Friday, November 7, 2014

A Few Random Thoughts

To the November 4th Election:  The voters spoke up and sent a message, we are tired of the way our country is going!  Now, if we can just finish things off in the December election.  
To the Political Recorded Calls:  Please, Please, Please do NOT call us!  It aggravates me and certainly does NOT make me want to cast my vote your way.  Thank you in advance!

To Megyn Kelly of Fox News:  It appears that you have hair extensions.  They are not at all attractive on you.  You are way too pretty/attractive to be fooling around with your hair.  Let well enough alone!  -just my opinion-

To Pandora or Satellite Radio:  I admit I miss listening to you.  I got a little spoiled listening to you and I am now making the huge adjustment back to regular radio.  It was awesome listening to all 80's music on my way to work.  I miss that!

To  Did you know they post all the British shows as soon as they hit the airways?  You can enjoy Downton Abbey right now instead of waiting until January to see Season 5. Check it out!

To my house:  I know you have been neglected these past couple of weeks, and I do apologize.  I plan to spend the next couple of days spending all of my time with you.  I promise!  We can talk and talk while I work on your kitchen and bathrooms.  I'm really looking forward to it!

To my husbands doctors:  We love you!  BUT, we need answers and decisions made, pronto!  Enough of this hurry up and wait game.  We picked each of you because you were different that all the other doctors that like to play the hurry up and wait game.  Please don't make us regret our decision.  We don't want to play hurry up and wait with you too.  

To my MIL's Doctor:  I so wish you didn't have to rush off to do surgery on another patient.  I need you to tell my MIL she cannot get a wheelchair.  (She wants one)  She has to use the walker. Sure, you mentioned to keep using the walker, but I need you t spell it out for her....NO Wheelchair!   ARG!!!  (I know I sound cruel, but it really isn't.  She just had back surgery and she needs to push through and gain her strength back, and walking and moving is the only way she will do that.)

To Daylight Savings Time:  Oh, my goodness!  This "falling back" of the work schedule has been absolutely wonderful!  I get to sleep in a little more, I get to stay up later at night.  Sure I come home from work an hour later, but for 4 months, no biggy!  Loving it!

To Apple:  You really do have some wonderful products.  I love my phone, I love my son's laptop, and I love his iPad too.  What I really hate is that you changed all the chargers on your new phones.  Now if we made the change, we have to buy all new chargers.  Frustrating!  
Here is a photo of my charger....

Here is the charger for the new phones...

See...the chargers went from being 1 inch wide, to being more like the android phone.  About 1/4 of an inch wide.  This next photo will show you the difference....

To the Fall Season:  I absolutely love it when the weather cools off here in Arizona!  It is so nice to open up all the doors and windows and let the fresh air in.  Not to mention all the yummy things that come out on the store shelves this time of year, like Cranberry Sierra Mist Soda, Peppermint Bark (chocolate and peppermint!  YUM!!), and all the Thanksgiving items....pumpkin this and pumpkin that!  Love it!

To my Heavenly Father:  First let me say, I sincerely hope I never get to the point that I take my life, my health, and what has been given to me for granted.  
I also know so many that are facing either life threatening or life altering illnesses, and so many that have lost loved ones very suddenly in recent days.  I pray for peace and comfort for them as never before received, during these difficult times.  

To the ASU Sun Devils:  While it is just a game, it would be so great if you would beat Notre Dame!  That would so make our day!!  Go Devils!!!

To my Memory Foam Mattress:  You make going to bed so much nicer.  Nothing like crawling into bed and feeling all nice and cozy.  It's great!

To my family:  We have been through a lot over the past couple of months.  BUT, we are a strong family and we have made it through.  Maybe we are a little rough around the edges for the struggles, it will get better.  I love you and I am so very proud to call each of you my husband, my son or my daughter.  We are family. 
 Forever, For Always, NO MATTER WHAT!!!!  

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