Tuesday, December 30, 2014

He's a little LESS wiser too!

I am home today.....still sick and can barely talk.  Tomorrow looks like I will be at the doctor.  I'm not getting better and it's time to seek professional help.  I am not liking this at all, but something good did come out of my being home sick today.  This is no way to ring in the new year that's for sure!

Kevin and Danielle took Curtis to get his wisdom teeth removed.  He made our day today will all of his craziness.  We got lots of video, but this is the favorite.


Then after he got home he finished all of his mission stuff and submitted his electronic mission paperwork, and hand carried his physical and dental forms to our Bishop's home.  We were not expecting to submit his papers today, you see we were missing the dental form.  It was lost somewhere in the mail.  So, Curtis got another form printed and he and Danielle went to the primary dentist office this morning and he filled it out on the spot.  So, when he got home, he downloaded his driver's license and his photo.  Then reviewed the paperwork and submitted it all.  I may be sick as a dog, but I am so glad I got to be here for this.  It all just turned out and clicked today for Curtis.  I am so glad.  He was thrilled to be able to get this done!  AND I am one happy, but sick, momma!!!  Yippee!!!  

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