Saturday, November 8, 2014

Saturday Nights All Right!

Saturday!  This morning Curtis ran through the house to get ready for his hike with the 11 year old scouts this morning.  He is the assistant scout master to the 11 year old leader.  This is good for Curtis.  He was pretty pumped and jazzed when he came home after the call.  When he got back from their hike, he was pretty excited to tell us all about the non-member scout that got a little scared on the trail and asked if they could stop and say a prayer.  Curtis thought that was, as he put it, "frickin awesome!"  I love that he loves moments like that.  It's, frickin awesome!  :)  -proud mom & dad moment-

Kyle spent the night with his Grandma last night.  Kevin, Lexi, and I rushed over at 7:45 a.m. to drop Kevin and Lexi off so I could take Kyle with me.  I had to go pick up a truck and get to Chandler to pick up a new couch for my living room by 8:30 a.m.  Or should I say, new to me.  Take a look.  What do you think?  

I needed a new couch.  I moved our old couch and love seat into the family room when we got rid of a sectional that use to live in our family room.  Since then I have been dealing with no furniture in the living room which has been awful.  The living room became the catch all.  I was feeling like we were in an episode of Sanford and Sons.  Not fun!  I feel a little better now. The room still needs a chair and ottoman. But we are mucho better!  And the couch is from Ethan Allen.  Not bad, right?  Loving it!  Especially for the price.  It was super clean except for a little dog hair on one of the cushions.  So I pulled all the cushion covers off all the pillows, along with all the throw pillows, and ran them all through the washing machine.  Bet you never thought you could do that, did you?  Well you can.  I washed them all in cold water with normal laundry soap and a little baking soda.  (the baking soda for any "just in case" odors).  The cushion covers and the throw pillows went into a wash of cold water, on the permanent press cycle, sometimes I use the gentle cycle, depending on the fabric.  Then when the load of wash is done I pull the covers our immediately and place them back on the pillows.  DO NOT put them in the dryer, they will shrink.  Then I let them air dry either on a table or outside on my bench.  When they are dry I place them back on the couch.  It works great every time.  Give it a try next time you need to clean a couch cushion.  You will be surprised! ,.......... Pretty soon we will need to replace our family room couches too.  It's just time.  

Friday, I took my MIL to her post-op appointment with her surgeon and I meant to share this.  That PA or medical assistant wanted her to climb up and sit on this.  Check it out...
Keep in mind, she came into their office using a walker and really wants a wheelchair.  She about fell to the ground just stepping down from the landing at her house on our way to get into the car.  So, how on earth did they think she was going to climb up on that wobbly step, turn around, and sit on that table?  I couldn't believe they even asked.  Sheesh!!!  What were they thinking?  Unbelievable!  

Today was the first day home health came over to visit my MIL.  She wasn't too happy about it, but she needs to get going on this stuff.  After her therapy session she let us all come home for a couple hours.  This was the first time she was alone in her own home since she left it for surgery on October 13th.  She went and laid down and took a nap and thankfully nothing happened.  I worry about her falling out of bed, or tripping over one of her dogs.  Not to mention all the other things that could happen.  

Her sisters tried to visit about the same time home health was at the house.  They soon left only to return with food for everyone.  They are crazy ladies (I say that in the nicest way) and a lot of fun too.  I love to hear their stories especially when they get everyone laughing.  It's great.

This afternoon we spent the day going to watch the ASU game.  We were actually trying to keep Kyle busy, since this was to be his wedding day.  He is having a rough day, but won't let this hold him down long.  These things just take time.

Curtis and Lexi are out with friends for the first time in over a month.  Tonight Danielle will be doing the overnight shift with her Grandma.  Curtis needs a break.  He has been helping out non-stop since her surgery.  We all have been.  We had not been able to get other extended family to help out, until just this week.  (It's a long story, and that really doesn't matter).  What matters is that my MIL is being taken care of and as Kevin put it, "she needs help, and we will do what needs to be done so she doesn't suffer."  I totally agree.  After all, she just had major surgery.  

On another note....have you noticed the full moon in the sky at night these past few days?  They are so pretty!  AND Bright!  Love it!  

I decided to share some Thanksgiving tips.  This one we have tried a time or two.  We still prefer our turkey on the dryer side.  I hate pink white meat.  You know how it can be a tinge pink when you go for super moist turkey.   Not good!  But here is the tip....

Cook your turkey upside down.  You can use Reynold's Browning Bags.  Season the turkey as always, flour the bag, then place the turkey inside the bag breast side down.  Place the browning bag in your roasting pan, the foil ones are the best because it's a great place to debone the turkey and then toss the whole thing afterwards.  By placing the turkey breast side down, it makes it super moist because the drippings from the dark meat flow into the breast meat while its cooking.  Bake your turkey at 285 degrees all night long.  Slow cooking is the key!  Note:  The little red thermometer will pop out super early because its in the juices, so you have to disregard it as your "it's done" gauge.  You can put the turkey in the over right before bedtime and by morning, the yummy smell will wake up everyone in the house!  The best part is that when you pull the turkey out of the bag, the meat just falls off the bones.  If you like to have the picture perfect golden delicious turkey on the platter to carve, this is not the method for you.  The breast is buried in juices and does not brown.  Enjoy!  (More Thanksgiving tips to come.)

It's been a busy day and I need to get some things ready for tomorrow.  Church.  We hope you have a good night.  Take care and we will talk to you soon.  

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