Thursday, November 27, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving!!!?

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!  From my home to yours ..... My living room has come together.  Check it out.  I still have a few little things to do but so far so good. These are photos from both sides of the room.  The other night my husband apologized to me because I had to (in his words) bargin shop for my living room furniture.  He said maybe someday I won't have to do this.  I told him, are you kidding?  Getting things for a great price was half the fun of all of this.  I love that man.  He is my sweetheart.  
(see the sofa table.  It becomes the place to leave just about everything.  Thanks heavens for the tray on top to hide all the things.)
Both of these are one side of the room.  Here is the other side below......

I plan to add a photo or something about the big picture in the middle of doors.  That spot needs something.  My flower swag use to live in that empty spot, but after putting it up and taking it down each time someone uses the doors for a wedding reception, I decided to just leave it on the shelf above the sofa table.  It's just easier.  Who knows, maybe I will put it back up there.  Decisions, decisions.
The photo above was taken looking out from our family room.  I tried to get the best overall shot I could get.  This is one.  See the green legs on my coffee table.  I need to paint the legs black and do something with the top.  

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Here is better overall shot above.  See my oldest daughter in the background.  She's helping me get the house and the meal ready so her boyfriend can come over.  We are meeting him for the first time.

Here are a few other view points...

The photo above even got a shot of the Thanksgiving spread after some of the clean-up.  I was standing near the front door.
See my door in the back.  It's not done yet.  Chalkboard paint and the knob with crystals attached.  Bling bling. 

See my coffee table.  It's marked up a little with colored markers.  I need to sand it and redo it.  

This one is for Lexi.  She wanted to be in the photos.  Silly girl!

This is just a shot from another angle.

Another angle

See where I hid the my other black end table.  It works great to hide the computer printer.  And don't you just love my cheapy fancy dishes?  Those are the boxes. 

See,  not bad for for a less than $500 room right?  It was probably less than that even.... $60.00 for the couch.  $35.00 for the two wing back chairs, the coffee table was free, the big round table on one side of the couch was free,  the doors were free, my soda table and end tables were something I've had for years.  I think we only spent less than $200 for all three.  One end table is not in this room.  The big picture in the middle of the doors was something I had framed at Michaels about 8 years ago.  The big "S" was on sale at Hobby Lobby.  The two metal lamps with the red shades I found at WalMart and I added the beads myself.  The tall skinny lamps on the shelf hear the "S" I bought second hand for $8.00 for both.  The mantle shelf is actually two shelves put together and painted brown.  The flowers on the shelf I arranged myself several years ago.  The artichoke statues on either side of my sofa table I bought second hand for $40.00 for both.  The chair by the blue unfinished door was $20.00.  Now all I need to do is change out a couple pictures, add chalkboard paint to my blue-gray door, and redo the top and legs of my coffee table.  Most of the things bought second hand like the couch, chairs, coffee table, and artichoke statues were found on Facebook groups.  Keep watching as I reveal more when I redo my coffee table and show you the rest of our home.  

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday spent with all the people you love.  Take care and I will talk to you soon.  

P.S.  We met our daughter's boyfriend.  He is a very nice guy.  We had a lot of fun talking with and getting to know him.  He can come over anytime.  

(Posted from my phone today after Thanksgiving dinner)
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