Friday, November 28, 2014

Friday, GAME Day!!

Well folks, Thanksgiving is all over.  All that time spent preparing and the main part of the meal is all over within about 1/2 an hour.  Funny how that happens.  I think the best part for me is right after everyone sits down to eat and all I can hear is silence because everyone is too busy eating the food I prepared.  If you think about it, Thanksgiving Dinner really isn't that complicated to cook.  You get the turkey out of the wrapper, rinse it off, salt it, stuff it, and into the oven it goes.  That about covers the biggest part of the meal.  The rest pretty much takes care of itself.  Except for washing and cutting up veggies, Thanksgiving is a breeze, in my opinion.  I think making homemade enchiladas can be more work than Thanksgiving.  All softening of the corn tortillas in the hot oil, then preparing your filling and rolling each enchilada while the corn tortillas are still hot.  It's a lot of work.  Thanksgiving is more of a waiting game than anything.  You wait for the turkey to roast in the oven, you wait for the potatoes to boil, you wait for the pies to bake, the rolls to bake.  The only things that may require you to really watch and slave over a hot stove would be the homemade gravy in my opinion.  The stuffing is simple and could even be made the night before if you are stuffing your turkey.  We prefer NOT to stuff the bird at our house.  Tonight we are going with Mexican food.  
Did any of you head out the door early this morning for Black Friday shopping?  That is not something I care to do.  Don't get me wrong, I like shopping, but I do not like shopping in those conditions.  And, I usually have to work the day after Thanksgiving too.  Today was one of those days, but it was a s-u-p-e-r slow day.  We had a full-house on our team, so it was nice to just chit chat a little and have a time to talk too.  We don't get to do that very often.  Usually we are super busy this time of year.  So, that was nice.  Sure, I would have preferred to be home sleeping in, but for a work day, the day after Thanksgiving isn't all that hard to take.  Shopping on the other hand.....I would rather shop another day, or shop online where things are a lot less crazy.  Besides, with sites like and amazon prime, just to name a few, who needs to leave the house or office?  It's so much more convenient for me to shop and have things dropped at my door sometimes.  Sure, I still like that instant gratification when you actually get to go out and pick up things in person.  Believe me, that is lots of fun.  BUT, I am learning to really enjoy the online shopping.  I like it a whole lot more when I can get the price down to something really nice with coupon codes.  It's great.  I never shop online without checking for any coupon codes, no matter what site I visit.  It does not bother me in the least to use those codes or combined codes for even greater savings.  Call me a bargain shopper, go a head.  It doesn't hurt my feelings.  ~smile~

I will say, the only thing that was no fun the deal with this morning were those holiday drivers.  I swear!  It's like they have never driven the freeway before in their life, and they decided to give it a try for the first time, the day after Thanksgiving.  What the heck?  Shouldn't they wait until Sunday or something?  LOL!  I'm just kidding.  It really wasn't that bad.  Traffic was light and, yes, there were some slow drivers, but again.....traffic was very light today and it only took me 20 minutes to get to work.  Who can complain?

Tonight, Lexi and her best friend decided to go see the lights at the Mesa Temple.  I wasn't sure I was comfortable letting her and her friend go alone.  Even though it is the Temple, it's still a public place.  Two young teenage girls alone, I get a little nervous.  Again, after is the Temple for heaven sakes.  I can't help it.  I think I worry more about protesters or anti-mormons then anything.  They can be a little rough sometimes.  I would hate for anything to happen to my daughter or her friend.  We let her go alone, but I am sitting here a little nervous about the whole thing.  I'll calm down after they are picked up and on their way home, I guess.  Funny how that happens.  I remember a couple of times when my parents were worried about some of the places I would go. What are some of the places you've gone and remember your parents worrying?  OR what are those times you remember worrying about your son or daughter?  

Kevin and my two boys watched the ASU/U of A game today and are still in shock.  ASU lost.  So, things are pretty quiet around here.  Curtis is sitting at the coffee table playing around with some cards he has, while I type.  I have a few dishes to do and then I plan to watch a movie or something.  Nothing too crazy for us tonight.  We talked about playing Phase 10 or Settlers of Catan.  

Maybe we will play tomorrow.  

Danielle was suppose to come by tonight so we could finish sewing a dress she needs for a wedding Saturday.  One of her good friends is getting married.  The family is Jewish so they will have the traditional 2 hour Jewish ceremony and then another non-Jewish ceremony too. That plus the reception and it will be a long day for everyone involved.  The bride has a Jane Austin Theme for her wedding and reception and they have spent over $30,000 for this entire thing.  I so want to go and just see everything since I love everything about weddings.  You know me.  LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that stuff.  Not to mention seeing the traditional Jewish wedding ceremony would be an awesome experience, but I doubt Danielle will let her old mom tag along.  I'm not sure if she is taking a date (her boyfriend) or just taking her roommate with her.  I just hope she gets lots of pictures so I can see them.  You know I have gotta see the photos, for sure.  ~smile~

Tomorrow should be a nice day.  A little light house cleaning, laundry, and the boys are going to fix a leaky faucet out front.  This should be interesting since they have never done something like this before.  Hopefully it's an easy fix too.  Kevin knows how to do it, but he can't do it.  So, he is going to try to help by telling the boys what to do.  This could be interesting.  I have visions of the pipe busting and water everywhere.  Not at all what I want it to be, for sure.  LOL!  Maybe if I record them we could put the video on 
u-tube or something.  ~laugh~laugh~laugh~

Time to work on those dishes.  I hope your weekend is wonderful.  Take care and I will talk to you soon.  

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