Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Happy Tuesday

This has been an interesting week so far.  My schedule at work changed with daylight savings.  Meaning I leave for work and come home from work an hour later.  So, I have been getting home around 5:15 p.m. every night so far.  It's not so bad.  I get to stay up late with my family and sleep in a little later too.  Then when daylight savings switches back the closes my schedule will change back.
Not such a bad deal, right?  

When I got home from work today we all went over to my MIL's house to clean it and move her bedroom to another room so she can get in and out without having to worry about her dogs.  She comes home from the Extended Care Facility on Thursday.  I got to her house late since my schedule changed, by the time I got there Kevin was done.  Even though he just laid on the couch.  At about 6:30 he had me bring him home and then he fell in our driveway.  His walker got caught in one of the big cracks in the sidewalk and down he went.  Luckily he got right up.  My MIL seems to think she is going to get into a wheelchair when she gets home.  Little does she know Kevin plans to have a little conversation with her and tell her she will only get a walker.  She had back surgery, it's going to hurt.  You have to keep moving.  Only Kevin can have that conversation with her since he is about to go in for another back surgery soon.  He isn't in a wheelchair yet, and frankly, I think he should be at times.  However, he has said he is not going to let himself get into a wheelchair until he absolutely has to.  See....Kevin is ornery.  It's a good thing.  He needs to push himself.  We need him to push himself.  We admire his determination.  Kevin has been our modern day miracle.  As well as our example.  I love that man!  

My eyes can barely see this screen tonight.  So, please excuse those phrases that do not seem to go together and any misspelled words.  I really need to get to bed.  I told my family, tomorrow no stress.  I can't handle another night like yesterday and today.  I need a break.  Luckily I only have one more day of work this week.  Thursday Kevin has an appointment with the surgeon and my MIL comes home from the hospital.  Then Friday she has a doctor's appointment.  I hope she lets me go in to that appointment with them.  I am anxious to hear what the doctor has to say.  

Well, again, I am worn out.  I need to get to bed.  Take care and I will talk with you tomorrow.  Have a good night.
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