Thursday, November 13, 2014

Thursday Ten & TBT

Me, just before we left the house for my High School Graduation.  Check out that 80's hair style!  
Ten things I have to do tomorrow:  (not in any particular order)
1. Go to work
2. Pay some bills
3. Fill out some paperwork for my new doctor.  (10 pages of stuff)
4. Clean
5. Spray paint my artichoke yard statues....again. (back to brown)
6. Go get groceries
7. Wish my husband Happy 27th Anniversary!!
8. Make sure the garbage cans make it out to the street
9. Clean out the refrigerator
10. Make sure my next doctor's appointment is on the calendar.

Nine things I'm praying for right now:
1. My husband and his health
2. My MIL and her health
3. My children
4. Our church leaders. This includes our Bishopric and Stake leaders too.
5. The ability to deal with our situation in a way the that is pleasing to the Lord.
6. That my son will be able to get out on his mission soon.
7. Our Nation - Peace on Earth
8. The ability to know more about how the Holy Ghost speaks to me.  
9. The ability to recognize the Lord's hand in my personal life.  Let me explain....I know the Lord watches over me, but sometimes I get a little busy and I forget to take note of those moments when I see Him in the details of my life.  It's during those moments that I need to remember to show my appreciation and give thanks to my Heavenly Father.  It is the remembering that I need to be better at.  I mean, remembering to stop and thank the Lord right then and there....not postponing my gratitude. 

Eight things I am looking forward to:
1. The weekend!!!
2. the next episode of Scandal tonight.  
3. A little quiet time
4. Celebrating with my husband,...that's right, Anniversary!
5. This thing with the attorney. I can't wait for it to be over with.
6. Less laundry.  Oh my goodness, I could wash clothes around the clock and still not even put a dent in the mile high laundry pile this family can produce.  
7. Thanksgiving!  Danielle is bringing home the young man she has been dating.  We get to meet him for the first time.  No pressure young man, honest.  We are not that kind of family, trust me. I think we are pretty easy going when it comes to families. Be glad it's just our immediate family this year. We are keeping it simple, so Kevin doesn't have to deal with much pain or a long walk or even sitting up for too long.  It's not worth seeing him in all that pain after.
8. My next door neighbors to move!  I know, I should be nice.  But, oh my goodness that kid drives me nuts!  Stop creeping over the back fence into our yard!  No, you cannot bother our dog.  In fact, if you are not careful, he might bite you.  So, just stop! You are creeping us out!  I'm being serious. Knock it off! 

Seven random things about my Thursday:
1. Some people just do not know how to let something go.  They hold a grudge for way too long!  Don't they know it's only hurting them?....not the person they hold the grudge against.  
2. Some people sure do get their "panties in a wad" over the craziest things, don't they?  I thought for sure I was going to see someone actually throw their computer out a window today.  No such luck!  (Can you imagine??) Who gets that mad?  Only someone with anger issues.  Is it really worth getting that worked up about?  Seriously!  Dude, chill out!!!
3. I've been thinking a lot about Murphy's Law lately.  Curtis brought it up the other day when we were in the Emergency Room with Kevin.  Now I can't stop thinking about it. Today is a prime example. Funny how that works.  -smile-smile-smile-
4. Will the dog ever stop following me around the house, ever??
5. I think I am going to really enjoy my time with my new doctor.  She is awesome.
6. I learned today that I am totally stressed out!  Imagine that?  How on earth did that happen?  Who knew???  -giggle-
7. I cannot ask my Heavenly Father for revenge on those people that enjoy making my life hard.  Sure, I can pray and ask for help to deal with those individuals, but I can't pray for them to get their long overdue punishment for tormenting me, no matter how bad I want to see that.  Imagine that!  -shucks!-

Six words to describe my Thursday:
1. BUSY!
2. Eventful! 
3. Interesting
4. A breath of fresh air
5. Nice
6. Not long enough

Five things on my calendar tomorrow:
1. Celebrate our 27th Wedding Anniversary!  Woot!  Woot!
2. Get Curtis to the doctor's office for his mission physical that HE keeps putting off.  It seems like every time we have it planned something else comes up.  He has got to get this done!!
3. Call and schedule another dental appointment for Curtis
4. Call and reschedule another appointment for Kevin
5. Call and schedule a conference call with our attorney

Four people I am appreciating today:
1. My co-workers for assisting my advisors so I could leave early for a doctor's appointment.  
2. Both of my sons for the way they have stepped up and helped out with their dad, the house, their little sister, and even their Grandma and her house and animals.  They have been great!  I am also grateful for my daughters too.  They do nice things as well and I will talk about them maybe tomorrow or something.  - smile-
3. My Bishop!  He has been totally a-MAZ-ing!!!  TOTALLY!  
4. My friend Wendy P, who sends me things in the mail to help with my non-stop rash/itching.  She sent me some essential oils to try.  Wasn't that really sweet of her?  I think so.  

Three projects I need to finish:
1. Finish reupholstering the chairs to my bistro table
2. Paint my chalkboard door & my mini chalkboard another color.  Time to get ride of all the teal!  Not a color I have much of around the house.  
3. Finish reupholstering my living room chair.  Let me explain. I found this chair on a Facebook group for $20.00 several months ago.  I bought it because I thought it would look nice in my living room after I painted it and reupholstered the seat cushion in new fabric.  Not a bad deal for a nice chair, right?  I'll post photos when I finally get around to doing it.  It's just not a priority right now...............In fact, I will have to share several photos of my living room.  I don't think I paid more than $60.00 at one time for anything in this room.  Seriously!  The only pieces of furniture that were bought brand new were my end tables and my sofa table.  The rest of the furniture was bought 2nd hand (but looks brand new) or was given to us.  So, if you don't think you can fill a living room, and probably an entire house full of furniture, on a budget, think again!  I am living proof it can be done!  

Two things I indulged in today, that I rarely eat:
1. Double stuffed Oreo cookies
2. 2nd soda for the day.  I usually only have one in the morning during the week. 

One thing I am working on for our Thanksgiving Feast:
1. Cleaning my carpets!  Oh!  I so wish I still owned a carpet cleaner.  

One thing I am very grateful for today is the knowledge that my Heavenly Father loves me and knows who I am and what I am going through.  He knows the kind of person he is trying to shape me into being, and I can trust that he will not put me through anything that is not necessary or not part of his master plan.  In that I find comfort and strength.  What a blessing the gospel of Jesus Christ is in my live.  It it the very reason I can wake up, put on a happy face, and greet each day refreshed and ready to go to work and accomplish those things He has in store for me.   
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