Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Count down to Turkey day.

Last Friday Kevin had an appointment for yet another MRI.  This time the Neurologist requested one of his left hip and his cervical spine.  (His neck). The place was clear on the other side of Scottsdale.  The doctors office insisted that Kevin go there for the MRI because they had a really nice machine and it would produce the best images.  (Imagine that!  The best equipment in an area of the valley with the most money.  Never heard of that happening before.  Ha Ha).  Kevin had Curtis drive him to Scottsdale Friday.  When they arrived at the imaging center they filled out paperwork and then sat waiting for Kevin's turn to go back.  It wasn't long before a technician called Kevin back only to inform him that there was going to be a three hour wait because someone coded in the MEI machine and they were in the process of dealing with moving the body out.  That's right.  Someone coded and died in that little tube.  Can you imagine?  And Kevin was about to get on the same table someone died on.  Yuck!!!  Now waiting 3 hours in those waiting room chairs and then spending a long time in that little tube would have not been good for Kevin.  So he had the appointment rescheduled for last night at another imaging center in Mesa.

We arrived at the imaging center at 7:30 p.m.  When we got there Kevin signed a couple forms and then was informed that they were running about 40 minutes late.  His appointment was at 7:45.  So we waited.  Finally, after what seemed like forever, Kevin was called back.  Kevin and his walker went back.  He must have been gone for about an hour when I began to get a little worried about him.  When I asked the girl at the front desk how long these tests ran she mentioned that the doctor had requested a specialty scan of his hip and the technician was going to try to run the two scans at the same time.  The only issue was that they ordered the scan of his cervical spine with and without contrast.  The girl at the desk said called back to the technician and it was confirmed it would be about another half hour.  So I decided to drive to Walgreen's to pick up Kevin's prescription.  The Walgreen's was just around the corner and I thought it would save us some time on the ride home because I knew Kevin was going to be in a lot of pain and would not be up for another stop, even if it was just around the corner.  As it turns out Kevin finally got out of the MRI machine and to the front desk at 10:20 p.m.  We were in our driveway at 10:30.  Thankfully both boys were home to help get their dad out of the car because he could barely move.  How he walked from the MRI machine to our car, with a walker, is beyond me.  That man is determined to NOT use a wheelchair.  I have to admire his determination, but at the same time it kills me to see him hurt and struggle so much.  That man is such an example to me.  He is not a quiter.  I just hope those people at Wilbur-Ellis realize what they have done to this man.  I hope they see that their failure to plan and take care of one employee has caused life altering and permanent damage.  My husband will never be the same again and their failure to plan and poor judgement is the reason he will ultimately end up in a wheelchair. Their poor judgement and failure to plan are the reason Kevin had to have another surgery.  Their poor judgement and failure to plan are the reason he spends 90% of his day in bed and in 100% of his day in constant pain.  That's right.  Wilbur-Ellis did this.  Can you sense the frustration in my words?  
I didn't start this story to comment about Wilbur-Ellis.  I just wanted to share Kevin's crazy adventure with getting this last MRI.  Crazy isn't it??

I can hardly believe Thanksgiving is right around the corner.  Can you?  This year has just flown by so fast!  It seems like we were just ringing in the New Year yesterday, doesn't it?  Where does the time go?  As I mentioned before, we are just staying around the house this Thanksgiving.  Kevin needs to be able to lay down if the pain or numbness gets to much.  If we go to my in-laws there isn't going to be that option for him.  Plus Danielle is bringing home her boyfriend for us to meet.  I find it interesting that this young man made it known to my daughter that he is not to keen on her Aunt.  You see, this young man use to spend his summers at a home across the street from Danielle's Aunt, he was at his Aunt's house, and for whatever reason he has formed this opinion of this person.  Danielle didn't say much when she heard this.  What could she say?  All she said was, "Yep, that's MY Aunt", and she left it at that.  Not sure I would have just left it at that.  From what I understand he spent time there as a child.  So what happened to make him feel this way.  As an adult now wouldn't you tend to put your childlike impressions aside and give people another chance?  I would have asked more questions so I could set the record straight, so to speak, wouldn't you?  I'm surprised my daughter let this go.  She is usually not the type to do that.  Oh well.  Maybe we will figure this out at a later time.  

I came home from work to my husband telling me his Mom wanted to talk to him at a time when my BIL and SIL were not around.  He couldn't wait until tomorrow so he called his Mom tonight.  She ask Kevin again if we would be willing to move in with her.  My SIL asked that question last time and Kevin about went off on the woman.  She kept pointing out that Kevin isn't working and all this stuff.  As if moving in with my MIL would be doing us a favor.  When in reality it would only put an end to my SIL's having to deal with any of this.  My SIL is the one that had been discussing the living situation for my MIL with her physical therapist, and enlisted the help of a social worker too.  It was during those conversations that it was determined that having care takers go into my MIL's home was not a good idea because of the dogs and the cats too.  What my SIL has not shared with my MIL is that the entire time we  were all over to my MIL's home, to clean it, she kept repeating that if children lived in this home they would be removed.  So what on earth makes her think we would ever take our children into a situation like that?  Seriously!!!???!!  Why even asking us this after what was said?  I consider this insulting, mean, and flat out ridiculous!!!!  Do you see, these are the kinds of things Kevin and I are dealing with, all while Kevin is trying to come to terms with the idea of having to be confined to a wheelchair himself!!! Can you believe this?  This is how bad my SIL wants a quick fix to this whole thing.  It's easier for her to dump this on us.  Like we don't have enough going on right now.  My SIL was expecting her husband and my husband to sit down with their mother and tell her about her animals and why certain things could not happen.  Which in Kevin's words will never happen.  He flat out refuses to sit down and crush his mother. Which I totally do not blame him.  Sure, I don't always see eye-to-eye with my MIL, but push come to shove I will be in her corner.  Every time!  After all, I was the one that came running when she was arguing with other family members with a complete turkey dinner on Thanksgiving when she and my father-in-law had no place to go, and we had other plans.  I mentioned that we always cook turkey even if we are going somewhere else for dinner on Thanksgiving.  That year our turkey went to my in-laws along with all the trimmings.  Yep, that's right.  I did that.  I was the one that kept other family members informed when my MIL went in for surgery and almost begged them to put their differences aside and go see her.  That was me.  (there are other examples, but you get the idea.)  So, again, we may not always see eye-to-eye, but I will rally around her too.  

