Tuesday, November 18, 2014

The No Nuts Diet

Nothing like coming home from work around 5:30 p.m., making dinner, putting it in the oven, and going back out to find a Walgreen's Pharmacy that had Kevin's medication in stock.  I went to two.  The first Walgreen's I went to was on Baseline, the second on McKellips. Neither one had it in stock, but the last one agreed to call around and then call me at home to let me where I could find the medication.  I made it to Main Street when the pharmacist called the house.  Curtis called me to tell me the Walgreen's at Brown and Mesa Drive had the medication in stock.  So, I ran over there.  I didn't get officially home until after 7p.m. The location I took the medication to needs 2 hours to fill the prescription because their computers are down.  I think that is their standard issue at that location.  So, now we wait, but we will be back out again later tonight to get the medicine.  Thank goodness this location is open 24 hours.  Not fun, I am just glad they had it, so Kevin doesn't have to suffer.  Kevin had two doctor's appointments today.  One in Scottsdale that took about an hour and a half.  Right after that he had another appointment in Chandler.  Opposite sides of the valley.

It looks like Kevin will NOT be having another back surgery after all.  They cannot fix him anymore.....unless he breaks something.  They originally thought they might be able to clean out the area of scar tissue, but apparently not.  The scar tissue is wrapped around his spine.  If they operate they could severe his spinal cord.  Eventually the scar tissue will cause him so much trouble he will ultimately not be able to walk again and will have to use a wheelchair to get around.  You have no idea how hard that is for my husband to accept.  He is a wreck over this.  I'm sure I will be too.  Apparently I do what I need to do right at the moment, and then flip out after the fact.  That means I am usually pretty good during an emergency, but lose it right after the situation is better.  I guess I need a little more time for this to sink in before I lose it.  Not good.  Not good at all.

Kevin's pain specialist is going to start the ball rolling to have a nerve stimulator implanted into his back.  It's not a quick thing.  It takes a consultation, then a 2 week trial, then after all of that the surgeon places the stimulator in its permanent place.  So, this is what we will be dealing with the entire month of December.  I just hope they can get this all done before the beginning of the year so it's completely covered by our insurance since we have met our yearly deductible.  There is one benefit to all of this, I guess.  

Kevin's mother has been living with my BIL temporarily until she got strong enough to be home alone for a little while.  Well, it doesn't look like she will be strong enough.  She has been having some heart issues.  I guess they never did a cardiac stress test on her before they did the surgery, like they did with Kevin.  I cannot believe that!  After Thanksgiving my BIL and SIL will not be able to have someone at their house (meaning their children) during the day to keep an eye on my MIL.  So, they have been frantically trying to find a way to get that worked out.  Initially they thought my MIL could come over here during the day.  BUT, Kevin needs at least the month of December to get all of his nerve stimulator appointments and surgery out of the way.  It may even roll over into the new year if we can't get this all scheduled and done before December 31st.  So, having my MIL over during all of that isn't going to work.  Not at all.  Not to mention Kevin needing a little time to come to grips with all of this too.

When my SIL initially brought up the fact that no one would be around her home to care for my MIL after the holidays she thought that my MIL would end up having to pay someone to watch her.  The problem is my MIL's house.  My SIL said the physical therapist said it was not good for their people to go into because of the animals.  So, Kevin and I decided to offer to let my MIL move in with us.  She really cannot take care of a big house like that all on her own now.  We offered to help her fix it up so she could sell it.  Then she asked us to move in with her.  Kevin flat out said no.  We will not do that since this house is our home and where our kids are raised.  My MIL is struggling with all of this. Which is understandable.  She knows she would have to get rid of all the cats and her two dogs in order to move here.  We cannot have any cats, and we all ready have a dog.  When we mentioned this to her on Sunday, she was not too keen on having to get rid of all her animals.  So their next option was to have my MIL come over here during the daytime and go back to my BIL and SIL house at night.  But, we cannot do anything like that until after January 1st or so.

