Monday, November 3, 2014

What? It's only Monday.

When I got in my car to come home from work, I was doing pretty well.  Then after I got home it all changed.  All I can say is WOW!  

I thought this sign was appropriate.  
It gives a shout out to the 80's.  I respect that.  

It's only Monday and my head is spinning and my eyes hurt from all the computer work.  Crazy, crazy week!  Kevin has a big doctor's appointment coming up with his surgeon, My MIL is coming home from the Extended Care Facility and we have all kinds of things to get ready for that.  We finally got some help from other family members, so the burden is not just on Kevin and I.  Thank goodness.  So, everyone is going to Grandma's house tomorrow to move her bedroom to another room, clean, and make sure she can get from one area to the other without furniture or other things in her way.  Kevin is stressed out and in major pain.  Sure he sounds good on the phone, but no one sees how he really is but our family.  He is a mess and it just seems to keep getting worse as the days go by.  He needs to stop trying to do everything for his mother and just worry about himself, but he feels obligated to do it.  Which I do understand.  It's just hard to watch him suffer so much at night and be in such pain himself.  That man!  What am I going to do with that man?  He can be tough as nails, but he really has a heart of gold and cares deeply for his family.  Sure, I call him ornery Kevin, because he truly is...but the fact remains that he is a good man.  A good guy.  I have to change the subject.  My eyes can't handle tears right now.  :)  

Let's share some photos.....

Curtis has been trying to get ready to turn in his mission papers.  We have tried twice to get him to let me take a simple photo to submit with his paperwork.  Each time he does something silly, and then his little sister gets into the photos.  This kid.  Now, does this look good enough to be sent to the first presidency?  I think not!  I need to snap a photo of him when he isn't expecting it or something.  He knows how important this photo is, yet he just cannot get serious for it for some reason.  That boy.  He has a heart of gold, and will do anything we ask him to do, but he also has a silly side and it comes out every time there is a camera around.  AND he has taught his little sister well.  

That same silliness comes out whenever Lexi gets in front of the camera too....see here when she posed for a photo with her Dad right after his last surgery.  Crazy kids.

So, I had to be a little silly too.  This is a future photo of Kevin and I in our old age.  Aren't these two just super cute???!!!  I love this photo. 

Here's another photo of Lexi around the age of 3 when she stayed at her Aunt's house.  Pretty silly, right???

This is Lexi (Pre-Heart Surgery) and Curtis just before take off in a little teeny, tiny plane out at Falcon Field a few years back.  Aren't they cute?

 photo ae61ba47-7d78-4151-a87a-fbdf53851081_zps246d8efb.png
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