car, low and behold it was Lexi's leader and Lexi was in the back seat.  I guess they were talking in the car.  When the leader realized I was Lexi's mom and I was going out to find her she seemed surprised.  I said well, it's 10 p.m. and a school night and I couldn't get a hold of Lexi.  So, yes, I was frantically going out looking for my daughter.  The Leader apologized and Lexi got out of the car and we all went into the house.  Now, I SUPER tired because I had to be up for work at 4:30 a.m. and I was up past my bedtime.  BUT, what I could not believe is that this leader decided to have an impromptu presidency meeting after mutual on a school night without telling parents or even the girls.  Then to drive Lexi home all alone.  Sure, we have great girls in our ward and great leaders too. BUT, what about two deep leadership??? That only seems to apply to scouts in this area.  I fear for our youth leaders.  Seriously!  Believe me, no one wants to believe that bad things can happen at church.  BUT, I am here to tell you they can and they do.  I know of one such family that would take every opportunity to make things hard on their ex-wife by asking their boys to act out and cause as much trouble as possible everywhere they go...that included church.  There was a time when we had primary leaders that were fearing legal action because this ex-husband threatened this kind of action.  So, it can happen.  
I would hate to see this kind of thing happen to ANY leader.  So, why aren't the female youth leaders taught to protect themselves just like the male leaders?  It's a safety thing for all leaders.  Why put them in any situation that would bring cause for question, right? Protect not put yourself in a situation without covering yourself.  Two deep leadership just makes sense.  Not to mention, please at least tell the girls to notify their parents before keeping them out past 8:30 - 9:00 p.m. on a school night.  I can handle being out late if I am just kept informed.  That's all.  
 Just sayin..... (stepping down off the soap box)

Danielle will be coming over tomorrow to see us all.  She comes by to walk her dog.  He needs his mommy and me time.  He has been pretty restless lately.  There is this cat that keeps hanging out in our front yard that he wants to go attack.  I wish the cat would find another place to hang out.  I am not a big cat fan.  Now, don't get me wrong...I like them.  I just do not want to own any of them.  I just can't handle the whole kitty litter thing.  Not for me!

I still have a little laundry to do and a dishwasher to start.  I did get a haircut this weekend.  Finally!  I so needed one.  Coupon's are everything!!  I'm still getting use to it.  I went away from the whole a-line bob thing.  I needed a change....BUT, I still do not have bangs and I'm not sure I like that.  I will admit that I did take the scissors to my hair just a little when I got home.  Just to take a little more off the sides so my hair would lay right around my face.  The way it was cut put my bangs in my eyes all the time and it was driving me crazy.  I like it a lot better now.  Maybe tomorrow I will post a few photos.  When I have it all nice and pretty and some make-up on.  ~smile~smile~ 

UPDATE:  Apparently, my MIL will not be home until after January 15th.  I stated December 15th before.  So she will be at my BIL's house for Christmas after all.  Kevin and I thought that would happen.  Her physical therapist has released her to go home, but the occupational therapist wants to visit her in her home.  That happens this Tuesday.  I would think she could come home anytime after that visit, but it doesn't look like that will happen.  Honestly, I think she likes being around other people, especially for the holidays.  We will see how things go.  More on that later.

I've been struggling with something.  Someone made a few comments that really kind of hurt.  Last Sunday I walked into the chapel and was approached by someone who is pretty familiar with our situation and they made a comment.  I was pretty proud of myself for making it to church and then this comment comes and like a ton of bricks it cuts to the core of me immediately.  I of course repeated it to my husband and that was it.  BUT, this comment has rattled me for a couple of days now.  In fact, I was talking with someone else and she wisely told me that I have a choice to make.  Do I let this person's comments eat away at me and own it.  OR do I chalk the comment up to being that other person's problem and move on.  Well, of course I want to chalk this up to being that other person's problem and move on.  It's been easy to let it go and it does make me feel better to NOT own this person's statement...until I see that person again.  It's like I put on my defensive gear of waiting for another comment or something.  I guess I have more to work on when it comes to things like this.  I guess this is how the adversary is going to try to get at me.  When I least expect it and in a place I put my guard down a little.  I do know that with a little help from my Heavenly Father I can pray to him and turn this over to him and he will help me through this and even take these feelings of defensiveness away from me.  I guess that is what I have not done yet.  I haven't taken this to the Lord.  I need to do this.  What a blessing it is to know that I can take ANYTHING to my Heavenly Father and he is there for me.  He will help me through things like this.  He will even take this from me, all I have to do is ask.  I should have prayed about this a week ago, but I let this bother me all week.  Time to let it go.  ~love that song~
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