This whole thing has really been stressful for Kevin which in turn has been stressful for me.  To be perfectly honest, I am surprised we haven't had about 20 calls from all of them tonight for something yet.  Usually my SIL is calling about the time I am driving home from work each night.  It's beginning to get to be a little much.  I understand they do not want my MIL there any more than they have to, and I get that they work.  But what the heck do they think I do.  Just because Kevin is home during the day does not mean he isn't there for a reason.  What these people do not get is that he is in bed 24/7 and has to use a walked 24/7 too.  He isn't home just sitting and watching TV eating bon bons.  He is sick!!!  He may sound like the old Kevin, but I can testify that he is not the old Kevin physically.  They need to give him some space and let him get some rest and stop stressing him out over his mother.  The fact that he feels obligated is understandable.  I expect that.  This is his mother for heaven sakes.  That does not give you (my SIL) the right to take advantage of him.  So back off for once!!  What is it with over-bearing family members in the Schmidt family?  Sheesh!  

Time to change the subject.  I get a little worked up about this, can you tell?  Today was an interesting day at work.  I guess one member of my team decided to call another member a 'not-so-nice' name in front of the rest of my team.  The one that was called the name, in my opinion, deserved it.  This person has had a chip on their shoulder for some time now and frankly needs an attitude adjustment.  After this happened the person calmed down.  I certainly do not like to see other people get into scuffles, but this one seemed to do the trick.  Sad, but true.  

I still have not been out to get groceries this week.  I have a list and everything.  I just need to do it.  I think I might send Kyle and Curtis out tomorrow morning to get it done.  I have got to get this done or we will be in a world of hurt.  I would have tried to go tonight but I had all this other running to do, which was far more important than the rest of us being able to eat, trust me.  Kevin not in extreme pain comes first.  Especially when I hear him cry out in the middle of the night because of the pain.  That is not something any wife or child should ever hear.  It is so not good!  And very sad.  Kevin has seen 3 doctors this week so far.  Most weeks we are lucky to get him through one, on any other given week.  Yesterday was an appointment with a neurologist in Scottsdale.  Today was another doctor in Scottsdale and his pain specialist in Chandler.  I have to say, I really like his pain specialist.  He is amazing!  The new neurologist, Kevin saw in Scottsdale, said he was seeing a very aggressive pain specialist.  Thank goodness!  He really has been a life saver and in Kevin's corner.  We are very appreciative for this.  Who knows where we would be, had it not been for this doctor.  At the end of this week Kevin has all kinds of scans to get done.  So, by the time the weekend comes along he will be ready to call it quits.  Which I don't blame him.  This has been really hard for him.  Next week isn't much better.  He sees the pain specialist again Monday and I can't remember what else.  Yikes.  

We had Lexi home from school again today too.  She had a migraine headache.  She is still a little fuzzy from it, but she is trying to get her math homework done so she can get to school tomorrow.  Curtis took Kevin to all of his appointments so Kyle stayed home with Lexi.  Tonight Kyle is at school and Curtis is out with some friends at a park.  

Tomorrow morning the boys will be picking up groceries, picking up Kevin's prescription, running to their Grandma's to feed animals, and driving their little sister to school.  All while Kevin is still trying to recover from his busy first two days of the week.  The boys will have to check in with Kevin before making the journey to get groceries.  I do not need Kevin falling out of bed or falling if he tries to make it to the bathroom alone.  That would not be good.  I do not need him on the ground for three hours again like he was that night he fell in the family room.  That night no one could hear him calling for us.  So, not good!  

My life is a little crazy, isn't it?  It so is!  I know some people would just throw up their hands and walk away from all of this.  Believe me, the thought has crossed my mind.  BUT, that is not how I roll.  Those of you that know me, know, I am not the type of person that just quits.  If I just call it quits with anything, that just means something more important has taken it's place.  Especially when things get difficult.  I stick it out.  (sure, sometimes I kick and scream about things when they don't go our way...figuratively speaking.)  I endure.  I go the distance.  AND that is exactly what I intend to do here.  After all, this is our motto: Forever, for always, no matter what!  

Like I mentioned before, this has been another crazy day.  I am really sleepy and I have a lot to do before I go off to bed.  I hope your Tuesday has been not as crazy as mine.  Take care and I will talk to you soon.
I need to try this diet!!  LOL!!!
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