Friday, November 14, 2014

A Day in the Life of....

Outside my window...It's starting to look like rain or snow or something.  It's really nice.  I love it this time of year.  The high is 77 degrees for today.  -love-love-love-

I am thinking...that it's okay if we have a "low-key" anniversary celebration tonight.  My parents sent us a lovely card and told us to go out to dinner with the "gift" they sent.  Kevin had a pretty rough day, so we got dinner for everyone.  It was nice.  Our favorite place, Mattas.  Thanks Mom and Dad.

I am thankful...that my BIL and SIL were able to take in my MIL.  The in-home physical therapist decided to stop all therapy until my MIL got checked out by a doctor.  They thought she had a blood clot.  Kevin warned her of this when she refused to get out of bed in the hospital.  He even asked the nurses about giving her lovenox shots in her stomach since she was not getting out of bed.  Kevin and Kyle spent the better part of yesterday morning driving my MIL to several appointments and scans and, thankfully she does not have a blood clot.  But she has a cardiologist in the mix to deal with now.  My SIL has been amazing!  We never could have been able to take my MIL in or continue dealing with things the way we had been.  Kevin just cannot keep up with all of that.  He has to use a walked 24/7 himself and still falls.  Not to mention, all that he is going through now.  Kevin would be risking his own health if he was to keep up with things the way they were, or if we took in his mother.  And that cannot happen.  I will not allow that to happen.  There is just no way!

In the kitchen...not much is happening, especially since my parents took care of dinner tonight.  The most that will be happening in the kitchen tonight will be cleaning out the refrigerator.  Groceries tomorrow...hopefully. -crossing our fingers-
I am wearing...  LOL!  Every time I type those words I think of some creepy guy saying.  "What are you wearing?"  Sick isn't it?  Yes it is!  But, if you really want to know, a blue t-shirt and my black pajama pants.  A co-worker and I were talking today about clothes and I mentioned that I wear a lot of t-shirts.  Mostly because they are easy and no ironing needed.  Especially for work.  Sure, you can dress up a t-shirt somewhat.  Is that really me?  NO.  It's just convenient.  Especially at 4:30 a.m.  Who wants to iron then?  Shoot!  I'm lucky my eyes are even open at that time.  -tee hee-

I am get Curtis to the doctor this weekend for his physical if it kills me!  Life keeps getting in the way.  I told him to take his dad's HSA card along with the form and go get it done.  He hasn't done it.  (In his defense he has been busy getting his Grandmother to the doctor, his dad to his doctors, dealing with the dogs at his Grandma's house, and running errands for his Aunt.)  Curtis has been amazing.  Even Kyle has helped out with all of this too.  Yesterday Kyle let Curtis stay home and he took his Grandma to the appointments. 

I am some people can be so passive about important issues.  It seems that so many things no longer rattle people like they once did.  And less and less people are willing to take a stand for what is right.  They don't want to get involved.  -what the heck?-

I am hoping...the Hollingshead family will continue to do well and get better soon.  This young family was in a very bad car accident about a month ago.  They lost their infant son, and the Mother nearly lost her life too.  She is a very literal walking miracle.  Our hearts go out to this little family and wish them the very best.  Oh, mom came home from the hospital just this week.  Amazing!

I am looking forward to...spending time with our children for Thanksgiving.  We are having a 'low-key' Thanksgiving this year.  We may even put the turkey in the over the night before and cook it on a very low heat for a change.  The boys will probably participate in the Turkey Bowl and then we will have an early dinner. Followed by a few card games and then pie.  Sounds good to me. -smile-

I am learning...that I cannot keep taking on all of this "stuff"....stress, and not have a way to vent about it.  I am setting myself up to fail, that is the inevitable, if I keep going at the pace I am at.  I will implode eventually.  I keep taking on more and more, not necessarily by choice either, without having an outlet.  I internalize everything.  I need to have a way to cope with all of this before it consumes me.  This is what I am just beginning to learn.  I'm excited to learn more.  Talk about this news coming just in the Nick of Time!

Around the house...same ole, same ole...the gang is all home and we are just chilling.  Kevin is laying down listening to 80's music on Pandora and talking to Lexi about school, grades, volleyball, and being honest.  Kyle spent the day at the temple and he is in the "search, ponder, and pray" mode.  Curtis is playing cards.  Me, well, I'm chatting with all of you, but I plan to watch an episode of Scandal in a little bit.  I should be doing so many other things, but I am worn out!  It's been a busy week.

I am pondering...the idea of buying a new house.  Now, I don't have any real plans.  I just keep having this dream at night that we build our dream home in the not so distant future.  You know the one where we build a home with the separate living room and dining room, with a large kitchen and family room, and a DEN!  Not to mention 4-5 bedrooms and a Game room upstairs or downstairs, on a large lot with a pool.  I know,DREAM ON!!!  A girl has got to have a dream! 
-dream on-

A favorite quote for today...
"Do what you can, with what you have, where you are."
Teddy Roosevelt

One of my favorite things...funny as it may sound, I enjoy sitting in my chair or on my couch covered with a throw and enjoying the company of my husband and laptop in the evenings. -big, big smile-

A few plans for the weekend...get groceries, clean, a physical for Curtis, and enjoy my family.

A peek into my day today...drove to Phoenix for work, went to a team lunch since our Supervisor got a promotion and left our team (sadness), working of course, talking to my husband about his doctor's appointment and future tests, talking to my husband about his Mom and her blood clot scare, talking to my daughter about playing Volleyball this club season....I don't think she wants to, talking to Kyle about his afternoon at the temple, talking to Curtis about cards.

A picture worth sharing....
since today is out 27th Wedding Anniversary, I thought I would share a few photos from our wedding day.  (please excuse the fuzziness of these photos)
Kevin and I with my Mom and Dad just after going through the Temple.  See how smashed my hair was?  

This is me at the reception.  I HATE my flowers now.  See the brown baby's breath.  Back then I loved that stuff.  Now it just looks bad.  

this is us with most of my family. See how long my train was??? My little brother got cut off.  This is only a portion of Kevin's family.  I know I have other photos, but I can't seem to find them.  They are in another box somewhere.  Sorry Victor and Becky.

Kevin and I with our parents.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend.  Take care and I will talk to you soon. 
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