Wednesday, December 31, 2014

For Auld Lang Syne

Breathing finally is a good thing.  Today I actually feel a little better.  Thank goodness.  I still sound aweful, but I'm getting better.   

Kevin and I are home alone tonight.  Kyle dragged Curtis to a Young Adult activity, Lexi is headed off to a Youth Dance, and Danielle....., I have no idea what her plans are for this evening.  

Here are a few photos of Lexi messing around after she was ready for the dance...

She's a funny girl.  She makes me laugh, which is not good for me right now.  Makes me cough.  :)

I found this today.  I like this and I think we might do something like this for 2015.  We need to remember the good things and keeping a record is a great way to do this.  Check it out....

We may not keep a jar, we may need something bigger since there are 6 of us in this family.  We could fill up a jar fast with that many people involved.  

It's been a long day and I need to go lay down again.  Fireworks are going off all around us so I may not get much rest.  Our neighbors, the Whetten's invited us over to watch them light off fireworks.  It doesn't look like that will happen tonight, we may get as far as the front porch, if that.  

For us all New Year is the time to get over the failures of the past year and take a positive approach towards the coming year to make it successful. During the New Year time we make promises to become a better person as well as learn from our past mistakes. It is also the time to make fresh commitments and look forth at the new beginning.   That is exactly my wish for this new year for myself, my family, and all of my friends too.  Happy New Year Everyone.  Take care.

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