Friday, December 5, 2014

Fragmented Friday

Fragment from the Camera:
Let me just share a few silly photos I took of Lexi late last night when she I asked her to model her ugly sweater she planned on wearing to school today....

She is such a crazy girl!  We love her!  She makes me laugh all the time.  Especially with little moments like this.  

Fragment from the Heart:
Have you ever thought about kindness?  I am talking about random acts of kindness.  Have you been the recipient or the giver?  I have been on both ends of this.  One year we received gifts each day that were a modern day twist or a practical twist on the twelve days of Christmas.  We received a lot of cool things over the course of those three days, but we never found out who the gifts came from.  I would LOVE to know who did this because I thought the idea was very cool and someday I would like to do the same thing for someone else.  I'm sure I could find something on the Internet somewhere.  But you get the idea.....this random act took a lot of thought.  Plus I have no idea how the "giver" pulled this off for 12 days straight and we never found out who they were.  They were good!

Kindness can be found everywhere!  Kindness breeds more kindness and it is scientifically proven to benefit your life.  That's right.....scientifically.  I know I always feel better when I take the time to be a giver of acts of kindness AND I always feel better as the receiver too.  Since I need all the inspiration I can get to come up with ideas.  I thought I would start to make an effort to come up with a few ideas and share one per day.  Here is my idea for the day....

Offer to rake your neighbors leaves, mow their lawn, or sweep their porch or walkway.  While you are raking, mowing or sweeping your own lawn or porch, don't be afraid to just keep going and rake, mow, or sweep your neighbor's too.  This can be a particularly helpful kind act if your neighbors are elderly, sick, or if they are busy and often away from the house.  Do it while they are out and think how surprised they will be when they get home to a beautifully raked, mowed, or swept yard?  Go for it and share your ideas.  I would LOVE to hear from you.

Fragment from the Kitchen:
This weekend I had planned to do a little baking, but it looks like we make have to wait a day or two since Lexi has a lot going on Saturday.  Maybe Sunday afternoon we can bake the cupcakes Lexi has been dying to bake.  Then Monday night we can do sugar cookies as a family or something.  We will see.  I'm okay with just going with the flow this holiday season.  No need to rush rush rush.  I want to enjoy this time of year.  Here is a fun new recipe I might try.   

Chocolate Peppermint Cookies

Fragment from the Spirit:
I absolutely love this quote.  It reminds me of what is most important, and not just during the Christmas season.  I need reminders like this all the time.  

Fragment from the Schmidt's

This has been an interesting week.  Sunday night we sat down with our Bishop to discuss progress on getting Curtis ready for his mission.  He knew that Curtis has been to see our dentist and he mapped out a plan for the treatments.  We have dental insurance through my employer.  It's an HMO plan for dental.  The plan our HMO dentist mapped out showed the insurance covered portion and our portion.  As it turns out, our portion, before ANY oral surgery, would come to over $2000.00.  Not something we have these days just lying around, especially with Kevin not working.  I think this dentist saw the name of my employer and thought I must rake in the mullah.  Believe me, I wish I did.  Now remember this amount was before any oral surgery.  Curtis would still need his wisdom teeth extracted.  So, that would be in addition to the $2000.  When our Bishop heard this he thought this couldn't be right.  He asked that we see his dentist.  Curtis had an appointment this week.  The mission papers are complete and waiting for the appointments with the oral surgeon next week.  Once that is all done the paperwork will be mailed to our Bishop....the dental portion.  Then Curtis has a physical next Tuesday.  Curtis could have his mission papers turned in by Wednesday of next week!!!  We are so excited!  This is a blessing for sure!  I will be honest, I was beginning to have my doubts since the dental quote was soooo ridiculous!  We will let you know when Curtis gets his mission call.  

Yesterday while everyone was away from the house my husband fell.  His phone wasn't working so he couldn't call anyone.  Thank heavens he was close to a computer and could access Facebook.  He sent a message to my boys to come home and he was off the floor shortly after he sent the message.  His condition and situation continues to get worse.  I worry about him.  Lately Kevin seems like the weight of the world is on his shoulders.  Believe me, I know the look.  I'm sure I remember seeing it in the mirror on my own face from time to time.  I don't know how to help him with this.  I know he feels useless and he says he feels like a burden to everyone.  What he doesn't understand is that he is not a burden and he is not useless.  I couldn't survive without him.  I need him to make this family run the way it is suppose to run.  My children need a mother, but they need their father too.  It was designed that every family have a mother and a father.  We work together.  OUR family cannot work without a mother and a father.  Each person taking care of their individually designed rolls and responsibilities.  I can try to be the head of the house, but I was never designed to be such.  Sure, I can take over the role once in a while, but not on a long term basis.  I need my husband presiding as the patriarch in our home.  My children expect this and these deserve this.  This is the way I believe God intended a family to operate and run.  I as the mother help my husband and nurture our children.  My children have come to know and expect this order of roles and responsibilities in our home.  They have been taught this from the moment they were born, and I expect they will raise families of their own using this same pattern.  So, going about leading and guiding our family without Kevin is not an option.  He may not be able to do all of the things he use to do, but he is still here supporting, encouraging, and loving our children and myself in the way we have come to know and expect from him.  We need him.  We love him.  We cannot function without him and I hope he understands that he may have changed the way he "plays the game", but the game is still the same and we cannot play without all of the players.  I feel for him.  I know I would be feeling the same way if I was in his shoes.  

My main concern right now has got to be for Kevin's safety.  I need to know that he is taken care of.  Since my MIL had her surgery just before Halloween my boys have been taking care of her animals and running to "babysit" her every day this week.  Now, don't get me wrong, my boys can help.  BUT....Kevin comes first.  He is bad off and this is never going to change.  If he keeps falling, he will end up in a wheelchair.  The poor man does not move from his bed.  He spends 24/7 lying in bed right now.  He only gets up to go to the bathroom, shower, and go to appointments.  He got up for a bit on Thanksgiving, but that was it.  Only for about half an hour.  After that he was in bed.  I don't think some people understand just how bad things have got for my husband.  He still sounds like the old Kevin.  The body is weak but the mind is as strong and sharp as ever!!!  He blows me away sometimes.  I love that man!!  

I got to leave work early today.  The division I work for was having their annual "holiday" (Christmas) party at a local restaurant and several of us didn't want to go.  Who wants to watch about 100 plus people get drunk and act stupid?  Not me!  Sure, they are nice people, but if I can get home to my family quicker, that's where I am going to be.  Besides, this weekend will be a busy one.  I plan to clean the house tonight so we can deck the halls tomorrow.  We need to get the lights up, the tree up, and this Christmas village set up.  Lots to do.  Danielle is coming over tonight to walk her dog, which always makes me happy.  He needs to get out.  Kyle and Curtis will be going over to my MIL's house to clean her floors so the house is ready for her therapist's visit.  They have released her to finally go back home.  So, I think December 15th is the day.  Won't that be something???  Honestly, Kevin and I thought she would stay at my BIL's house until after Christmas.  Looks like she is ready to be in her own home, which is awesome.  I'm sure everyone is ready for things to be back to the way they were.  It's hard to open your home up to family members even if it's only temporary, BUT, it's even harder to be the house guest.  Trust me, I know.

Well, I have lots to do.  Hope you had a great day and I hope you have a wonderful weekend too.  Take care and I will talk to you soon.  
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