To try to come up with a solution we offered to have my MIL move in with us.  This of course would mean she would have to give up all of her animals.  We wouldn't be able to take them in.  Of course, this is not the best option either.  BUT, it would save having to crush my MIL and she would be able to keep a little bit of her pride and dignity in tact.  BUT, we can't tell her this is the reason for our offer.  
I can hardly believe my SIL actually requested to have these grown mean sit down with their mother to have this conversation myself.  This is the kind of stuff I should be keeping to myself, believe me I know.  But this on top of everything else, I'm surprised I haven't imploded all ready. I cannot keep this all in and quiet.  It's driving me nuts!  Kevin doesn't want to talk about it.  My kids don't need to talk about it.  No wonder it was  suggested I start talking to someone.  Sheesh!!!!  It's because we are getting bullied by an out of control family member, for heaven sakes, plus there is only so much we can keep taking without saying anything before we implode.  So, as a way to not implode, I am sharing just a very small portion of all of this.  And the madness that this is!!  

Okay, so now that I have all of this off my chest, let's talk about something else.  So, I mentioned that I have a living room full of furniture for less than $500.  Well, it's probably even better than $500.  I was adding up all the things I have accumulated over the years.  As I mentioned before I subscribe to several Facebook groups.  Probably about 20 to be exact.  All are local groups selling or giving away their used items that they do not want anymore.  

Let's back up a bit....Several months ago the sectional in our family died and it needed to be replaced.  So, we got rid of it and since our dog (when he was a puppy) used my living room couch and love seat as his chew toy I wanted to get it out of my living room.  And since we didn't have a lot of extra money to go out and buy new stuff, I decided to move my living room set into our family and go without any furniture in our living room until we could get new stuff.  Well, the now we need furniture in both rooms.  I went on a mission to search for inexpensive furniture.  As it turns out, my oldest daughter came across a leather couch and love seat, and a chair we will switch out in our family room.  This stuff was free and we still need to move it from my daughter's home to our family room.  That still left our empty living room to fill.

As I was searching the various sites I came across a really nice Ethan Allen couch someone was selling for $60.00 and I grabbed it.  It was in great condition except for a little dog hair but I cleaned that up with now problem.  Then about a week ago I started searching for a chair when I found two Broyhill Wing back chairs in great condition for $35.00.  Then today someone was giving away a coffee table and I jumped at that and had my boys pick it up while I was at work today.  I all ready had end tables and a sofa table.  I have lamps and other nick knacks too.  If you are willing to wait and are a little choosy you can find some great stuff on some of these Facebook groups.  As it turns out, I will be painting the coffee table.  I have black end tables and sofa table.  The legs of the coffee table are green and the top is light wood.  If I paint the legs of the coffee table black, and sand and stain the top to match the light or medium wood on the legs of the chairs and the sofa it all will match and come together.  My color scheme is still beige and burgundy with a little touch of green, just the way I like it.  Once I get everything situated and the table painted and done, I will post photos.  I will say, I am pretty proud of myself.  It's funny how all of this has come together.  Here are some of the photos I saw on the Facebook groups of the things I bought.  

Here is the photos I saw of the couch...

Here is the couch in my home...in front of the doors in my living room.

Here is a photo of one of the chairs I bought.  As you can see there is a little rip in the seam of one of the arms, but I can fix that, no problem!

My coffee table is going to need a little TLC.  But I think I can make it look really nice and no one will ever know what this once looked like. The chairs even came with matching throw pillows.  How cool is that?

I cropped the little boy out of the photo, but as you can see the table top has some bad marks from colored markers it looks like.  

This is what I want to do to the top of the table...something like this.

I love this one above!!  

And I like this too.  

So see, if you have a little patients and are willing to wait it out, you can fill an entire room with furniture.  These photos are just a few quick photos.  Keep watching for more detailed photos and tutorials with the pieces placed and the final reveal.  AND of course, for the transformation of the coffee table.  I am SOOOO excited!  I love projects like this.  Things like this totally feed my creative side.  I love it.  When I do the final reveal I will go through my entire living room showing you all the pieces I have and how I decorated the entire room.  I AM A VERY HAPPY WOMAN!!!  Love it!! 

It's been a long couple of days and I have a lot to get do before turkey day.  Hope you are ready for this holiday.  Take care and I will talk to you soon.

Quote:  In ordinary life we hardly realize that we receive a great deal more that we give, and that it is only with gratitude that life becomes rich.

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