Monday, December 8, 2014

Just another manic Monday

From the Camera:

Sorry the photos are dark.  This is what my living room and family room look like now that all of the X-mas boxes are out.  We are finally starting to put up the tree and everything.  Talk about a mess!  I hate this stage, but I love it when everything is in it's place.  We got the tree up and the lights on it.  The kids have been putting the Christmas ornaments all over it and the star is at the top.  Tomorrow I will add the garland.  I am just too tired to do it tonight.  

From the Heart:  How about picking up groceries for a neighbor.  Picking up groceries can be a huge act of kindness for an elderly neighbor who isn't able to get out much.  Simply knock on their door and see if you can pick something up for them while you are at the store for yourself.  This can be especially helpful to do when you know bad weather is approaching.  By picking them up a few things even will help tide them over until a storm has passed so they will not have to venture out in the middle of bad weather to get some dinner or food for their animals.

From the Kitchen:  I have never made these, but I want to.  Lexi and I may just have to try this....

Reindeer Cupcakes
Cant find directions for these but they look simple enough to make.
Pretzel antlers, nilla wafer snout, dab melted chocolate on M&M's for nose, 
You could put chocolate chips for eyes on top of cut mini marshmallows and tootsie rolls cut and bent into shape for the ears.

From the Spirit:  For years I have been fascinated by the gifts Christ was given by the 3 wise men.  I found a few things about those gifts, but the best explanation I have found was from  Here is what I found....

Why did the Wise Men give Joseph and Mary gold, frankincense, and myrrh?
Many people believe that it’s the thought that counts when it comes to gift giving. Maybe that’s because the thought behind the gift makes it more than just a useful or interesting object—it makes the gift a symbol of the gift-giver’s love or consideration for the recipient. Some gifts also mean more than the thought behind the gift; these kinds of gifts have a widely accepted symbolism that adds even more significance. When a gift has all three—practical utility, personal value, and symbolic meaning—it may be the most thoughtful and appreciated gift of all.
Consider the thought behind the gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh that the Wise Men gave to the Christ child (see Matthew 2:11). The Bibledoesn’t say why the Wise Men brought these particular gifts, but all three gifts had practical value and perhaps symbolic meaning for the Son of God and His earthly parents.


Practical use: For a young couple who would soon have the expense of traveling to Egypt to avoid the wrath of Herod, the gold would be an invaluable gift.
Symbolic meaning: Gold is the typical gift for kings (see 1 Kings 9:14, 28) because it symbolizes kingship and royalty—a fitting gift for the “King of kings” (1 Timothy 6:15).


Practical use: Aside from its considerable monetary value, frankincense was used as a sweet-smelling incense and perfume.
Symbolic meaning: Frankincense comes from a sweet tree resin and was used in priesthood ordinances, in burnt offerings (see Leviticus 2:1), and in oil for anointing priests. Thus, it can represent the Lord’s priesthood and His role as the Lamb of God to be sacrificed on our behalf (see John 1:29).


Practical use: Myrrh, a bitter oil from a tree resin, was also economically valuable but probably more beneficial to Mary and Joseph for its medicinal uses.
Symbolic meaning: In the New Testament, myrrh is usually associated with embalming and burial because of its preservative qualities (see John 19:39–40). Myrrh’s medicinal uses can symbolize Christ’s role as the Master Healer, and its use in burials can symbolize “the bitter cup” He would drink when He suffered for our sins (see D&C 19:18–19).
From the Schmidt's:
For the past couple of months we had a leaky water faucet right outside our front door.  It drove us all bonkers.  Well, just after Christmas my boys changed out the faucet head and that fixed it!  Then in my kitchen I had a leak under the kitchen sink too.  As it turned out it was the garbage disposal that needed to be replaced.  That same weekend my boys, under the direction of my husband, changed out the disposal too.  I cannot tell you how thrilled I am.   It has been so nice to step out front and NOT hear that leaky faucet.  But even better than that, it has been so nice doing dishes in my kitchen sink again.  I can actually use the garbage disposal and not have it freeze up or clog up.  You do not know  many times this happened and how frustrating it was.  Thank goodness I have a husband that knows how to fix these things, even if he can't get under the sink himself.  He is really good at teaching and walking my boys through the process.  AND, thanks to my boys for being so willing to help out and get these things done for us.  I have to say, both of my boys have been pretty amazing!!  They have been there to help their dad get to his many, many doctors appointments when I can't, they have taken care of their Grandma's animals every day since she went into the hospital in October, and they have been "baby-sitting" their Grandma every week day for the past few weeks.  They have been pretty awesome when it comes to helping out. Sometimes they have even had to leave their dad home alone to cover time for their Grandmother.  Kevin is worse off than their Grandmother too.  She is walking and getting up and around, and even shopping.  These are things Kevin cannot do.  It's been hard for me to allow my boys to leave there dad.  He falls too often and it seems to always happen when both boys are gone. This last time it happened when Kevin's phone was not working.  Luckily he was close to a computer so he could Facebook message Kyle or Curtis to come home.  Talk about scary.  I worry about that man.  

Lately he has been particularly down.  I'm not sure what had triggered this, but it's hard for me to watch him.  He is usually the one to see the bright side or to help me rise above it all.  I don't know what to do to help him out of this "funk" he has slipped into.  I'd like to think this will pass and we just need to keep him involved as much as we can and make sure he knows we love him and eventually he will snap out of this.  Honestly, I think he needs something to do.  Just something to help him get his mind off of things.  I think Kevin feels like he is useless, when in fact, that is not the case.  He is extremely useful we just need to discover new ways for this to be brought to light.  You know what that means....time for some fasting and praying.  We need some insight on which direction to point Kevin in.  We need to pray for help and strength for Kevin.  I'm sure once we do this he will come around.  All things are possible when we put our trust in The Lord.  

Tonight I plan to get out tree up.  It's time.  I didn't want to do it until after the Christmas village was up.  I'm hoping my boys will surprise me and all ready have the tree, decorations, and light boxes out of the garage.  And I'm hoping they will have got the Christmas lights up on the house too.  That way all we have to do is decorate the tree and put the other decorations up around the house.  Fun fun.  We need another cheap box of chocolates to get this all done.  Ha Ha!  We really don't need that.  Trust me.  I'm crossing my fingers that all of this will be taken care of.  

It's been a long day and I am ready for a nap.  Hope your Monday was great.  Talk to you tomorrow.  Take care.  

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